20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armors

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021

Minecraft Dungeons Armors can give you unique power and buffs. There are numerous armors available in the Dungeons and they all differ in their capacity to damage opponents and help the player. All of them are hard to come by, but once you do, they are totally worth it.

Armors provide sufficient strength to the player and help him/her survive the game against the atrocious enemies that may get difficult without these superior weapons. Getting some of these armors can be tricky as these are found in specific places in the dungeons and searching them can be hard for a player. And many of them can be taken from the powerful bosses of Minecraft.

Now, let’s get into the list of the best Minecraft Dungeons Armors.

1. Beehive Armor

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021
  • Health point – 8271
  • Damage Reduction- 35%
  • Chances to summon a bee when hit- 30%
  • Health potions heal nearby allies.

Players who are primarily interested in damage reduction will love this armor set when the Lost Settlement DLC comes out. Additionally, the armor will spawn a bee when an enemy attacks a player, as well as reduce damage by 35 percent and heal nearby players when they use a potion.

Beehive Armor can be found in Pumpkin Pastures, Soggy Cave, and Lost Settlement daily trials.

A hive armor filled with bees hums constantly. The player can deal with great knocks and hits from opponents when reducing damage reduction to its lowest setting.

2. Ghost Kindler

Dizajn bez naslova 22
  • Health- 6985
  • Spawns fire on roll
  • Briefly gain ghost form when rolling
  • 30% chance to negate hits

The Pyromancer armor in Minecraft Dungeons uses fire damage to roll at their enemies while inflicting fire damage to them. If someone isn’t built like a tank, he or she may be able to completely negate the attack.

Those who enjoy fighting with fire weapons will find this armor useful. A ghost rides a fire roll in the blockbuster movie Ghost Rider.

You can find it among Redstone Mines, Creepy Crypt, Overgrown Temple, and Gale Sanctum.

3. Titan’s Shroud

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021
  • Health- 4959
  • Weapon damage boost aura- 20%
  • Souls gathered- 100%
  • Damage reduction- 35%

A set of armor called Titan’s Shroud has 3 uniquely different effects. It increases soul gathering by 50 percent, reduces damage by 35 percent, and boosts weapon damage by 20 percent.

When all of these effects are attached to a single piece of armor, however, they are quite powerful.

Titan’s Shroud can be obtained by farming in Underhalls, Fiery Forge, and the Lost Settlement.

4. Splendid Robe

Dizajn bez naslova 1 1
  • Health- 5061
  • Artifact Damage- 50%
  • Artifact Cooldown- 25%
  • Melee damage- 30%

Battlemages are the best candidates for the Splendid Robe in Minecraft Dungeons. There is a 50 percent increase in artifact damage. A 30 percent reduction in melee damage is achieved, while a 40 percent increase is achieved for artifact damage. It is incredible how powerful artifacts can be when used correctly.

In addition to the Creepy Crypt and Redstone Mines, you can also get the Splendid Robe from Colossal Rampart.

This armor is great at misdirecting an opponent with magic, which is a powerful way to defeat them. It is possible to trick mobs with this cool armor to take advantage of the situation and exploit them.

5. Hero’s Armor

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021

Hero’s Armor has four different effects. It speeds up the cooldown for potions by 40 percent, it heals teammates nearby, increases enemy target accuracy, and it reduces damage by 30 percent. Furthermore, this armor set has a unique appearance.

Lone Fortress, Arch Haven, and Cacti Canyon are all places where you can find Hero’s Armor.

Her armor increases the cooldown of the potion by around 40%, making her a fast healer. In addition to healing the player, the purlieu also heals the allies surrounding him. Despite their unique appearance, these armors are very durable. 

6. Archer’s Armor

Dizajn bez naslova 2 1
  • Health- 83
  • Move speed Aura- 15%
  • Arrows per bundle- 10
  • Ranged Damage- 30%

The Player’s speed is increased, there are more arrows available in every bundle, and ranged damage is increased when wearing the Archer’s Armor. This item is found while adventuring in Creeper Woods within a gold chest.

This armor piece is useful for archers who want to build builds that emphasize the use of bows and archery enchantments over any other weapon type. As the name suggests, players should use it for building builds that emphasize bows and archery enchantments. their disposal. The speed buff will be immensely useful when trying to gain distance between an enemy and the player.

As well as increasing the pace of shooting arrows, this armor also increases the number of arrows in each bundle. The archer’s armor will do more range damage if the pace and number of arrows are increased.

It is best to shoot from a distance when fighting a mob in order to keep them away, reducing the chances of a melee fight that may potentially risk greater damage than distance archer combat.


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7. Ember Rose

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021
  • Health- 219
  • Burns nearby Enemies
  • Artifact cooldown- 25%
  • Moevspeed aura- 15%

The ember rose was created by the Illager Evokers in order to distinguish themselves from the common guard. This ability gives players additional damage when they burn threats in their range, as well as a movement speed buff and an artifact cooldown bonus.

