Who Is Master Chief’s New Girlfriend in the Halo TV Show? (& Why It Is Not Cortana)

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One of the things that people may or may not like about the Halo TV series is the fact that it has departed from some of the elements that people love about the game. In that regard, Master Chief’s more human side has become apparent in the series as he is shown to be quite emotional to the point that he was even capable of love. Yes, Master Chief has a girlfriend in the Halo TV show. But who is Master Chief’s girlfriend?

Master Chief’s love interest in the Halo series is Makee, who is known as the Blessed One to the Covenant. Her relationship with Master Chief was developed when they bonded as the only ones that are capable of interacting with the artifacts, which allows them to be in perfect sync with one another.

Fans of the Halo video game series might not like the fact that Master Chief has a love interest in the series, but it was always clear that the direction was towards the more human side of John-117 instead of his more robotic Spartan side. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Master Chief’s new relationship and how it affects his relationship with Cortana, his AI companion.

Who Is Master Chief’s Girlfriend In The Halo TV Series?

The newest episode of the Halo TV series allowed us to see Master Chief in a more human side. As Dr. Halsey herself said, he looked so ordinary in episode 8 of Halo when he began to showcase a more emotional side to the character. Of course, this isn’t something that we have seen in the Halo games.

Throughout the long history of the Halo video game series, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 was always more on the robotic side when it comes to his personality and emotional capabilities. He has displayed a level of disobedience and humanity from time to time, but he was never the most emotional character in the sense that he saw certain people from a romantic standpoint. Master Chief bonded well with Cortana and the other female Spartans, but the way he saw them was more of from the point of view of a soldier who would die for their comrades.


Is Master Chief A Robot Or Human In Halo?

But the Halo TV series allowed us to see Master Chief’s human side. Aside from the fact that he removed his helmet and revealed his face in the very first episode, he has shown levels of emotion that we have never seen from him in the games. And this is due to the fact that he removed his emotion inhibiter during the earlier part of the series, as being emotional allowed him to tap into his human side.

Of course, Master Chief also became more human when he realized that he wasn’t alone in the universe. Throughout the series, we were made to understand that he was different in the sense that he was the only one capable of bonding with the artifact that the UNSC uncovered in Madrigal. But, in episodes 6 and 8, he met another kindred spirit. This person eventually became his romantic interest after bonding together when he touched the artifact. So, who is Master Chief’s girlfriend in the Halo TV series?

Master Chief’s girlfriend and romantic interest in the Halo TV series is Makee. In case you’ve forgotten, Makee is the Blessed One that had been living with the Covenant for almost her entire life before she allowed herself to get captured by the UNSC during the events of the battle that happened on the planet of Eridanus II.

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Makee’s original mission was to get hold of the second artifact and then infiltrate the UNSC so that she could recover the first artifact that was found on the planet of Madrigal. She was the only one that could infiltrate the UNSC due to the fact that she was the only human member of the Covenant and was the only other person that could interact with the artifact.

But when Master Chief touched the artifact in episode 6 during a heightened emotional and weakened physical state, he and Makee were able to bond outside of space and time and were transported mentally to the location of the Halo weapon. That was when they both understood that they shared something that none of the other people in the universe had.

Then, in episode 8, Halsey’s tests confirmed that Master Chief and Makee were in perfect sync as far as their physical states were concerned. It was this mental, emotional, and chemical synchronicity that allowed them to share a common bond and form a romantic relationship.

Why Isn’t Cortana Master Chief’s Love Interest?

In the Halo games, Master Chief displayed a different level of care towards Cortana, who he had been with from the first Halo game up to Halo 4. Throughout those games, Cortana was the AI companion that kept him company and assisted him throughout all of his missions.

As such, Master Chief had developed a bond with Cortana that didn’t seem romantic at all but was more platonic in the sense that he was willing to give his life up for her. Meanwhile, Cortana also felt the same when she did indeed sacrifice herself to defeat the Didact during the events of Halo 4.


Is Master Chief In Love With Cortana (& Why)?

But while Master Chief and Cortana were never together romantically during the events of the Halo games, they were very close to one another as John-117 was willing to become a deserter in Halo 5: Guardians so that he could confirm whether or not Cortana was still alive. Meanwhile, in the Halo TV series, they could’ve been together because Master Chief himself has become a lot more emotional than his video game counterpart. So, why isn’t Cortana Master Chief’s romantic interest in the Halo TV series?

During the events of episode 8 when Master Chief and Makee had an intimate scene, Cortana was seen observing them with a bit of concern or even jealousy on her face. This suggests that she cares for John-117 in a manner that may be similar to love but can also be similar to what a mother would feel for a child, considering that Cortana was patterned after Halsey’s brain.

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But we believe that she wasn’t chosen to be the love interest of Master Chief because her relationship with the Spartan hasn’t been established in a manner that’s similar to the video games.

As mentioned, John-117 and Cortana are quite close in the games and respect one another’s opinions. However, in the TV series, Master Chief is yet to see Cortana in a similar way as he is often annoyed by her presence. You could even say that he sees Cortana negatively, although they did show flashes of their chemistry during the battle against Vannak and Riz in episode 8 of Halo.

With that said, there may come a time when Master Chief will begin to bond with Cortana on a deeper level to the point that they would become closer as companions or even potential lovers. But as far as we’re concerned, it might not be ideal for developing a romantic relationship between a human Spartan and an AI. That’s why the best choice for a romantic interest for Master Chief at this point in the series is Makee.

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