Why Did Black Noir Run? Is He Afraid of Soldier Boy?

A good part of season 3 of The Boys focuses on Soldier Boy as a central character. In fact, he was so important that the first half of the season was dedicated to searching for him, while the second half is now a team-up between him and Billy Butcher. When Homelander learned of Soldier Boy, he was visibly frustrated, and his most trusted friend Black Noir even went AWOL. So, why did Black Noir run, and is he afraid of Soldier Boy?

Black Noir ran away because he knew that Soldier Boy was coming after him after the legendary supe killed Crimson Countess. Later in the episode, the TNT Twins told Soldier Boy that the one who planned the mutiny against him was actually Black Noir, who might have run away because he feared for his life.

We all know that Black Noir is the most mysterious supe in The Boys because not a lot has been revealed about him after his backstory was shown in a flashback. With that said, he could still be up to something, and that’s why he ran away and left his tracker. But we are leaning towards the possibility of him fearing for his life, and that’s why he ran away from Vought and went AWOL.

Why Did Black Noir Run Away?

The previous episodes of The Boys have been focused on Soldier Boy and his return to society after Billy Butcher and the rest of The Boys accidentally rescued him from a military laboratory in Russia. Since then, he has been wreaking havoc all over the country by killing off the former members of Payback, who he learned were the ones who betrayed him and sold him off to the Russians back in the Nicaragua incident in 1984.

Back in episode 5, Soldier Boy made quick work of Crimson Countess when Butcher put her on a silver platter for the legendary supe to kill. Meanwhile, episode 6 opened up with Homelander, Black Noir, the Deep, and Ashley looking through the security footage of Vought to see who killed Crimson Countess. That was when Homelander realized that the man that killed Crimson Countess was actually Soldier Boy, who they thought had been dead for nearly four decades but had come back to life.

Homelander was showing frustration for the first time in a long time as he realized that he was up against a threat that could end up derailing everything that he had planned for himself and Vought. Meanwhile, as he and Black Noir walked through the hallways of Vought, he told his only friend in The Seven that he was the only one that he could trust while also thanking him for always having his back.

But as Black Noir boarded an elevator, he took his knife and stabbed himself in the forearm to remove what looked like a tracking chip. After getting off the elevator, he ran away from the premises. It was revealed that he went AWOL and was now under the grid when the Deep told Homelander about what Black Noir had done. 

Of course, Homelander was upset to learn that his most trusted friend and quite possibly his only friend had left him and was now forced to face this threat on his own. So, why did Black Noir run away from Soldier Boy?

It was revealed by Crimson Countess in episode 5 that all of the members of Payback actually hated Soldier Boy, just like how all of the members of The Seven (save for Black Noir) hated Homelander. Of course, before he joined The Seven, Black Noir was a member of Payback.

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When he learned that Soldier Boy was exacting revenge on the members of Payback by killing Crimson Countess first, Black Noir ran away. And it was revealed later in the episode why he knew that Soldier Boy was going to come after him soon.

Soldier Boy visited the TNT Twins, the only other members of Payback that were living. This happened during Herogasm, which Soldier Boy said he started in 1953 with a supe named Liberty, who we all know used to be Stormfront. When Soldier Boy got to the twins, they were begging for their life and went on to say that they weren’t the ones who betrayed him. Instead, they said that it was Black Noir who orchestrated the entire plot to kill him.

But when Soldier Boy heard Russian music in the background, he blacked out and ended up blasting the entire place with his nuclear energy powers. He basically cremated the TNT Twins and several other people who were attending Herogasm.

So, with that said, Black Noir probably knew that Soldier Boy was going to come after him sooner or later. He was, after all, the one who orchestrated the entire plot to betray Soldier Boy. That means that Soldier Boy was not going to show any mercy on him as he was the one who allowed the Russians to kidnap him and experiment on him for nearly four decades.

Is Black Noir Afraid Of Soldier Boy?

The only logical reason why Black Noir would run away from Soldier Boy is that he is afraid of him. He knows Soldier Boy from their history together as teammates in Payback, and he probably already knows how powerful this supe is.

As powerful as Black Noir may be, he probably is nowhere near Soldier Boy’s strength because we saw during the episode that Homelander probably found his match in the legendary supe. Soldier Boy was nearly as strong as Homelander, and that means that Black Noir is leagues behind him.

On top of the fact that Soldier Boy is strong and nearly indestructible, he also has that nuclear energy blast that was strong enough to cremate Crimson Countess. Black Noir knows that he stands no chance against a power like that, and that was the reason why he was afraid for his life and was quick to run away moments after learning that Soldier Boy was still alive.

Why Did Black Noir Betray Soldier Boy?

As Crimson Countess said it herself, everyone in Payback hated Soldier Boy. That means that even Black Noir hated him as well. But why was Black Noir the one who orchestrated the plan to betray Soldier Boy?

It could be possible that Black Noir was the only one smart enough to pull off a plan that could take Soldier Boy away from the picture. As shown in season 3 of The Boys, none of the members of Payback were actually smart, and that includes Soldier Boy himself, who Grace Mallory described as the biggest idiot of them all.

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Meanwhile, Black Noir hasn’t shown so far that he is as idiotic as the other members of Payback. He could be the only one smart enough to think of a way to betray the strongest supe in the world at that time.

Then there’s also the fact that he might have been lobbying for a leadership role. As seen in the flashback, he was trying to convince Stan Edgar that it was better for him to show his face to the public by removing his mask. There is a good reason why this scene was shown, as it could indicate that Black Noir was trying to take the leadership role of Payback for himself after getting rid of Soldier Boy.

But, as we all know, that didn’t work out well for him because he got injured so badly in the Nicaragua event that he could no longer speak and was now afraid to show his disfigured face to the public. That is probably the reason why he is so loyal to Homelander, as he sees him as the leader he never became due to the injury he suffered. Karma hits back like a bitch, and Black Noir was quick to learn that lesson in the worst way possible.

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