World of Warcraft: Arms vs. Fury Warrior 2023 Guide

World of Warcraft Arms vs. Fury Warrior

18 years after its release World of Warcraft is still going strong and releasing new content regularly. The Latest expansion Dragonflight, like every other before it, introduced players to a new way of playing old classes. One of those classes is Warrior. The eternal struggle between Arms and Fury Warriors got popular again and the players have lots of questions. Is Arms of Fury better for PvP? What about PvE? What talents do you give priority to? Which items are useless and which items to focus on? That is why here at Fiction Horizon, we decided to put together an awesome guide for both new players, and veteran players who are just out of the loop a bit. So, Arms vs. Fury Warrior, which one is better?

Both specs are currently more than viable. Arms warrior has better DPS output, and is a good reliable pick for PvE, both for offense and defense. When it comes to PvP again, both specs are totally viable but due to tier bonuses and self-healing potential fury warrior is a slightly better pick. The choice is really on you and what your preferred playstyle is. Fury warrior is according to a lot of players more fun to play.

Now that you have the short answer it’s time to analyze both specs in depth. So what are the best items? How to level your talents? If you want answers to these questions you should definitely keep reading.

Arms Warrior Specialization overview

Arms warrior is an excellent potential high-burst spec that shines when it comes to targets below 35% health. It’s a very fast spec with a lot of mobility potential with excellent defensive abilities. However, Arms warriors are especially reliant on Shaman’s Windfury totem they cannot focus on both single-target and multi-target damage at the same time and they are quite lacking when it comes to the healing department as they usually don’t have their own source of regeneration.

Arms Warrior Talent Overview  

The most optimal Talents for Arms Warrior in Dragonflight are as follows:


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Most optimal Talents for Mythic+

If one thing is improved when it comes to Arms warriors when compared to Shadowlands, it’s the multi-target potential that warriors now have. They can now specialize in dedicated two-target damage, mass AoE, or attempt to hybridize with a bladestorm-less build.

Warrior bonegrinder
Arms Warrior Mythic+ Bonegrinder talent overview

Arms Warrior Rotation in Dragonflight

No matter whether you’re focusing on multi-target damage or single-target damage your opener is pretty much the same. The standard rotation is as follows:

  1. Engage with Charge
  2. Rend and Mastery: Deep Wounds need to be applied as soon as possible
  3. Use Mortal Strike on Cooldown
  4. Execute
  5. Overpower as a last resort
  6. Slam to spend excess rage

Arms Warrior Best-In-Slot Gear

Since the expansion has just been released just a few weeks prior, the following items are optimal for now and are considered to be BiS for Arms Warrior:

WeaponsIncarnate Sky-SplitterAlgeth’ar HedgecleaverImbued Qalashi Crusher
TrinketsManic GrieftorchWhispering Incarnate IconAlgeth’ar Puzzle box / Idol of Trampling Hooves
ConsumablesPhial of Static Empowerment / Phial of Elemental Chaos / Phial of Tepid VersatilityElemental Potion of Ultimate Power Buzzing Rune / Howling Rune

Fury Warrior Specialization overview

Polar opposite to Arms Warrior, Fury Warrior is a fast spec with sustained damage output. It does not have bursts of high damage – like Arms warrior. Fury Warrior also doesn’t need to be careful with its resource management since a lot of its abilities are rage generators and only one is truly a resource spender.  


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Due to its high activity and lack of planning Fury Warrior is, among the two classes – more fun to play.  Like with Arms, it does have some downsides, it doesn’t have ranged attacks, it has weak single-target damage, and its mobility can be restricted. It has self-healing potential but like an arms warrior, it also lacks „cheat death“ abilities and mechanics.

Fury Warrior Talent Overview 

Most optimal Talents for Fury Warrior in Dragonflight are as follows:

Fury warrior raid build
Fury warrior raid build

Most Optimal Talents for Mythic+

Like Arms warrior Fury warrior went through some changes regarding the Mythic+ phase of the gameplay, the following are recommended talents for Fury warrior Mythic+ build:

Mythic fury warrior
Fury warrior Mythic+ best talent build

Fury Warrior Rotation in Dragonflight

The opening for Fury Warrior is pretty much the same as with Arms warrior but since the two specializations differ in the dynamic gameplay potential there are several differences. The following is recommended and optimal rotation for Fury Warrior in Dragonflight:

  1. Engage with Charge
  2. Use Recklnessnes to get enranged
  3. Use Execute when you can
  4. Use Rampage to maintain Enrage
  5. Use Raging blow whenever you restart the rotation
  6. Use Bloodthirst and Whirlwind as fillers

Fury Warrior Best-In-Slot Gear

Like with Arms Warrior, these are just the general recommendations. Most of the items on the list will suit both your Arms and Fury Warriors if you need to respec quickly.

WeaponsIncarnate Sky-SplitterAlgeth’ar Hedge CleaverImbued Qalashi Crusher
TrinketsAlgeth’ar Puzzle box / Whispering Incarnate IconWindscar WhetstoneStorm-Eater’s Boon
ConsumablesPhial of Glacial FuryElemental Potion of Ultimate Power / Elemental Potion of PowerBuzzing Rune / Howling Rune


Since both Arms and Fury Warriors are currently viable choices, the choice is really only yours and what kind of gameplay suits you best. If you like fast-paced gameplay go for Fury Warrior, if you like slow, analytical but burst-heavy spec go for Arms Warrior. And if you want to check out more detailed guides for each class that cover everything and I mean EVERYTHING check out this guide  & this guide. That’s all for today and remember number crunch doesn’t matter if you’re not having fun!

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