Why Did Eris Leave Rudeus? Will She Return?

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The relationship between Eris and Rudeus was always the most interesting thing about the incredible fantasy series Mushoku Tensei, both of them have been through so much and decided to handle everything together. So, why did Eris leave Rudeus, and will she ever return?

Eris left Rudeus because she didn’t want to be a burden to him. She traveled to the Holy Lands of Swords with Ghislaine to train under the Sword God, Gal Farion, to become stronger and capable of protecting him.

Many fans were left shocked after the events of the season finale. And so many questions regarding their relationship were left answered. In this article, we’ll cover every detail, break down the events that led to this point, and everything that happened after.

Why did Eris leave Rudeus?

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There can be multiple reasons why Eris decided to leave Rudeus, but perhaps the most hard-hitting one would be that during their last night together, Eris looked at Rudeus’ hands and noticed how small they were compared to hers.

She realized she relied on him for the better part of the journey and didn’t want to stay dependent on him anymore. She wanted to be strong so that she could be useful to him and stand by his side, so she decided to leave with Ghislaine to train as a warrior.

Another valid reason for leaving would be that Eris didn’t want to marry into a Greyrat branch family only to preserve the family line to which Ghislaine agreed with her, and that’s why she decided to leave with Ghislaine to become a strong warrior.

Before she decided to leave, she told Rudeus that her only wish was for him to become her family, and after spending the night together, she decided to leave with no trace to follow.

She soon revealed her true feelings toward Rudeus during his travel with Ghislaine, to which Ghislaine seemed genuinely happy, and they continued their journey.

Where did Eris go?

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She felt helpless during the fight against the Dragon God Orsted. Rudeus almost lost his life trying to protect Eris and Ruijerd. She realized how weak she was compared to Rudeus and Ruijerd; she saw both of them risking their lives to protect her.

She told Ghislaine about their fight against the Dragon God Orsted and asked her further to train her in the art of the sword. Ghislaine took her to the Holy Land of Swords to train under the Sword God, Gal Furion, where she greatly enhanced her skills and met her competitive rival, Nina Farion.


It was clear that her motive to become strong was to defeat the Dragon God Orsted, and while that may never happen, she improved so much that she was able to take on Auber Corvette, an underling of the sword god.

She continued her training in the mountains, training under the Sword God, Gal Farion, and the three swords of the North God until she achieved the rank of Sword Saint. She also specialized in countering the Water God Style, Orsted’s main fighting style.

When will Eris return?

Eris returns sometime after Rudeus manages to rescue most of his family; she initially planned to meet Rudeus at the Ranoa Magic Academy. However, she receives a letter from Rudeus describing how he thought she rejected him, but that was only a misunderstanding.

He also explains that Rudeus now has two wives and is willing to accept Eris as his third, as Eris’s friends Contemplate whether Rudeus is a scum; Eris notices a post-script that states Rudeus is going to fight the Dragon God Orsted and that he may not survive.

Eris, along with Ghislaine, rushes to help him in his battle against the Dragon God.

Did Eris have feelings for Rudeus?

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Earlier in the series, she was somewhat repulsive towards him, she didn’t give him the time of day and considered him a child, but all that changed when Eris was kidnapped by the family guard and Rudeus rushed him to save her with his magic.

Eris was immediately taken by his magical abilities and soon accepted him as her tutor. She soon began to rely on Rudeus for everything, whether training her skills or handling a social situation, and Rudeus was always there to support her no matter what.


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And after the teleportation incident, Eris only had Rudeus to rely on and take care of her. There were many clear hints that showed how greatly Eris felt for Rudeus and how much she wanted to protect him in her own ways.

She stuck by him no matter what happened. She held his hand in every moment of grief and helped him move past his mistakes; she genuinely cherished their relationship and only wanted to do what was best for him.

She never wanted to be separated from Rudeus, so when she was offered to married to a Nobel for the sake of her family, she decided to leave.

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