Who Is the Real Iron Fist Ketil in Vinland Saga? Here’s What We Know

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The world of Vinland Saga lives on stories that are told and passed on from one person to another, as the very early portion of season 1 actually explored the story of Leif’s travels to an abundant western land called Vinland. Of course, there are other different stories that were told about the different people that lived during that time, and most of these legendary people were known for their strength. One such person is the man called Iron Fist Ketil. So, who is the real Iron Fist Ketil in Vinland Saga?

We don’t know the true identity of Iron Fist Ketil because he is yet to be revealed or probably won’t even be revealed in the storyline of Vinland Saga. We do know that Ketil isn’t the real Iron Fist and was only using his name for his own good. But we also know that Snake knows who Iron Fist Ketil is.

While it might be interesting to see who Iron Fist Ketil is because he might be one of the greatest warriors in Vinland Saga, the thing is that we don’t really know who this legendary warrior is. All we know is that he is a real person because he was responsible for training Snake. And the thing is that there is a good chance that he might not even appear in the series.

Who Is Iron Fist Ketil In Vinland Saga?

We know that there are a lot of different stories that are being told in Vinland Saga because people live off of stories during that era. One of the most prominent stories told is that of Vinland, which is the “mystical” place that Leif Ericson visited during his travels. However, we also know that some of the more prominent stories involve some of the greatest warriors the world has seen. After all, people are often in awe of the strongest fighters during a time when strength was one of the most important factors that made a man a real man.

Of course, we know all about the story of Thors the Troll, as he is often considered the strongest warrior of his era. Then there is Thorkell the Tall, who is known for his massive size. Of course, the tale of King Artorius was something that Askeladd was obsessed with because he believed that he was the long-lost descendant of this legendary king.


But one of the warriors that we know has been talked about in the manga and will soon be mentioned during the events of the Vinland Saga anime is Iron Fist Ketil. So, who is Iron Fist Ketil in Vinland Saga?

Iron Fist Ketil was a legendary warrior that was known to be one of the greatest fighters the known world has ever seen. The fact that he is often talked about as one of the best warriors and as one of the most accomplished fighters in the northern part of Europe means that he was extremely strong. There is even a chance that he could be right up there with the likes of Thors and Thorkell in terms of his battle prowess.


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We don’t really know how strong Iron Fist Ketil is but the only measure that we can use is Snake, who was said to be one of the fighters that Iron Fist Ketil trained. In the manga, Snake is said to be stronger than Askeladd and is almost just as fast as Thorfinn.

The fact that Askeladd is strong enough to chop an entire man with a sword and that Thorfinn is known to speed-blitz an entire battlefield with relative ease means that Snake is an incredible warrior in his own right. And the fact that Iron Fist Ketil trained Snake means that he should be someone stronger than his own disciple.

This implies that Iron Fist Ketil’s strength and battle prowess could be right up the alley of the likes of Thors and Thorkell, who are often mentioned as the two strongest warriors of that era. But Iron Fist Ketil’s strength might be something that we will never see.

Who Is The Real Iron Fist Ketil?

During the earlier part of the Slavery arc of Vinland Saga, Ketil said that he is not Iron Fist Ketil. Of course, Ketil is the man that employed Thorfinn and Einar as slaves on his farm. And he confided to Snake (who knows who Iron Fist Ketil is) that he is not the legendary warrior but has only been falsely claiming himself to be Iron Fist Ketil so that he could gain the rewards that come with being a legendary fighter.

It was through the fact that he lied that Ketil was able to become one of the most prominent Danish farmland owners during the early part of the 11th century. But it was also due to this fact that King Canute decided to take Ketil’s farm as he knew the true reason behind his success. Ketil lost his farm and a lot of the things that he regarded precious to his life due to the fact that his lies were discovered.

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Now, considering that Ketil isn’t Iron Fist Ketil, the mystery of the legendary warrior’s identity is still something that the series is yet to reveal. That means that we don’t know who Iron Fist Ketil is and where he is right now because he is yet to be revealed in the storyline and quite possibly won’t ever show up at all because Thorfinn’s story is now geared towards his expedition to the west. As such, it would be difficult to find a way to insert the sudden appearance of a legendary warrior into a storyline that’s now focused on Thorfinn’s expedition.


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This all means that Iron Fist Ketil’s identity remains a mystery, as no one other than Snake knows who he is and where he is right now. And it is possible that this legendary name will remain a legend for a very long time unless the author plans to add him to the storyline in the future.