15 Best Fire-Type Pokémon (RANKED)

15 Best Fire-Type Pokémon (RANKED)

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Everyone has their favorites when it comes to Pokémon, but there’s something undeniably cool about those fiery ones. Whether it’s the majestic blaze of Arcanine, the grandeur of Moltres, or the power of Entei and Volcanion, fire-type Pokémon have a special spark. Curious about which ones stand out the most? Here’s our simple ranking of the best fire-type Pokémon. Let’s dive in!

15. Charizard

Leon Charizard

Generation: I
Types: Fire / Flying
Evolutions: Charmander –> Charmeleon –> Charizard

Charizard is a large, two-legged, dragon-like Pokémon. The belly and the underside of the tail are colored beige. Except for the turquoise inside of the flight membrane, the rest of the body is colored orange. The Fire/Flying Pokémon has a sturdy body and impressive wings. Its elongated head is supported by a long neck. It has a powerful jaw with sharp teeth and two rear-facing, blunt horns.

The rather small eyes are made up of white leather skin as well as dark green irises and black, small pupils. The arms are relatively short and narrow, but strong in shape. The hands consist of three thick fingers, each equipped with a pointed, white claw. Charizard stands on two broad legs, each armed with three short, sharp claws at the bottom.

Finally, the long and wide tail, which becomes ever narrower towards the end, can be seen at the back, at the tip of which a huge, magnificent flame blazes.

Charizard has great physical strength as well as strong special attack powers. On the physical side, it uses its powerful claws. However, it can also bite hard or attack its counterpart with its wings. In particular, it uses its ability to spit fire for throwing flames and many other Fire-type attacks, which also make up a large part of its attacks that it can learn by leveling up.

According to the Pokédex, its fiery breath reaches incredibly high temperatures and can melt entire glaciers or rocks. The temperature of this flame increases with Charizard’s combat experience. It can add tremendous pain to opponents with it. Charizard already has a somewhat broader distribution spectrum and is only native to Kanto, Alola, Galar and Kalos.

It is extremely rare there in the wild and is used much more as a starter Pokémon in these regions. For this reason, most Charmander and its developments are owned by Pokémon Trainers and are bred and raised almost exclusively for this purpose. It is also used in Alola as a Pokémobil Pokémon for fast travel.

Sp. Attak:109
Sp. Defense:85

14. Magmortar

Magmortar cannon

Generation: IV
Types: Fire
Evolutions: Magby –> Magmar –> Magmortar

Magmortar is a large, two-legged and strongly built Pokémon that is colored yellow, black, white, and light and dark red. The arms and part of the head are yellow in color. The torso has a yellow-red flame pattern, with the back, tail, shoulders and feet being completely dark red. The thighs, mouth and spines are bright red.

Also, a small area of ​​the face, the neck, the remaining areas of the legs, the inner part of the hands, and the rings on his arms are black in color. The claws on the hands and feet are white. The body proportions of the fire-type are rather rounded, overall it is built very broad. The rather small head is crowned by burning flames. His round shoulders and tail also burn brightly.

The face appears to have been dented in by the rest of the head, but Magmortar has a fixed look, although the eyes are rather small. These are made up of a white retina and small, black pupils. The face is dominated by the wide mouth that runs from one eye to the other. The scary arms resemble cannon barrels, which have a five-fold opening towards the end, also have three small claws.

The torso has a rounded, oval shape and four spines and a broad tail grow behind. The round, strong thighs are noticeable on the legs, the legs are rather short and narrow. The Pokémon has two claws on each of its small feet.

Sp. Attak:125
Sp. Defense:95

13. Volcarona

Volcarona anime

Generation: V
Types: Bug / Fire
Evolutions: Larvesta –> Volcarona

Volcarona’s body consists of a beetle-like, broad trunk, the sides of which are colored light blue while the front is colored black. The upper half of the torso, where his head is located, is covered with white fur. To the right and left of the head it has large, reddish horns and intensely blue eyes. It has four small arms. Its three orange-colored, fiery iridescent pairs of wings, which are provided with black spots, are a noticeable feature.

Volcarona has great special attack powers, which the Bug-Pokémon channels into attacks. Although it does not belong to the Flying-type, it can cause strong gusts of wind or hurricanes by flapping its wings. This Pokémon is considered to be the embodiment of the sun, which is reflected in it being a Fire-type. It shakes glowing dust from its six wings and can thus immerse its surroundings in a sea of ​​flames.

