10 Great Fantasy Movies You Probably Didn’t Watch

Great Fantasy Movies You Probably Didn't Watch

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Fantasy movies transport us to other worlds, sparking our imagination and offering an escape from the mundane. Yet, beyond the blockbuster hits, there are hidden gems that might’ve slipped under your radar. Dive with me into a realm of underrated fantasy films that deserve your attention.

1. ‘The Witches’ (1990)


Directed by Nicolas Roeg, “The Witches” is a spellbinding adaptation of Roald Dahl’s beloved novel. It tells the tale of a young boy, Luke, who stumbles upon a convention of witches while vacationing with his grandmother.

These aren’t your typical broomstick riders, though. They despise children and hatch a plan to turn them all into mice. My own childhood was filled with awe and a touch of fear every time I watched Anjelica Huston’s mesmerizing portrayal of the Grand High Witch. It’s dark, whimsical, and a must-watch for those who relish a mix of horror and fantasy.

2. ‘Ladyhawke’ (1985)


Set in a medieval world, “Ladyhawke” beautifully weaves romance with fantasy. The film follows Captain Navarre and his lover, Isabeau, cursed by a jealous bishop. By day, Isabeau becomes a hawk, and by night, Navarre turns into a wolf, ensuring they’re forever together yet always apart.

The story of their love and the quest to break their curse left a lasting impression on me. The picturesque landscapes and haunting soundtrack make this Richard Donner’s film an underrated classic.

3. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1946)

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Before Disney’s rendition became a household favorite, Jean Cocteau’s “Beauty and the Beast” captured the essence of this timeless fairy tale. Set in a dreamlike black-and-white world, the film showcases the transformative power of love and the struggle against superficial judgments.

It’s a surreal experience filled with stunning visuals and profound emotions. When I think of Belle and her beastly suitor, my mind drifts to this poetic, mesmerizing version of their tale.


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4. ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’ (1988)


From the imaginative mind of Terry Gilliam, “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” is an epic journey through the wild tales of the titular character. As the elderly Munchausen narrates his fantastical adventures – from battles with mythical creatures to escapades on the moon – the boundary between reality and fiction blurs.

I remember the first time I watched it, completely enthralled by its whimsicality and eccentric charm. It’s a cinematic experience that invites you to embrace the impossible.

5. ‘Stardust’ (2007)

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“Stardust” is a delightful blend of romance, adventure, and fantasy. Based on Neil Gaiman’s novel, the movie takes us on the journey of Tristan as he crosses into a magical realm to retrieve a fallen star for his beloved. But this star, Yvaine, is not just a lump of rock; she’s a radiant, living being with a heart of her own.

For me, the film’s charm lies in its cast and the enchanting world it unveils. Every time I revisit it, it feels like a heartwarming embrace from an old friend urging me to believe in the magic all around.

6. ‘The Fall’ (2006)

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Tarsem Singh’s “The Fall” is a visual masterpiece set in the 1920s Los Angeles. It’s an intertwining story of a paraplegic stuntman, Roy, and a young migrant girl, Alexandria. As Roy spins a fantastical tale to Alexandria, the lines between his story and reality start to blur.

The film’s beauty isn’t just in its breathtaking visuals but in the raw emotions it captures. I remember being swept away by both its imaginative landscapes and the depth of its characters’ interactions. It’s a poignant reminder of the power of stories and how they shape our perception.

7. ‘Dragonslayer’ (1981)

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Magic, courage, and dragons – “Dragonslayer” has it all. Set in a medieval realm, the film follows a young sorcerer’s apprentice named Galen as he embarks on a quest to defeat an ancient dragon and save a princess.


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The authenticity of its dark atmosphere and the groundbreaking visual effects for its time make it stand out. I’ve always been fond of stories where underdogs rise to challenges, and Galen’s journey, with all its trials and tribulations, made a special place in my heart.

8. ‘The City of Lost Children’ (1995)

the city of lost children 1995 poster3 1 1

Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, “The City of Lost Children” is a surreal dive into a dystopian world. In a city where an aging inventor kidnaps children to steal their dreams, a strongman named One teams up with a street-smart little girl to save his younger brother.

The movie’s haunting atmosphere, paired with its unique visual style, makes it an unforgettable experience. Every frame felt like a moving artwork, and it left me pondering the value of dreams and the lengths one would go to reclaim them.

9. ‘Princess Mononoke’ (1997)

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Hayao Miyazaki’s “Princess Mononoke” is more than just an animated film; it’s an environmental epic that speaks volumes about humanity’s relationship with nature. It follows the young warrior Ashitaka as he gets embroiled in a conflict between forest gods and mining-town residents.

With its breathtaking animation and compelling characters, the movie presents a moral dilemma that’s still relevant today. Whenever I watch it, I’m reminded of the delicate balance between progress and preservation and how every choice we make leaves an imprint on the world around us.

10. ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ (2017)

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Set against the backdrop of Mexico’s drug war, “Tigers Are Not Afraid” is a haunting tale of children left in the aftermath. It masterfully blends harsh reality with dark fairy tale elements. The story follows a group of orphaned kids, led by the brave Estrella, as they navigate the perils of their world, guided by three wishes.

What struck me about this film was its raw portrayal of resilience and the power of childhood innocence in the face of unspeakable horrors. It’s a gripping testament to the strength of the human spirit and a reminder that sometimes, courage can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

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