Who Plays Eden in Stranger Things 4? Meet Audrey Holcomb

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From what we’ve seen from Stranger Things season 4, more and more new characters are being introduced into its lore, regardless of how small or big the roles of these characters may be. One such character that was able to attract the attention of viewers despite her limited role was Eden, who we saw during the middle portion of the season. So, who is Eden in Stranger Things season 4, and who plays her?

Eden is one of the older kids living in the Bingham House, where Dustin’s girlfriend Suzie lives. She is an older sister of Suzie and was seen to be put in charge of her younger siblings. Played by Audrey Holcomb, Eden was last seen smoking weed with Argyle in the back of his van.

While she didn’t play a large role in Stranger Things, Eden was still quite the eye-catching character because she gave one of the new characters a possible love interest. We don’t know for certain how important she is to the Stranger Things lore moving forward, but we are still going to talk about who she is and what role she played during her limited appearance in season 4.

Who Is Eden In Stranger Things Season 4?

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Season 4 of Stranger Things has had a successful fourth season, and a good part of why it has become just as big as its previous seasons is the addition of new characters that added color and excitement to the series. Some of these characters played roles that were bigger than what the others played, but the fact of the matter is that there were new characters that were added to make the series more interesting, regardless of how big or small their roles may be.

One such character is Eden, who was introduced quite late in the series compared to the other new characters. Still, Eden played her role, even though it might have been smaller compared to what the others did. So, who is Eden in Stranger Things season 4, and what was her role in the series?

Throughout the series, the main characters were divided into two groups. The first group remained in Hawkins, as the gang of Dustin, Lucas, Max, Steve, Nancy, and Robin had to investigate the strange things that were happening in Hawkins courtesy of Vecna. On the other hand, Mike, Will, and Jonathan were in California to try to find out what happened to Eleven after the authorities took her.


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While Mike, Will, and Jonathan were told to stay put in their house in California to wait for whether or not Eleven would be successful in trying to regain her powers through the Nina Project, they were attacked by assailants that killed their bodyguards. As such, they needed to flee California and went on a mission to try to find Eleven. That was when they discovered what seemed like an IP address of Nina, which was written on the pen of one of the agents that were killed.

Their mission required them to take a long road trip to Utah with their new friend Argyle behind the wheel. They needed to go to Utah so that they could meet up with Suzie Bingham in her home there. For those who’ve forgotten, Suzie is Dustin’s girlfriend and was the very same person who helped them out in the final episode of season 3. Remember the Never Ending Story song? Yes, that was Suzie.

Going back, the group was able to successfully make the long trip to Utah, where they entered Suzie’s house, which was full of different kids running around. In fact, the Bingham House looked like an orphanage because there were plenty of different kids, who were all probably Suzie’s siblings. That was when they met Eden, who was seen putting her youngest sibling, Cornelius, in timeout because he turned out the power of the entire house.

When the group met her, she saw Argyle and flirtatiously asked who they were as Argyle introduced himself in a manner that made him look like he was smitten by her beauty. The group asked where Suzie was, to which Eden replied that she could be found on the third floor. She also told them to give that “four-eyed little shit” a shove for her, as it was clear that Eden and Suzie probably didn’t have the best relationship. To that, Argyle replied that he would do anything for her.

After that, the group broke away from Eden as she walked down the stairs. They then met up with Suzie, who told them that they were looking for the address of the Eden Project but neglected to tell her the truth. Suzie agreed to help them because she thought that it was for Dustin. But they first needed to break into her father’s office so that they could get to her computer.


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As the group entered Suzie’s father’s office, Argyle broke away from the group without them noticing that he did so. The group used Suzie’s computer to get Nina’s coordinates, but they ended up wondering where Argyle was. When they saw that smoke was coming out of Argyle’s van, they realized that Argyle and Eden had been smoking weed in the van the entire time while the group was off trying to search for Nina.

Who Plays Eden In Stranger Things Season 4?

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As you can see, Eden doesn’t play a really big role in Stranger Things season 4, but she did add some color in the scene that involved the group’s mission to find Nina with Suzie’s help. She showed that all of the kids living in the Bingham House had different personalities, as Suzie was the nerdy type while Eden was the more vulgar one. So, who plays Eden in Stranger Things season 4?

Eden is portrayed by actress Audrey Holcomb, who is somewhat new to the film industry. Other than her role as Eden in Stranger Things season 4, Holcomb hasn’t been in a lot of productions. She first appeared in a short film entitled Musical Hearts in 2015. After that, she continued to appear in five more short films before she earned her role as Eden in Stranger Things.

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