There are three places where you can find it: Soggy Swamp, Obsidian Pinnacle, and Soggy Cave. Look out in these places to get these armor.

The Ember Robe increases movement speed, provides artifact cooldown bonuses, and increases damage to enemies within range.

This armor will be useful for those who enjoy fighting with fire weapons. 

Unlike other armor pieces, this one is capable of burning enemies close to the player. Ember Robes are known for their unique effect. A fire mage’s armor of choice is without a doubt the ember robe.

8. Spider Armor

Dizajn bez naslova 3 1
  • Health- 5447
  • Life steal aura – 3%
  • Melee attack speed- 25%

Robbers inspired by spider agility created spider armor to protect themselves.

Spider Armor strengthens melee weapon attacks and enchants players with life-steal auras. The Desert Temple and the Redstone mines are both places where you can loot this item.

When dealing with large swarms of enemies, the life-steal aura on the Spider Armor will prove invaluable, and the faster melee attacks will benefit players who use heavier, slower-moving weapons.

Using Spider Armor is a quick way to fight massive mob swarms with heavy and large weapons. This armor is beneficial to players who like to use heavy weapons because it speeds up combat and makes it easier for the players to lift heavy weapons.

9.     Stalwart Armor

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021
  • Health- 965
  • Potion use boosts defense
  • Damage reduction- 35%
  • Chance to negate hits- 30%
  • Longer roll cooldown- 100%

Sturdy armor is most durable in Minecraft. A player who uses this weapon has increased defenses and reduced damage by 35% and will be able to fight and survive longer. Among all armors, this one has the longest cooldown.

As long as a potion is used with Stalwart Armor, it provides large damage reductions, negates enemy attacks entirely, and increases dodge roll duration by double. Fiery Forge may drop Stalwart Armor as loot.

In spite of the twice-longer dodge roll cooldown compared to stalwart armor, it offers positive attributes that outweigh this disadvantage.

Stalwart Armor boosts a player’s defense when they use a potion since they usually need to center themselves after taking one.

10.  Cave Crawler

Dizajn bez naslova 4 1
  • Health- 414
  • Artifact damage- 50%
  • Weapon damage boost aura- 20%

The bat becomes your pet.

Players who purchase the Cave Crawler set will receive a damage increase aura, a large increase in damage dealt with artifacts, and a pet bat to fight for them in combat.

Redstone Mines and Cacti Canyon are the best places to farm this item.

As an additional benefit only available with this armor, it will provide players extra damage, allowing them to quickly take down more powerful enemies.

Minecraft Dungeons have this item that pet owners should find.

When equipped with this armor, a player will be able to crush a large number of enemies, making them more effective as they fight large groups of enemies. This results in a significant increase in power for the player.


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11.  Fox Armor

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021
  • Health – 18
  • Chance to negate hits- 30%
  • Weapon damage boost aura- 20%

Allies nearby are healed by health potions

Fox Armor offers players the ability to dodge attacks, boost damage auras, and heal nearby allies with health potions.

Moo, Redstone Mines, and Creeper Woods! Fox Armor can be dropped by all.

For a speedy character who enjoys using swiftness to completely dodge enemies’ attacks, the Fox Armor is ideal.

Players will also benefit from boosting their teammates’ damage and healing them with potion effects while in combat.

With the help of health potions, you can avoid attacks, make the damage aura stronger, and heal the nearby allies. Furthermore, it is very useful for persons who enjoy fast combat methods, since swift movements enable them to dodge enemies’ attacks completely.

12.  Frost Bite

Dizajn bez naslova 5 1
  • Health- 425
  • Spawns a snowy companion
  • Souls gathered- 100%
  • Ranged damage- 30%

The Frost Bite armor grants the player additional ranged damage with bows, extra souls upon killing enemies, and the ability to summon a Snow Golem to fight alongside them.

This item can be looted from the Soggy Cave, Redstone Mines, and Creepy Crypt.

When the player is in need of help, the Frost Bite armor spawns a snow golem that deals extra damage and collects souls from defeated enemies.

If you are looking for more pets, you should use Frost Bite armor.

13.  Wither Armor

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021
  • Health- 5594
  • Damage Reduction- 35%
  • Souls gathered- 100%
  • Life steal aura- 3%

While wearing the Wither Armor, players will earn 100% more souls per enemy killed, gain a life-steal aura, and receive a large damage reduction buff. To obtain the Wither Armor, players can farm Obsidian Pinnacle and Desert Temple.

Wither Armor can offer extra souls collected and life steal aura, but it is the damage reduction buff that makes it an excellent item for tanking with no downside.


