Witcher’s Eyes – Why are They Yellow, and Why do They Turn Black?

Witcher’s Eyes - Why are They Yellow, and Why do They Turn Black

The main character from Netflix’s The Witcher TV show is Geralt of Rivia. He usually has yellow eyes, but while in his ‘berserker mode’, his eyes turn black, so why is that?

It has been pointed out that the color alludes to the relation to ‘cat’ eyes, as feline creatures’ eyes are often yellow-green in shade. While his eyes turn black when his senses are heightened – smell, sight, touch, agility, speed, and strength.

In Netflix’s TV series, The Witcher, there are many characters that have distinctive features, one of which is unusual eyes, which is telling of the individual’s nature. Eyes are the window to the soul, after all.

There are quite a few characters that are an example of this, such as Yen, who has purple-blue eyes as a result of her magical nature, and Ciri who has large emerald eyes as a result of her Elven blood.

The main protagonist Geralt of Rivia has gotten plenty of interest and curiosity with regard to his distinguishing features. It’s commonly known by Witcher fans that his physical attributes came as a result of the mutagens’ reaction within his body. 

He went through a series of changes over and above his superhuman strength, speed and agility. With sharp reflexes, cunning tactics, and strength that would undermine even the strongest warriors, these mutagens bumped up nearly every aspect of human design by a few notches. But, there were also changes to his visual appearance. 

The majority of the pigmentation in the cells was stripped, resulting in pale skin and ashen white hair, as well as a heightened sense of smell, hearing, and cat-like eyes. In addition, these mutagens change the way blood moves through the body, having minor yet significant effects, like the inability to blush.

There is something particularly special about his eyes other than their shape. They change color, and seem to hold more secrets than is explicitly said throughout the series. So, what exactly makes The White Wolf’s eyes so unique?

What color are Geralt’s eyes?

Throughout the series, the focal point is mainly on the yellow tinge that fills his eyes with an almost magical glow. His eyes have also been described as yellow-green. It has been pointed out that the color alludes to the relation to ‘cat’ eyes, as feline creatures’ eyes are often yellow-green in shade.

His eyes also occasionally feature the standard trait of feline eyes – vertical pupils – which tend to come and go throughout the series. This is yet another attribute that supports the cat-like eyes that came to be during mutation. There has been a debate with regard to its specific color, with evidence claiming his eyes to be yellow, yellow-green, or even dark, but they seem to fluctuate within the same color group.

The cat-like appearance of Witchers’ eyes is not something that is specific to Geralt. There are other Witchers such as Coen who has yellow eyes with vertical slits as well. However, it is said that this is possibly due to him being a more recent Witcher. 

Perhaps Geralt’s higher intake of mutagens had a permanent version of the same result. Other examples of Witchers with these eyes are Codringher and Brehen. Although, there are minor differences between them.

This unique kind of eyes that Witchers have also behave similarly to cats’ eyes. The color fluctuates as a feline would, and the pupils behave similarly as well. They are reflective, and when exposed to bright light or harsh sunlight, the pupils turn to slits. 

The pupils dilate fully in certain environments or scenarios as well, much as a cat’s eyes would. This can be manipulated at will by Witchers for instances such as adapting to have better vision in the dark.

It should be noted here that Geralt’s eyes, along with his unusual white hair, were one of the main physical features that drew attention from humans. He was often discriminated against for being different, and many people made remarks about his eyes in particular, shunning him for it.

An example of this is when Geralt was dancing with some of the Belletyn village women. When they danced close to the fire, the women became afraid, noticing his eyes in the glowing light of the flames. They then proceeded to flee the dance out of fear.

Why do Geralt’s eyes turn black?

One of the most interesting features of Geralt’s eyes apart from their visual attributes is the fact that his eyes can turn completely black. This transformation happens in close relation to the list of cat-like features that were adopted when he became a Witcher.

This total blackening of the eyes happens when his senses are heightened – smell, sight, touch, agility, speed and strength. This is quite similar to the way cats’ eyes darken when they become enraged or have adrenaline rushes.

The full dilation of the pupils contributes to the overall appearance of completely black eyes. They dilate so much that they take up all of the space within the iris. This is usually an indication that Geralt is experiencing enhanced visual sense – particularly vision in the dark.

This is done in particular in order to engage in monster hunting, as many monsters tend to hide in the dark, and their scent can be picked up by Witchers. Geralt’s use of superhuman smell is witnessed in the episode ‘Betrayer Moon’, where he utilizes his superior sense of smell to track the former’s scent, connecting Ostrit to Adda’s curse.


He can also use this ability to detect lingering remains of old scents that have long since passed. This is often used to track, hunt monsters and accomplish missions or tasks.

As a Witcher, this reaction is usually as a result of drinking Witcher potions, all of which have varying effects or enhancers. These potions contain toxins that run through the Witchers system and provide special benefits, making these concoctions lethal to humans.

When the toxicity level is high, this blackening spreads, creating dark circles around the eyes and black veins in the face. These features become more evident since the potions also make facial skin paler and more translucent.

It should be noted that none of the benefits that the Witchers get from these potions is completely enjoyable. It has been said that many of the processes that take place after the consumption of a potion are incredibly painful – particularly the blackening of the eyes.

Witchers certainly have a vast range of strange yet intriguing physical attributes, and many benefits that come with them. Geralt’s genetic code in particular seems to have been extremely compatible with the mutagens used during the Trials of the Grasses, rendering him far more susceptible to these traits.

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