Who Was The Guy On The Beach In Uncharted? (Nolan North’s Cameo Explained)


One of the most anticipated films of 2022 for video game fans is Uncharted, which stars Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake. Of course, like a lot of different films, Uncharted also has its fair share of easter eggs that only those who are true fans of the franchise would understand. One such instance was when Holland’s Drake falls from a plane into the ocean, as he met a man on the beach in a brief moment. So, who was the guy on the beach in the Uncharted movie?

The man on the beach in the Uncharted movie is Nolan North. For those who don’t know, Nolan North is the one voicing Nathan Drake in the popular video game series. In a way, it allowed the two versions of Nathan Drake to meet one another on-screen, as the video game version met the live-action version.

Uncharted has a special place in the hearts of many video game fans, as this is one of the greatest franchises in the modern era of video gaming. That said, it is not a surprise that those who truly love the games will immediately recognize Nolan North. But, for those who haven’t played the games or are not familiar with them, it is interesting to talk more about Nolan North.

Who Was The Guy On The Beach In Uncharted?

Uncharted is the newest video game franchise to get a movie adaptation, as more and more popular games are now making their way to the big screen as live-action films. In that regard, Uncharted is enjoying a pretty successful run in the box office right now, especially with a good opening weekend.

Of course, like plenty of different movies that are based on a source material, Uncharted has its fair share of cameos and easter eggs as well. The most notable cameo was that of a guy on the beach. 

While those who have never played the games or are not diehard fans of the franchise probably wouldn’t recognize the man that Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake met on the beach for a brief moment, those who truly followed the video game franchise since day one will immediately recognize him. So, who was the guy on the beach in the Uncharted movie?

The guy on the beach is actually Nolan North. Those who aren’t familiar with the games would wonder who Nolan North is. However, he played arguably the biggest role in the Uncharted franchise because he is the one portraying Nathan Drake in the video games as the character’s voice actor.


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So, in a way, this was a cameo appearance that featured an easter egg for those who truly love the video game franchise because it allowed fans to see the live-action version of their favorite Nathan Drake voice actor.

Who Is Nolan North In The Uncharted Movie?

Nolan North in the Uncharted movie is simply just a normal person who just happened to be in the same place at the right time as Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake. However, it is interesting to note that he did say something that many fans believe is an allusion to his role as Nathan Drake in the video games.

Before we get there, it is interesting to note that the Uncharted movie does not adapt any of the video games. Instead, it simply follows an original story that was set before the first game, as Tom Holland is playing a much younger version of Nathan Drake. In a way, this movie explains the character’s origins.

So, during the movie, Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake was seen falling from a cargo plane into the ocean. He manages to save himself by swimming to the beach, where he meets a man who asks what happened to him. Of course, this man was Nolan North.

uncharted movie

Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake explained what happened to him, as the older actor told him that he had experienced something similar before. In a way, this was a reference to something that happened to him in the third Uncharted game.

In relation to that, Nolan North was alluding to the cargo plane level that the player has to go through in the Uncharted 3 game. Essentially, something similar did indeed happen to Nathan Drake in that scene in the game as he ended up falling from the cargo plane after crashing it.


What got fans excited in this scene is that Nolan North was probably alluding to the fact that he himself, as Nathan Drake experienced that before. But since this is not a multiverse movie, it would be crazy to assume that two versions of Nathan Drake exist at the same time. The movie version of Nolan North was probably talking about a similar experience not as Nathan Drake but as his own person in the confines of the film itself.

Why Is Nolan North’s Appearance In The Movie So Important For Uncharted Fans?

The reason why Nolan North’s appearance in the Uncharted movie is so important to Uncharted fans is that, aside from the fact that he is the voice actor of one of the greatest modern-day video game characters ever, having him in the movie is also a stamp of approval from the voice actor to the live-action version of the video game character.


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Considering that Uncharted is owned by Sony’s PlayStation and that the movie is a Sony production, it probably was easy to bring Nolan North in to make a cameo appearance. Still, his appearance was a passing-of-the-torch moment that made fans understand that even the voice actor Nathan Drake was giving his approval to Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake.

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