‘Who Killed Sara? Season 3’ Ending, Explained: What Happened to Sara In Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara? is one of the best mystery shows on Netflix. The brainchild of José Ignacio Valenzuela. The show is a mixture of thriller, and action, all of it bagged inside an enigma that pushes the show forward from the beginning of its first episode to the end of its last one. The show has managed to find a huge audience around the world, and it is evident that it is one of Netflix’s most successful international productions to date.

The show is incredibly intense, and very fast-paced in some moments. The final product really makes for a thrilling ride, full of twists and turns at each corner. The overall production values are quite impressive for a show of its kind, and it also boasts an impressive cast of actors. Most of them would end up becoming fan favorites, and their struggles are really the fuel of the show.

Who Killed Sara?

Not everything is perfect though. The show relies a bit too much on plot twists and while some of them are quite good, the huge quantity of them make them an expectation instead, of a surprised that can recontextualize everything that has come before. There is also the sense that the show could be trimmed a bit here and there to make it flow better, as there are many scenes that feel like fluff.

Either way, Who Killed Sara? is a show that deserves a watch, so if you are considering doing it then go for it, and be careful the next few paragraphs contain spoilers for season three, and the end of the entire story.

Is Sara Alive In Who Killed Sara?

The biggest question of the show is of course, its namesake. The series is the story of Alex Guzman, Sara’s sister who was wrongfully put in jail for the dead of his sister, all those years ago. When Alex finally goes out of jail he goes on a rampage of vengeance against the family that he deems responsible for the death of his sister and his years in jail. The Lazcano Family.

In season 3 Alex finally finds out what happened to his sister. The revelation comes right after the end of season 2, when Alex has Sara’s tomb be opened, revealing that there is no body inside the coffin. This gives hopes to Alex that his sister could actually be alive. As he starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together he discovers he comes across a secretive medical program called The Medusa Project, and he meets a young girl named Lucia. Lucia looks exactly like his sister 18 years before.

Who is this girl that appears before them? The revelation is even crazier, as Lucia is indeed Sara’s daughter, which means that she was alive after all those years. But if she was alive when her accident occurred, then what happened to her. What Alex finds out is even more terrible than he could have expected.

Who Killed Sara?

The truth is that Cesar Lazcano, is the father of Lucia, and Sara was taken by the mysterious Dr. Alanis, to be part of the Medusa Project. Alex finds out that the Medusa Projects is a sort of trial program that looks to find a magical cure for schizophrenia and homosexuality. In order to do that Dr. Alanis kidnaps tests subjects and experiments with them.

Chema, who has been in prison since season two becomes one of Dr. Alanis’ patients, and we see first hand how the poor man is being torture on a physical and psychological level. Dr. Alanis becomes the big villain of the show, going against all kinds of morality in order to find a cure for these conditions that he admits should not exist in human society.

Alex, does what Alex does, and with the help of Lucia he tracks Chema to Dr. Alanis’ facility, there Alex confronts his sister tortures, and finally receives an answer on what happened to Sara. While Sara lived after Marifer cut the cord from her all those years ago and she also was able to give birth to Lucia, the torture inside the facility was just too much for Sara. And she ended up committing suicide by stabbing herself with a knife. Thus, the answer to the question of Who Killed Sara? is Sara killed Sara.

Who Dies At The End of Who Killed Sara?

Being the final season of the show it comes to reason that the stakes are so high that many characters that we have come to love might not make it to the end, and that is precisely what happens. Some characters like Chema get to stay alive, although scarred for life because of what they have to live through this season.

However, two major characters find their ultimate destiny as the season progresses. One of the most important ones is Rodolfo, who gets shot when Alex and others storm Dr. Alanis’ facility. The character meets his end, and it is somewhat bittersweet as Rodolfo himself manages to be a character that was always in between two spaces. At the end he died doing the right thing.

Who Killed Sara?

The other character is of course, Cesar, the patriarch of the Lazcano family. It is revealed that Cesar suffers from pancreatic cancer, and he has made it a secret from his family. Alex kills Dr. Alanis at the end of the season by putting him in the same torture device that the doctor used with his patients. Cesar, seeing that Alex who was innocent in this whole affair to begin with, takes the blame, and he is sentenced to 40 years in prison, while Alex gets to live in freedom, as he well deserves it.

And so Cesar chooses to die in prison as a sort of redemption after all the things he has done.

The story ends with Alex, Lucia and others finding the mass cemetery behind Dr. Alanis’ facility. In there, in a simple tomb lies Sara, the real Sara, after never being able to see her daughter grow up or meet her brother once again in life.

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