Who Will Win in Tomodachi Game? (& Why)

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Tomodachi game is one of the most unique anime series that we have seen in a while because of how it takes on the psychological-thriller aspect that we don’t often see in anime. This is an anime that was adapted from a manga series, and that means that it already has a clear story and direction. The series focuses on the aforementioned Tomodachi Game that a group of friends is forced to take part in. But who will win in Tomodachi Game?

Everyone except Tenji Misaka will clear the Tomodachi Game. Katagiri Yuichi, Shiho Sawaragi, Yutori Kokorogi, and Shibe Makoto will all complete the game and emerge victorious. The only exception is Tenji Misaka, who is the most calculating of the five but is also quite devious.

The way Tomodachi Game was crafted truly puts everyone on their heels in the hopes of catching the traitor while looking after their own self-interests. This is why this anime is so psychological in nature, as it allows everyone to use their critical thinking skills while also learning who and when to trust. In that regard, let’s look at who will win Tomodachi Game.

What Is Tomodachi Game About?

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One of the anime genres that is not as explored as the other genres is the psychological because not a lot of anime fans can relate to this genre. Nevertheless, when done right, this is a great genre to explore, and one anime that was able to do well in exploring this genre while crafting a good story around it is Tomodachi Game. But what is Tomodachi Game about?

In a nutshell, Tomodachi Game follows a group of five friends who are close to one another. The main character, Katagiri Yuichi, values friendship above anything because that was what was taught to him when he was still young. That’s why he loves all of his friends, namely Shiho Sawaragi, Yutori Kokorogi, Shibe Makoto, and Tenji Misaka.

However, he is a smart and intelligent young man who also knows how to use his brain in critical situations. He is also poor, which forced him to work for the 70,000 yen that he needed for a school trip.


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However, all of the money that the class saved up for the school trip got stolen. Eventually, the five friends were forced into a high-stakes game by mysterious people, as the 2 million yen that was supposed to be for the school trip was used by one of the five students as an entry fee for a game that would cancel out the 20 million yen debt that one of them has. But the problem was that none of them was willing to come clean with that debt because that would mean that they also stole the 2 million yen and forced all five of them to compete in the game.

The 20 million debt was divided equally among the five of them, as they were forced to complete the games in the Tomodachi Game so that they could end up clearing up each of their debt. And because each of the five friends had the opportunity to clear out their 4 million debt, which is the 20 million yen divided among all of them, it became a game about individual interests.

In a nutshell, the games in the Tomodachi game involve tricks that force each of the five friends to betray one another for their own selfish interests, considering that the chance to clear up their debt and to be allowed to go home was too tempting. And it became a game that tested their friendship as it was clear that at least one of them had betrayed the entire group for their own interests.

Who Will Win In Tomodachi Game?

The thing about the Tomodachi Game is that this is a game that doesn’t involve only one winner, as all of the participants are allowed to win the game. However, depending on the mechanics of the game, at least one of them was not allowed to proceed to the next game and was going to shoulder the debt of the entire group. As it stands, the anime is still ongoing, but the manga is already finished. So, who will win in the Tomodachi game?

One of the more obvious picks as the winner of the Tomodachi Game is Katagiri Yuichi, who is the main protagonist of the anime and is the character whose perspective is often used to tell the story. He was the one who the managers of the game kept a close eye on because of the way he approached every game and because of the fact that he was the one who made the biggest gamble at the very beginning of the Tomodachi Game.

However, even though Yuichi was able to gamble his way to a win in the first game, he ended up facing numerous betrayals and uncovering different secrets in the most uncomfortable situations along the way. Nevertheless, the resilient protagonist was almost always able to find a way out of the toughest situations.

Meanwhile, Shiho Sawaragi also ends up becoming one of the winners of the Tomodachi Game. At first, people thought that she was the group’s traitor, but she still ended up emerging victorious at the end of the story. She is a resilient character who is regarded as the female protagonist of the story. On top of that, her sense of honor and justice tend to be at a different level compared to the other characters.

In that sense, she seemed to be the least likely to betray the group, but she still ended up enduring numerous tough battles along the way as she was forced to put her dedication to her friends to the test.

Yutori Kokorogi is the group’s most vulnerable character because of her shy and meek personality. She was often bullied by her classmates and was seemingly in love with Yuichi, who she regarded as the only true friend that she had in the group, because she felt distant from the other three.

Throughout the story, she is often seen as a person that Yuichi needs to protect because of her vulnerability. However, she ended up becoming a surprisingly resilient character that developed her own strength throughout the story.


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Finally, there’s Shibe Makoto, who is regarded as the happy-go-lucky member of the group. He seems to be the one closest to Yuichi among the three guys, but his relaxed personality belies the fact that he was serious enough to finish the games. He is an outspoken and carefree character that doesn’t seem to be as calculating as the others.

However, he still found a way to complete the games and emerge with Yuichi, Sawaragi, and Kokorogi as one of the winners of the Tomodachi Game. He was surprisingly clever and resilient as he is someone who is more than what meets the eye.

Who Won’t Clear Tomodachi Game?

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Unfortunately, the group never made it out in one piece in the Tomodachi Game. That’s because Tenji Misaka failed to complete the game, unlike the rest of his friends. And the surprising part was that he was the favorite to win the game because of his cool, calm, and collected demeanor.

Tenji seemed to be the smartest and most calculating out of all of the five members of the group. However, he used his brilliant mind in ways that did more harm than good. And while his critical thinking skills allowed him to clear almost all of the games, he ultimately ended up failing in the final one.

It was basically Tenji’s rational thinking and calculating personality that did him in as he failed to clear the Tomodachi Game at the very last part. In that regard, the group didn’t make it out in one piece due to Tenji’s failure.

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