10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021

Most dungeon crawlers emphasize chaotic battles and hard grinds, as in Minecraft Dungeons. Apocalypse Mode excels because of its punishing nature and the opportunities it offers for rewarding experiences. After completing the 10 main story missions in “Adventure Mode,” this mode will become available.

There are a lot of unique weapons, armor, artifacts, and enchantments you can use in Minecraft Dungeons. These components create unique builds with unique strengths and weaknesses. Most loot is randomized, so finding a setup that suits you can be tricky.

I have listed 10 of the best Minecraft Dungeons builds for 2021 in this article.

1. Warrior Tank Build

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • The claymore, gaugets, and hammer are melee weapons
  • The armor of the mercenaries
  • Heavy crossbows are ranged weapons
  • Shock Powder, Death Cap Mushroom, Wind Horn, Flame Quiver, Boots of Swiftness

The goal of this build is to absorb damage and dish it right back at the enemy. 

In the melee, you have a few good options, but mainly Claymores and Hammers, which deal the best raw damage with this setup.

The Heavy Crossbow can be an effective ranged weapon when you find yourself low on health or facing waves of enemies while waiting for your cooldown to reset.

The sacrifice of that one-hit-kill capability is less mobility. This build is good at dealing high damage and dealing one-hit kills, but it deals less damage overall. In order to compensate, we suggest you use movement-based items, such as the Death Cap Mushroom and Boots of Swiftness.

Using a Wind Horn can also give you a bit more breathing room and they can even take mobs to their deaths by knocking them off ledges.

2. Soul Reaper Build

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • The Soul Knife is a melee weapon, while the Soul Scythe is a melee weapon
  • The Soul Robe is an armor type
  • Weapons: Soul Crossbow, Soul Bow
  • The following artifacts are available: Lightning Rod, Harvester, Corrupted Beacon, Torment Quiver, Soul Healer

Soul Reaper builds rely mostly on souls collected from fallen mobs, but they offer more flexibility than others. If you defeat an enemy with a melee weapon, such as the Soul Knife or the Soul Scythe, you will gain extra souls.

Furthermore, the Soul Armor will probably help you to gather all of the souls at once, as it increases your chances of finding them all at once. In addition to the Soul Bow and the crossbow variant, ranged weapons are also effective at collecting souls.

You are likely to find you are frequently encountering many souls if you have followed along. Use artifacts that deal AoE damage based on the number of souls gathered, such as Lightning Rod and Harvester, to put them to good use.

An energy beam can also be fired from a corrupted beacon if it is pointed at a specific location. During a cooldown period, Soul Healer can perform a quick healing burst.

3. Speedy Assassin Build

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • Daggers, Sickles: Melee Weapons
  • A robe made of embers and armor made of spiders
  • A rapid crossbow and an auto crossbow are ranged weapons
  • Shock Powder and Boots of Swiftness are among the artifacts found by the player.

You will become a fast, agile rogue who can enter and exit the fray with ease while dealing constant damage. As a first step, your weapon must be fast, such as a dagger or a scythe.

To learn more about Ember Robes, click here. This armor burns nearby enemies and gives your movement speed a boost. If you would like to increase your weapon attack speed, Spider Armor would be a much better option. Trying out each combination will allow you to determine your preference.

When you have more healing enchantments, the effectiveness of this build increases exponentially. Nevertheless, you should select your artifact carefully based on the defense it offers

Getting surrounded by mobs with this build can be very difficult, so you’ll want to have a backup such as the Rapid Crossbow or its Auto variant at your disposal. Either way, you will be able to eliminate enemies quickly, but you will quickly exhaust your ammo.  

4. Hunter Companion Build

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • Weapon of Mass Destruction: Any
  • Helmet: Spelunker Helmet
  • Hunter’s Promise: Ranged Weapon
  • Totem of regeneration and Tasty Bone!

In teams who already have other roles to fulfill, this isn’t a reliable build for dealing damage or healing, but it can be somewhat helpful. The objective is to keep the attention off your character with the use of companion artifacts.

In addition to allowing you to use any melee weapon, Hunter’s Promise is a ranged weapon that will work with any melee weapon. By controlling the target of your companions, you make it easier to take on bosses and more difficult enemies like Endermen.

When choosing artifacts, you should opt for at least two companions, such as Tasty Bone, which gives you a wolf companion, or Wonderful Wheat, which gives you a llama companion. Alternatively, you can equip the Totem of Regeneration for quick healing or add another companion with the Golem Kit.

5. Master Archer Build

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • Weapons enchanted with ‘Chains’ are melee weapons
  • A pair of robes and armor: Evocation, Frost Bite
  • Several ranged weapons are available, including the scatter crossbow and the feral soul crossbow
  • Firework arrows, shock powder, wind horns, and flame quivers were found among the artifacts

In order to make this build work, you need a constant supply of arrow ammunition. When you suffer a projectile hit, you are likely to get an arrow quiver from enchantments like Recycler.

Ricochet is another option, using which you can fire multiple arrows at multiple targets. A melee weapon should also possess enchantments that slow down enemies so that you can use your bow to slow them down.

This build’s artifacts, Firework Arrows and Flame Quiver will be easier to utilize once these areas are covered. In both cases, the damage dealt is insane; the difference is how they do it.

In Flame Quiver, you can slowly burn your enemies with a considerable amount of impact damage. As long as you have the Scatter Crossbow next to your artifacts, you will be able to fire off many explosives.

