Will There Be a Prototype 3? Is It Cancelled?

Will there be a Prototype 3? Is it Cancelled?

It’s been a Decade since Prototype 2 was released. And a decade without a sequel.  Despite being well-received on its release, Prototype 3, which fans were waiting for eagerly, was not announced. Its status remains a mystery to this day. Prototype series doesn’t exactly have a cult status, but the games were decent enough.  Naturally, fans are still wondering Will there be a prototype 3? Is it Cancelled?

Prototype 3 currently does not have a release date. After a relatively successful launch of Prototype 2, Activision admitted that the sequel failed to meet its expectations. The franchise was not canceled in the traditional sense. Instead, the studio that developed it was cut in half while undergoing huge layoffs. As a consequence, Radical Entertainment studio was appointed to support future Activision projects, and Prototype 3 was effectively canceled.

Even though Prototype 3 is currently not in development (that we know of), there has more to the story so keep reading to find out!

Did Prototype 2 fail?

For those of you not familiar with the sequel. It’s enough to say that Prototype 2 is a revenge story. James Heller – the new protagonist wants to take revenge on Alex Mercer (former protagonist), and destroy the blacklight virus. It’s a story filled with betrayal, conspiracies, and losing faith in humanity.

The setting was the same, it was an open-world game set in New York.  They added better abilities, and extra activities you could do. But the core of the game remained the same. It was an absolute killing field that showered you with body parts and organs. So what happened? Why did Prototype 2 fail?

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The story was one aspect that could have been better. Fans were not delighted to see Alex Mercer become the Villain. And James Heller never managed to „win over the fans“ the way Alex Mercer did.  The quests were repetitive, only the main story had some appeal and variation. And in a technical sense – it was a bad PC port.  All in all, it was okay for a sequel game. But not okay enough to gain a wider audience. 

That wasn’t the end of Prototype’s problems.

The year 2012 was great for the gaming world. The game was published at about the same time as Max Payne 3 and Diablo 3.  And even though it managed to outsell games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Dragon’s Dogma. It did not manage to outsell Max Payne and Diablo.

So, How did it got canceled?

Even though the Prototype received good reviews and had a substantial following inherited from the first game. It was not able to meet Activision’s financial expectations.  In the aftermath, the studio that developed it, Radical Entertainment got downsized and lost approximately half of its employees. They stopped developing their own games – and Prototype 3 was canceled. It was decided that from now on Radical Entertainment will only work in the supporting role. Meaning that they will support other Activision projects. Their last credited Project was Destiny developed in 2014.

 Currently, all that is known right now is that the studio does exist in one way or another since they were named in Microsoft’s buyout of Activision last year.

Will there be Prototype 3?

Sadly, the situation right now does not look good. And it really doesn’t seem like we will ever get a sequel. Especially with the original studio practically closed down. Prototype 2 was a successful game, it was decent and it was mostly well-received by its fans and critics. It just wasn’t good enough, at least not good enough to justify the major financial investment. Prototype 3 would be an even bigger financial investment, and the chances of resurrecting old fandom and hype that the first game left in its wake are slim, to say the least.

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