Who Is Medhor in The Rings of Power? Meet Augustus Prew’s Elf Character


The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is beginning to look a lot like a series that comes with an ensemble cast of colorful and unique characters that each have their own story to tell in this captivating narrative. Of course, not all of these characters are entirely important to the story, but they still have their own roles to play in an engaging tale that should be quite vast and expansive. One such character is Medhor. So, who is Medhor in The Rings of Power?

Medhor is an Elven guard that’s stationed in an Elven watchtower in the Southlands close to a village of Men called Tirharad. He seems to be quite familiar with Arondir as they have been stationed in that area for decades already. Medhor is also one of the few Elves that knows of Medhor’s feelings for Bronwyn.

At this point, we don’t know how big or small Medhor’s role is in The Rings of Power because he hasn’t seen a lot of screen time in the first two episodes. But the fact that he is one of the few Elves that know about Arondir and Bronwyn could be quite interesting. Now, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Medhor in The Rings of Power.

Who Is Medhor In The Rings Of Power?

When it comes to overall diversity, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is quite diverse in terms of how it divides the screen time among the different characters involved in the greater scheme of things. Of course, there seem to be different focus characters, depending on the different areas of Middle-Earth that are highlighted. And the most interesting part about that is the fact that each region of Middle-Earth and the characters that are in that region seem to have a larger role in the narrative.

One of the focus regions of The Rings of Power is the west-central areas of Mordor that are inhabited by Men instead of Orcs and Elves. This is where we met Arondir, an Elven soldier that seems to be quite familiar with the people who live in a village called Tirharad. He was introduced as a concerned Elf that was particularly interested in the different strange happenings going on in the village, especially when it comes to the poisoned crops and the sick animals there. And, of course, he was also interested in one particular person—a human woman named Bronwyn.


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While the story tends to focus on both Arondir and Bronwyn when it comes to the Southlands (the name they had for Mordor during the Second Age), there are also other characters involved in this side-story in The Rings of Power. One such character is Medhor. So, who is Medhor in The Rings of Power?

As mentioned, Arondir is an Elven guard stationed in an Elven watchtower in the Southlands. Of course, there were also other Elves that were stationed in this area, as one Elf was not enough to oversee the things that were happening in this part of Middle-Earth. One such Elf was Medhor, who seems to be one of the Elves close to Arondir, as they were the ones who went together to the village of Tirharad during the introduction scene involving Arondir and Bronwyn.

Medhor was introduced shortly after Arondir questioned the innkeeper in the village regarding the poisoned plants found around the areas of Tirharad. Arondir also had a moment with Bronwyn just outside the inn, as they both talked about the different healers of Men and Elves. We got to meet Medhor when Arondir left the inn and joined up with his companion, who happened to be the Elf that is the focus of our topic.

arondir medhor village 1300x862 1

After Arondir rejoined Medhor, it was clear that they were quite close. That’s because Medhor was pretty much questioning Arondir regarding his feelings for Bronwyn, who he clearly admires in secret. Of course, the way they spoke to each other also showed a level of comfort and friendship between the two, as Arondir even made fun of how Medhor talked too much and how he smelled like rotten leaves.

In that sense, it is clear that Medhor is like Arondir as they are both Elven soldiers that have been around that area for a while already because they were both stationed in the Elven watchtower in the Southlands. Their job, of course, is to watch out for anything suspicious happening within the area because they are still concerned about the possibility of Sauron and the Orcs resurfacing at any given moment.

What Happens To Medhor In The Rings Of Power?

After Arondir returned to Medhor during their routine patrol in the village of Tirharad, it was clear that Medhor was aware of what Arondir was keeping deep inside. He was making fun of Arondir but, at the same time, was also reminding him of how risky his feelings were for Bronwyn. Medhor was also concerned about what the watch warden might think of both of them if he were to find out that Arondir was in love with a human and that Medhor was aware of it all along.

As they returned to the watchtower, Medhor reminded Arondir that, throughout the history of the Elves, there had only been two successful pairings between Elves and Men. He was probably referring to the First Age event of Lúthien marrying Beren and Idril marrying Tuor. This resulted in Eärendil and Elwing, who both married one another and, as a result, gave birth to Elrond and Elros, who both became two of the most important figures in the history of Middle-Earth.

arondir and medhor

History lessons aside, after Medhor said this, it was clear that Arondir acknowledged the risks behind the pairing of an Elf and a human. Still, he was quite adamant when it came to his feelings for Bronwyn. But before he could explain why he persisted in pursuing Bronwyn, Arondir and Medhor both heard of the news that the High-Elven King Gil-galad had declared that the days of war were now over.


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Medhor, of course, was happy about this because he no longer had to stay in the watchtower in the Southlands. But the same could not be said regarding Arondir, who was clearly unhappy about leaving that area because of his feelings for Bronwyn. That was the reason why Arondir returned to Tirharad to tell Bronwyn his feelings.

Going back to Medhor, there is a huge possibility that he will be featured in future episodes because the actor Augustus Prew’s IMDB page shows that he will be returning in the next six episodes after missing episode 2. We don’t know what role he will play, but there is a possibility that he might still be in the Elven watchtower in the Southlands, considering that Arondir and Bronwyn had discovered a hidden threat there. Bronwyn, in episode 2, also told the other Men in the village to retreat to the watchtower, as it is possible that Medhor and some of the other Elves are yet to evacuate it and are going to play a role in the battle against whatever evil is in the Southlands.

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