Wolverine vs. Colossus: Who Would Win & Why?

Wolverine vs Colossus: Who Would Win

Wolverine is undoubtedly a fan favorite superhero from Marvel. He was featured in many movies. On the other hand, we have Colossus, who is another Marvel superhero, who was often overshadowed by the other X-Men members. But true fans know Colossus is no joke. So who wins in the Wolverine vs. Colossus all-out battle?

If a fight broke out between the Wolverine and the Colossus, Colossus would defeat Wolverine. Despite having sharp claws, Wolverine will struggle to strike Colossus at his weakest. 

Speaking of Wolverine vs. Colossus, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers and abilities in more detail and see how the fight between Wolverine and Colossus would play out.  

Wolverine vs. Colossus: Who Wins?

Wolverine can self-heal. He has regenerative abilities that heal any wounds on his body in mere seconds. So one point for Wolverine. His claws are sharper than a knife. After his body gets infused with Adamantium, his claws get stronger. So another point for Wolverine. He could cut right into Colossus’s osmium-armored cellular structure. Another point for Wolverine. 

In one instance in Marvel Comic, a fight broke out between the Colossus and Wolverine. Wolverine took the lead by keeping Colossus on his toes. He even went ahead and tore out Colossus’s heart. 

But it only aggravated Colossus, and he went on a rampage. First, he blew a fierce punch at Wolverine, which almost knocked him out. At that moment, Wolverine was shocked to see Colossus standing still even though he had just torn out his heart. Before Wolverine could process what was going on, Colossus lifts him in the air, with one grabbing his head, and the other grabbing his left leg.

With a strong pull, Colossus tore off Wolverine’s leg. In the end, we see Wolverine lying on the floor in pain, blood gushing out his torn off the torso, and Colossus standing right behind him, thinking about doing more damage. So one massive point to Colossus.


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In the movie X-Men: The Last Stand, we see Colossus quickly activating his steel body skin when he sees debris flying right at him from a nearby explosion. The debris ricochets off him, unable to do any damage to Colossus, and hit Wolverine in the face. The impact quickly tore Wolverine’s skin off. Even though Wolverine’s healing factor instantly healed his skin, this is a great example of how efficient Colossus is in a battle. One more point for Colossus. 

Colossus is calculative. He won’t take damage unless he has a way to prevent it. But Wolverine is a bit reckless. Instead of ducking, he lets the debris fly right at his face. So another point to Colossus for being a true strategist. 

Also in that same movie, we see Colossus effortlessly lifting Wolverine and throwing him off. They weren’t fighting themselves. It was Wolverine’s idea to hit his enemies like a rocket and pin his claws into their bodies. This makes us think, what if Colossus wanted to throw him off to do serious damage. He has the strength to lift Wolverine, despite his skeleton having a coating of Adamantium. So another point for the giant, Colossus. 

So by far, the score stands: Wolverine vs. Colossus – 2:4.  You might argue Wolverine could easily kill Colossus using his claws, but given the foresight, and agility of Colossus, it is very less likely that Colossus would let Wolverine strike him when he is vulnerable.

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