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14.  Renegade Armor

Dizajn bez naslova 6 1
  • Health- 4938
  • Melle attack speed- 25%
  • Damage Reduction- 35%
  • Weapon Damage boost aura- 20%

It benefits players by reducing their attack damage, increasing melee attacks speed, and giving a buff to their damage aura. There are three places where you can find Renegade Armor: Arch Haven, Fiery Forge, and Cacti Canyon.

For those players who deal lots of damage with only a few swings of their weapons, and if their characters deal more damage than they can take because of effects such as the damage buff aura, the Renegade Armor can be invaluable.

Players will also benefit from boosting their teammates’ damage and healing them with potion effects while in combat.

15.  Highland Armor

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021
  • Health- 133
  • Gains speed after dodge
  • Damage Reduction- 20%
  • Melee damage- 15%

Additionally, Highland Armor enhances melee weapon damage and reduces damage while reducing movement speed for a short time after dodging. The adventurers need to visit Pumpkin Pastures and Fiery Forge to get this armor.

Highland armors in Minecraft Dungeon are considered the best armor items because of their unique features of increasing speed after dodge rolling and decreasing damage after dodge rolling. 

It takes a while to obtain a good piece of Highland armor, but it is undoubtedly one of the best items in the game. If you want one of the most useful items in the game, then finding the perfect armor piece will be well worth the effort, even if it takes some time.


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16.  Climbing Gear

Dizajn bez naslova 7 1
  • Health – 259%
  • Artifact cooldown- 255

Resistance to pushback

It is quite situational but has great value for finding content in the Howling Peaks DLC.

Artifact cooldown bonuses and pushback resistance are included in the basic gear. There are two locations for it: Colossal Rampart and Windswept Peaks.

A unique variant exists in two versions. Rugged Climbing Gear boosts artifact cooldowns while protecting you from environmental damage and freezing. The Goat Gear offers pushback resistance plus the artifact boost and a roll for extra pushback resistance.

17.  Evocation Robe

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021
  • Health – 100
  • Item Cooldown- 25%
  • Move speed aura- 15% 

The robes contain powerful magical runes, which have unclear origins and powers.

The Evocation Robe is a good option for ranged players who prefer artifacts to arrows. Artifact cooldowns will be reduced, providing greater versatility to a line-up of magical artifacts.

In addition to the robe’s mobility aura, it helps you get out of harm’s way faster. Besides increasing your maximum souls, the Verdant Robe also gives you a +1 to soul gathering.

They can be acquired from the village merchant in Soggy Swamp, Soggy Cave, Obsidian Pinnacle, and Panda Plateau, as well as from Soggy Swamp.

18.  Mercenary Armor

Dizajn bez naslova 8 1
  • Health – 20%
  • Damage reduction- 35%
  • Weapon damage boost aura- 20%

Mercenary armor may lack flair, but it does its job well.

Players who like to be in the middle of the action will love Mercenary Armor.

It reduces damage while increasing weapon damage. Standing in mobs becomes more secure this way.

Unique Mercenary Armor adds a 25% speed buff to melee attacks, greatly enhancing its power. It is a common drop, but worth seeking out.

In daily trials, you can find Mercenary Armor in Cacti Canyon, Fiery Forge, Arch Haven, Overgrown Temple, and Soggy Swamp. Additionally, Mystery Merchants, Luxury Merchants, and the Village carry it.

19.  Champion’s Armor

20 Best Minecraft Dungeons Armor In 2021
  • Health- 5504
  • Damage Reduction- 35%
  • Mobs target you more
  • Potion Cooldown- 40%

A token of thanks for many years of protection and assistance from the free villagers to the champions of the overworld. Heroes are marked by their bravery.

Look for the armor of Champion if you truly want to tank. Your health will be boosted, damage reduction will be buffed, you’ll have a higher chance of reviving if you die, and you’ll have more mobs attacking you. Bonuses for all perfect tanks.

As close as you can get to a tank class armor, this armor is extremely powerful, especially when used in conjunction with the right weapons, artifacts, and enchants. Additionally, Hero’s Armor allows health potions to heal nearby allies.

You can find it in Cacti Canyon, Arch Haven, and Lone Fortress. Champion’s armor is also available from village and mystery merchants in the apocalypse, but it is difficult to find.

20.  Phantom Armor

Dizajn bez naslova 9 1
  • Health point- 2203
  • Soul gathered – 100%
  • Range damaged- 30%

Soul gathering and ranged damage are both enhanced by Phantom Armor. For builds requiring ranged weapons, this makes it a great choice. When used solo, Frost Bite summons a cute snowy companion to help ease the stress.

Redstone Mines, Creepy Crypt, Soggy Cave, and Frosted Fjord offer Phantom Armor, which is easier to acquire than other buffs with the same effect.

For those players who deal lots of damage with only a few swings of their weapons, and if their characters deal more damage than they can take because of effects such as the damage buff aura, the Phantom Armor can be invaluable.

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