Why is Deadpool so Popular?

Why is Deadpool so Popular?

Deadpool is a very special fictional character. He is unique in most aspects and although he tends to be exceptionally brutal and weird people out, he is still one of the most popular comic book characters in the world. His unique skills, stories, and his special approach to life make Deadpool so special and so likable. In today’s article, we are going to explore why this unique character is so popular, as there are a lot of other unique characters that are not nearly as popular as Deadpool. So why is the Merc with a Mouth so popular? Keep reading to find out!

Deadpool is primarily popular because he is so special and unique. He is different than most other characters, he is quirky and despite all the brutality and dark humour of his stories, he is a good guy and is very likable. Fans love such characters and it is only natural that he is quite popular among comic book fans.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss Deadpool’s immense popularity and its origins. You’re going to find out why he is so popular, when he became so popular and what is he known for, so keep reading because we have loads of fun content for you today!

Why is Deadpool so popular?

Deadpool’s popularity is quite an obvious thing to everyone who likes comic books and their cinematic adaptations. Okay, he’s not like Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man, but he is certainly among the most popular comic book characters of the modern area.

He owns most of his popularity to the comic books, but the recent movie adaptations have certainly contributed to his rising popularity. We are going to analyse some of the factors that contributed to Deadpool being where he is now.

The comic books definitely did wonders for Deadpool’s popularity. He started of as a very annoying villain and at one point, Marvel and his creators had given up on him, before he was revitalised as an antihero with heroic tendencies.

This is the character that newer audiences got to see and he was a lot better than the initial concept. The new Deadpool was not only a good guy (most of the time), he was exceptionally quirky, he was unique and the comics were just different than anything that mainstream comics had to offer at the time.

The level of violence and dark humor in those comics was certainly far larger than in other mainstream titles, but Deadpool’s attitude towards his stories, as well as the fact that he is actually aware that he is a comic book character made him so likable.

Fans demanded a new brand of “superhero”, something quirky and odd, but in a positive and funny way, and Deadpool was just that, which explains why he became so popular.

Another factor that certainly contributed to his rising popularity were the movies. The X-Men franchise was the first superhero cinematic universe and it did wonders for comic book movies in general. Since Deadpool is considered to be a mutant and was a member of the X-Men, it was only a matter of time before he’d make his appearance on the big screen.

He eventually made his way there as part of the X-Men franchise and that actually caused an explosion of popularity, since he was now known to more wider audiences and not just (hardcore) comic book fans.

These are the two main reasons why Deadpool became so immensely popular.

When did Deadpool become popular?

Pinpointing an exact date when Deadpool became popular is quite difficult, as it is not something you can just find and pick on a random calendar. We have already said that his rise in popularity started around the time when he was reimagined as the quirky antihero he is in he comic books.

This happened around 2000, but if we had to pick a year, it would definitely be 2004. What happened in 2004? Well, the series Cable & Deadpool started coming out and this is what really did it for Deadpool – this is series is what made him a major mainstream player and with it began his rise in popularity.

So, we’ve established that 2004 was a turning point for Deadpool, but he didn’t really become super popular yet at that point. It took 12 years before Deadpool would become a global phenomenon, which happened when the Deadpool movie hit theatres as part of the X-Men franchise.

Ryan Reynolds reprised the role he played in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) – which was so horrible that Deadpool later went back in time to kill that version of the character – and Deadpool became a global wonder.

So, if you ask us when Deadpool became so popular, we have to tell you that it all began in 2004 and finally exploded in 2016, which is why we cannot wait for the third movie to come out.

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What is Deadpool known for?

Deadpool is known for being Deadpool. That is without a doubt the most famuous thing he has done in his career. But, what does that mean, actually? What does “being Deadpool” actually include? Well, Deadpool’s popularity is a result of his uniqueness, but we’d like to tell you what these unique traits are:

  • Dark humourDeadpool is known for his dark humour, which he uses both to mock himself and other characters. No matter how serious the issue at hand is, Deadpool will always find an (in)appropriate joke to make it lighter, which might not be for everyone’s stomach, but is certainly unique.
  • Breaking the fourth wallDeadpool not only talks to the readers (and audiences) during his appearances and frequently breaks the barriers of traditional comic books, he is also aware that he is a comic book characters, which makes him unique and allows for additional quirkiness that we adore.
  • Violence and brutalityDeadpool is one of the violent superheroes in the history of comic books and the graphic violence is, which is unusual, depicted on the pages of the comic books he appears in. You might not like it, but Deadpool usually finds a way to make it all look lighter, like he’s having fun, which is morbid in a way, but very entertaining nevertheless.
  • Relationship with other charactersDeadpool, being how quirky he is, has a pretty unique relationship with most other Marvel characters. His interactions with others are one of the best aspects of his stories and we always love to see how the Merc with a Mouth, with all his unpredictability, is going to act next.

And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!

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