Who Is Patrick Schwarzenegger Playing In The Boys Spin-Off? Meet Golden Boy

Fans of The Boys will be excited to know that the universe is getting bigger and bigger with the introduction of the spin-off series called The Boys: Varsity, which is a college version of the story of The Boys as we follow supes who are still in their collegiate years. One of the actors who are set to play a big role in the spin-off series is Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of the legendary bodybuilder, actor, and politician. But who is Patrick Schwarzenegger playing in The Boys: Varsity?

Patrick Schwarzenegger will be playing the role of Golden Boy, who is an entirely new character that has never appeared in the comics or in the main TV series. This means that there aren’t a lot of things we know about this character except for the fact that he might be the strongest supe in Varsity.

The Boys: Varsity is looking to become one of the more exciting series in recent memory because of how it is set to combine humor, sex, drugs, and action all in one story. That said, Patrick Schwarzenegger should play a big role in this series and is likely to be one of the most important characters. Now, let’s get to know more about Golden Boy.

Who Is Patrick Schwarzenegger Playing In The Boys: Varsity?

It wasn’t a long time ago that an announcement was made regarding a spin-off series that is set in the same universe as The Boys, which is becoming one of the most entertaining series you can watch today. Entitled The Boys: Varsity, this series is set to follow the story of supes who are still in their college years in a Vought-run school called Godolkin University School of Crimefighting. We already know that these supes are trained somewhere, as hinted by Blue Hawk in his meeting with A-Train. And The Boys: Varsity should allow us to get an inside look at what supes in college should look like.

Essentially, these supes are still in their training years and are going to face games and challenges that would help improve their crimefighting abilities while allowing Vought to assess how good they are at using their powers. We all know that The Seven is the parody version of the Justice League, but Varsity is going to have an X-Men parody in the form of the G-Men. And there aren’t a lot of hints about the characters set to appear in the series except for the fact that we know that Patrick Schwarzenegger is going to be in it.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is the son of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is known for being many things, such as a world-champion bodybuilder, an actor, and a politician. While he has appeared in movies and TV shows before, Patrick Schwarzenegger will be in his most outrageous role yet when he is set to appear in The Boys: Varsity. And he was actually one of the actors that auditioned to play the role of Homelander years ago, although we know that it didn’t work out for him probably because of his age.

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Nevertheless, he was called to return to The Boys to play a new character in the form of Golden Boy. While we don’t know a lot about The Boys: Varsity, it is quite possible that his character will be just as crazy, spoiled, and corrupt as Homelander.

This isn’t even the first legacy actor we have on The Boys because Jack Quaid, who plays the role of Hughie in the main series, is the son of legendary actors Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. In that regard, Patrick Schwarzenegger is looking to carve his own name in the industry, just like how Jack Quaid has with his portrayal of Hughie.

Patrick, who once said that The Boys: Varsity is like Euphoria with superheroes, said that even Arnold was surprised when he shared a few photos and videos about his new role. Schwarzenegger told his father to watch a few episodes of The Boys to understand what his new role was all about. In that regard, if the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger was surprised and shocked about his son’s role in Varsity, we might be in for a shocker as well.

Who Is Golden Boy In The Boys: Varsity?

As mentioned, Patrick Schwarzenegger is rumored to play the role of a supe named Golden Boy in The Boys: Varsity. This is actually a new character that we know little to nothing about because he has never been mentioned or shown in the comics or the main TV series. The only knowledge we have about Golden Boy is the fact that he was mentioned in an advertisement for The Boys hosted by Cameron Coleman, who we have seen in the universe of The Boys as a news anchor that has made a few advertisements for season 3.

In truth and in fact, it is only in that ad by Cameron Coleman that we are able to get a few ideas of who Golden Boy is and what he could do as a supe. And there are some hints that would point to the possibility of him becoming the next big star for Vought.

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Coleman, in that report, was talking about the different competitions that are taking place iatGodolkin University, and he mentioned something about Golden Boy looking to become the top pick in the next superhero draft because of his excellent abilities. That means that he is quite possibly Godolkin University’s superstar supe and is probably the best supe on campus. And that status could match his name and persona, similar to how Homelander acts like the superstar hotshot of Vought.

There are also unverified claims about Golden Boy’s abilities. It is rumored that this 22-year-old supe has powers that are thermonuclear in nature, and that could mean that he might be strong enough to create nuclear blasts or use the energy of nuclear blasts to perform devastating attacks. And we have seen a supe capable of creating nuclear blasts in the form of Soldier Boy, who got his nuke powers from the Russians, who experimented on him for four decades.

It is also said that Golden Boy seems to be level-headed for his age and is more mature than the other supes in college. However, we are not dismissing the possibility of him becoming a Homelander-type character due to the possibility of him being as spoiled and as entitled as Homelander due to his status as the superstar of Godolkin.

All that said, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Golden Boy might be the central antagonist of The Boys: Varsity, just like how Homelander is the villain of The Boys. Nevertheless, things could still change in relation to what the spin-off series is all about and what Schwarzenegger’s role will be in this upcoming show.

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