6. Healer Build

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • The following weapons have healing enchantment: Melee
  • Armor: Mysterious Armor
  • Sabrewing: Ranged Weapon
  • Items: Totem of Regeneration, Love Medallion, Shielding Totem

For solo players who die a lot or those who want to keep their teammates alive, this build is a great choice. Your first step is to get a melee weapon with healing enchantments, ideally Radiance. Radiance provides allied characters with healing in a circular area.

As well as giving you a 33% chance of being revived during battle, Mystery Armor requires you to grind the Desert Temple level until you can acquire it.  Last but not least, the Sabrewing is an extremely powerful bow that also heals allies as well.

When you have more healing enchantments, the effectiveness of this build increases exponentially. In any case, it is recommended to double down on defense with your artifact selection.

Healing rings can be obtained from Totem of Healing, shielding rings from Totem of Shielding, and love medallions can be obtained from Love Medallion. This build is most challenging when it comes to obtaining each piece of gear.

7. The Swift Rogue

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • 41 damage from melee
  • Mobs should be slowed down
  • Cannabis dual

Generally, when the twin daggers of the northern mountains strike their enemies, they freeze them to solid ice.

Dungeon crawlers depend a lot on speed, especially in MD’s Apocalypse Mode. 

By evading and attacking rapidly, players can compensate for this build’s vulnerability.

Usually in the game, there are a number of popular sets of Spider Armor Unique armor. As foes can be stunned and let go once the shock powder or fishing rod has been applied, these items are perfect for this kind of play. 

As foes can be stunned and let go once the shock powder or fishing rod has been applied, these items are perfect for this kind of play. These skills can be cultivated via Light-Feather Artifacts as well as Boots of Swiftness.

8. Pet Summer

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • 73 summoning damage
  • There is a 30-second cooldown

A scent of open fields, baked bread, and freshly cut crops emanates from this item.

You may encounter some challenges when summoning familiars in Minecraft Dungeons, due to the unpredictable behaviors of the animals by your side. 

In Apocalypse Mode, this is only magnified. In any case, those seeking to lessen the pressure on their constantly targeted character may want to give this a try, especially in co-op.

With the right bow and artifacts, a number of animals can be summoned. You can summon a wolf using the Tasty Bone, and llamas with Wonderful Wheat. Additionally, it is beneficial to use the Totem of Regeneration, since it will heal allies that are near it. 

Last but not least, Hunter’s Promise will direct these animals to targeted mobs. In Apocalypse Mode, many mobs can appear at the same time, making this tactic useful.

9. Elemental Archer

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • Piercing 3X
  • There is a fire trail
  • Electricity
  • Supercharged 2X

Minecraft Dungeons offers the opportunity to combine damaging artifacts with effective bows (read about Minecraft dungeons armor).

Typically, players won’t experience a shortage of either arrows or Souls when they alternate between these two sources.

The Soul Crossbow and Voidcaller are two items that work alongside both of these abilities. The player gains Souls while dealing damage with these weapons.

This elemental, long-range DPS output can be supplemented by the Corrupted Beacon and Lightning Rod artifacts. 

In addition to equipping a Soul Robe that gathers souls, Fire Trail and Chilling can also be affixed to armor that truly damages you with elemental damage.

10. The Human Tank

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • The health status 77
  • Aura of 20% weapon damage boost
  • Allies nearby are healed by health potions

Wolf’s heads are often worn by warriors so as to intimidate their enemies.

It is often a struggle for survival in Minecraft Dungeons, and the tanker builds can generally be advantageous. Read here about Minecraft Survival Servers.

Apocalypse Mode offers an abundance of bosses (like the Arch Illager) and beefier enemies.

The best armor to wear is Stalwart Armor or Mercenary Armor (since they offer 35% damage reduction). 

Another excellent choice is Hero’s Armor, which heals and reduces damage.

In this beefier build, this Boot of Swiftness can offset some of the clunkiness that results from these. Besides, a powerful melee weapon goes well with this beefier build. 

You can also summon a similar tanky pet with the Golem Kit to add extra meatshields.

The health is in abundance with this build and the weapon is boosted by the aura. 

11. Explosive Long-Range Ranger

Its long-range attacks are especially impressive due to its explosive power. Rather than focusing on melee, it emphasizes ranged DPS output. 

The first thing you should do is to use a ranged weapon that shoots multiple projectiles at a rapid rate, such as a Scatter Crossbow.

Shock Powder, Firework Arrows, and Death Cap Mushroom are good Artifacts that can enhance this. Fusion Bolt, Multishot, and Rapid Fire further enhance these barrages. 

To use these traits on armor, Cool Down and Swiftfooted can be attached. Meanwhile, the inevitable pile-up of approaching mobs can be staved off by large melee weapons like the Great Hammer or Claymore.

12. Soul-Gathering Mage

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021
  • 1173-2793
  • Multi-shot
  • Soul gathering

MD is a game where you should rely heavily on offensive magic, buffs, debuffs, and damage over time. 

This can be especially wise to use in Apocalypse Mode, where there will be far more spellcasters that you’ll want to answer with powers of your own.

As with most on our list, there’s isn’t a specific piece of gear required for every slot here. But as a general rule – melee weapons like the Soul Knife and Soulbow (which siphon Souls when used), are ideal, as are Enchantments like Leeching and Weakening. 

Typically, players won’t experience a shortage of either arrows or Souls when they alternate between these two sources.

This can consistently feed key artifacts like the Health Synergy, and the beam-blasting Corrupted Beacon.

The power of this build is huge helping the player to keep dangerous mobs away.

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