Who Is Major Partagaz in Andor? Meet Anton Lesser’s Character


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Episode 4 of Andor continued what was already an intriguing storyline regarding the Rebel hero as the episode allowed us to meet characters that are set to play bigger roles in the progression of the series. In that regard, one such character that we met was Major Partagaz, who seems to be one of the bigger figures and names the series has to offer. So, who is Major Partagaz in Andor?

Major Partagaz is the head of the ISB, which is an Imperial organization that’s responsible for gathering intelligence and information that’s related to any possible insurrection throughout the galaxy. He is played by veteran actor Anton Lesser, who you might be familiar with as Qyburn in Game of Thrones.

At this point, we don’t know what kind of role Major Partagaz will play in the bigger picture of Andor, but it does appear that this is an incredibly important character that will have a major effect on the flow of the storyline in the future, considering that he is someone who controls an important branch of the Empire. Now, let’s look at what we know about Major Partagaz in Andor.

Who Is Major Partagaz In Andor?

The last time we left Cassian Andor, we saw him getting in a starship with Luthen Rael, who we know is someone who is working behind the scenes as a supporter of groups that are opposing the Empire. Of course, the episode allowed us to see Cassian meeting characters that could be part of the Rebellion or, at the very least, are against the Empire. But we also saw that the Empire isn’t willing to just let these insurrections rise up.

In a scene in Coruscant, which is the capital of the Galactic Empire, we saw that several Imperial officers were in a meeting while someone who looked like their leader was asking for reports from all of them. This man happened to be named Major Partagaz, who seemed to be someone important in the Empire. So, who is Major Partagaz in Andor?

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Major Partagaz is the head of an Imperial branch of government known as the ISB or the Imperial Security Bureau. As the name of the organization suggests, the ISB handles any security-related issues within the Empire. In short, the ISB is somewhat like the secret police of the Empire in the sense that the different members of this organization search for anything or anyone that could be a threat to the Empire. 

As such, the ISB makes sure that it keeps an eye on anything that could be related to espionage, insurrection, or rebellion within the Empire. As we all know, the Empire is not short of enemies from within.


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Major Partagaz is the one leading this entire organization from Coruscant. However, while he is the head of the ISB, he has individual officers working under him. These officers all have sectors that they control and have jurisdiction over. So, in that regard, the role of Major Partagaz is to make sure that he oversees all of the different officers that control their own sectors. 

On top of the fact that he oversees the ISB, Major Partagaz also handles anything related to the overall goal of the ISB. He himself mentioned that the ISB serves as the “healthcare providers” of the Empire in the sense that they do not cure the Empire of any “diseases.” Instead, what they do is prevent any “diseases,” external or internal, from damaging the Empire. And that’s why it is important for the ISB to find something that could be a danger to the Empire before it becomes too dangerous or too big for the Empire to handle. Possible rebels are good examples of these “diseases” that Major Partagaz was talking about.

Major Partagaz is also responsible for having the last say in the things that are happening within the ISB. For example, when Dedra Meero wanted jurisdiction over the event that happened back in Ferrix because it involved a Starpath unit stolen from a sector she controlled, Major Partagaz was the one who had the final say in it.

Of course, considering that Major Partagaz is the head of the ISB, that means that his authority is second to almost no one else within the Empire as long as there is a good reason to believe that whatever he wants jurisdiction over concerns the security of the Empire. That is why he and his other ISB officers can override high-ranking Imperial officers when there is a reason to believe that the security of the Empire is at stake.


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At this point, we don’t know how Major Partagaz will play a role in what is happening to Cassian Andor, considering that it seems like Andor is going to butt heads not with him but with the incredibly ambitious Dedra Meero. But there is a reason to believe that Partagaz will be one of the bigger antagonists for Cassian in the future of the Andor series, especially if the Rebel forces get too big for the individual sector commanders to handle.

Who Plays Major Partagaz In Andor?


Those who have seen Game of Thrones would be familiar with Major Partagaz because he played a character with a big role in the hit series. That’s because Anton Lesser, the actor of Partagaz, played the disgraced master named Qyburn, who became Queen Cersei’s most trusted adviser and ally and eventually became Hand of the Queen. 

As a veteran actor that has been in the industry since 1979, Anton Lesser has seen and done it all. While most people will recognize him for his prominent role in Game of Thrones, he also had roles in other productions that include The Crown, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and Miss Potter.

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