Who Plays Young Stan Edgar in The Boys? Meet Justiin Davis

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Season 3 of The Boys has revealed a lot of things about the past, especially when there was a flashback scene from Grace Mallory’s experience with Payback in Nicaragua. In that regard, we saw a younger version of Vought CEO and president Stan Edgar, who accompanied Payback in the jungles of Nicaragua. He did a great job at portraying the cold, calm, and calculating Stan Edgar. But who plays young Stan Edgar in The Boys?

Young Stan Edgar is portrayed by up-and-coming actor Justiin Davis, who is considered one of the brightest young stars to watch out for. He appeared in episode 3 of season 3 of The Boys when the younger version of Stan Edgar was seen in Nicaragua together with the members of Payback.

It is worth noting that Justiin Davis did a terrific job at portraying the younger version of Giancarlo Esposito’s Stan Edgar as he got the older actor’s manner of talking right. On top of that, he also showed the same kind of cold and calculating demeanor that Edgar has always carried since he first made his appearance in season 1 of The Boys. Now, let’s take a look at young Stan Edgar and his actor.

Why Is Young Stan Edgar In The Boys Season 3?

There are plenty of different interesting characters in The Boys, as this series has explored a lot of different character arcs throughout its first season. And the supporting characters have done their part in expanding the different character arcs in The Boys, as they have become quite popular in their own right.

One of the most interesting and intriguing characters in The Boys is Stan Edgar. Ever since he was introduced in the first season, Stan Edgar has been working behind the scenes to make the story more interesting as he is the CEO and president of Vought America, which is the company in charge of The Seven and all of the other supes in the country.

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The interesting part about Edgar is the fact that he is portrayed masterfully by the prominent actor Giancarlo Esposito, who you may recognize as the very same person who portrayed Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian. Esposito was able to portray Edgar in a manner that makes the character cold, calculating, and somewhat emotionless to the point that he seems quite robotic.

Stan Edgar has left his mark on the story of The Boys after the death of Madelyn Stillwell as he has basically taken over the role that the former Vought VP left. Of course, he has always been around for a long time, as we saw a younger version of Stan Edgar in episode 3 of The Boys. So, why was young Stan Edgar in The Boys?

Throughout the early part of season 3 of The Boys, Billy Butcher and the rest of The Boys went on a mission to learn more about the weapon that apparently killed Soldier Boy. After getting information about the incident in Nicaragua from Gunpowder, Butcher discovered that Grace Mallory was involved with what happened in Nicaragua back in 1984.


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Butcher confronted Mallory, who went on to tell her about the Nicaraguan incident. She said that she and the CIA worked with the Contra forces in Nicaragua because it was in the best interest of the US. And as she was working with the Contra forces in the jungles of Nicaragua, the superhero group called Payback joined them.

Of course, the one who accompanied Payback in Nicaragua was a younger version of Stan Edgar, who was still an associate for Vought America back then. In that scene, he introduced himself to the younger version of Grace Mallory, who was unhappy about the presence of Payback in Nicaragua because she saw them as undisciplined and untrained soldiers. But Edgar said that they were allowed to be there by the American government itself.


As early as 1984, the younger version of Stan Edgar was already cold and calculating. He also cared more about what the fans thought about the supes instead of caring about the supes themselves, as this became a precursor to the future of Vought, which became a company that focused more on the image of the supes instead of the actual supes themselves.


There was also a scene wherein he was shown together with an unmasked Black Noir, who told Stan Edgar that he wanted to keep the mask off forever because he believed that he needed to reveal himself to the public.

Ever the calculating person, Edgar told Noir that it was better for him to keep the mask on because fans loved the fact that he was playing the role of a mysterious ninja. After that, he was seemingly absent in the attack that the Sandinistas and the Russians launched on the base of the Contra forces. And such an attack led to the apparent death of Soldier Boy and the injury of Black Noir himself.

Who Plays Young Stan Edgar In The Boys Season 3?

Justiin Davis joins the cast of the new season

As mentioned, Young Stan Edgar sounded and acted like the older version of the character as the actor did a great job in portraying Stan Edgar. So, with that said, who plays the younger version of Stan Edgar in The Boys season 3?

The talented actor that played the role of young Stan Edgar is Justiin Davis. He might look quite young, but he has been in the acting business since 2004 as he played an extra role in The Sopranos TV show. Since then, Davis steadily climbed through the ranks of Hollywood.


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Justiin Davis has been described once as a young actor that everyone should keep their eyes on because he has been surprising people with his amazing portrayal of different actors. And he was able to truly break through the industry when he played the role of Lester White on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire drama, which is a multi-Emmy winning series.

Of course, Boardwalk Empire was not the only show he appeared on. Justiin Davis has appeared in other primetime dramas such as Chicago Med, Manifest, The Politician, and The Good Wife. He was also in season two of The Equalizer. On top of that, he has also done ads for companies like Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Puma. As such, he has become quite prominent in the acting business as a rising young star that could one day headline a big-budget film or series.

Justiin Davis has also been lauded for his style and good looks. He was once called one of the hottest men of the month by Essence Magazine. There was even a point where he was named one of the most stylish New Yorkers. Of course, his impeccable style and acting were seen in his portrayal of Stan Edgar in season 3 of The Boys.

In his limited appearance as the younger version of Stan Edgar in season 3 of The Boys, Justiin Davis truly did his homework because he truly did act and talk like Giancarlo Esposito in his 20s. The way Davis walked and talked mirrored the manner that Esposito uses when portraying the cold and calculating Stan Edgar. And it was this portrayal by Justiin Davis that will surely allow him to turn heads in the film industry.

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