In addition to vortices of fire, flashes of flames and heat waves, its firepower is particularly evident in his special fire attack, which can increase one’s own special attack. If an enemy touches its glowing body, he can inflict a burn on himself thanks to Volcarona’s ability. Through elegant flight movements, Volcarona can increase its speed and special powers with butterfly dance, which it shares with other butterfly-like Pokémon.

Volcarona is a mythical Pokémon that is rarely seen in the wild, where it inhabits arid, rocky, or desert areas. Many people consider it to be the incarnation of the sun. It is said that one day after a gigantic volcanic eruption that darkened the sun and covered the land in a cloud of ash, Volcarona took over the role of the sun and brought light and warmth. Occasionally, it also appears during harsh winters and protects Pokémon from freezing to death.

Sp. Attak:135
Sp. Defense:105

12. Arcanine


Generation: I
Types: Fire
Evolutions: Growlithe –> Arcanine

Arcanine is a large, four-legged, dog-like Pokémon that is colored orange, black, and tan. The mane, the fur around the face and on the front chest area, the tail, and the strands on the legs are beige. The area below and to the side of the eyes, the ears, and the rest of the body are colored orange. Finally, the stripe patterns on Arcanine’s body are black.

The head of the Fire Pokémon is crowned by a powerful mane. The small, black nose and mouth can be seen at the tip of the elongated snout. This has four visible teeth, two in the upper and two in the lower jaw. If the mouth is closed, only the two teeth can be seen at the top. The square eyes consist of white-colored skin, a brown iris, and a white pupil.

The elongated ears have found their place directly to the right and left of it, the inner ear is beige in color. The rather slender torso stands on four legs with three toes attached to each paw. Stripe patterns can be seen on the front legs, back, abdomen, and thighs of the hind legs. After all, the Pokémon has an impressive, relatively thick tail that initially runs upwards and then swings down a little halfway.

Arcanine is a graceful Pokémon that exudes strength and pride. It is very popular with coaches as its beauty and grace instantly cast a spell over everyone. Arcanine’ imposing, regal appearance fills his opponents with fear. His barking sounds so majestic that anyone who hears it automatically bows on the spot.

For this reason alone, Arcanine is part of old legends from the far east. For example, it is said to have fought alongside a war hero and helped him to conquer a country. In addition, this Pokémon is revered in China, for example, for its beauty – especially for its mane and beautiful fur. Ancient scrolls from the time show that people and especially artists were already fascinated by it when it sprinted across the country.

For this reason, it has also received the “Legendary” label in the PokéDex; from an objective point of view, however, it is definitely not classified as an actual Legendary Pokémon. Arcanine is also very agile and fast. It can cover nearly 10,000 km in a day.

The fire that burns inside this Pokémon serves as a source of energy. Arcanine are rarely found in the wild. Some specimens have recently been observed in the meadows and fields of the Kanto and Johto region, but also partly in Unova and Alola.

Sp. Attak:
Sp. Defense:

11. Mega Camerupt

M19 Mega Camerupt

Generation: III
Types: Fire / Ground
Evolutions: Numel –> Camerupt –> Mega Camerupt

Camerupt’s body color is red, there are three blue circles each on the left and right side. It has a gray snout, dark gray hooves and three tufts of hair grow on its head. With its two gray volcanoes in the form of humps, the Pokémon is reminiscent of a trample.

Glowing hot Magma flows in his body, which erupts every ten years when Camerupt gets very angry. Camerupt is a slow Pokémon, but one that is distinguished by its strength. It masters both special and physical attacks and attacks its opponents mainly with fire attacks, such as eruptions or flying sparks, by hitting them with magma from its hump or bursting fire bubbles.

However, the outbreak Pokémon can also learn attacks from other types, and thus create earthquakes, for example, or use its high weight through the use of Body Slam to ram the opponent with full force. By throwing enemies into mountain crevices, it can also defeat them in one fell swoop using the fissure knockout attack.

The camel Pokémon can have the Drowsiness ability, which prevents it from falling into an attraction state, or alternatively the Fickleness ability. The latter doubles the effect of status value changes. Rare specimens have the Pacemaker hidden ability, which protects them from confusion. In its mega form, it has the ability Brute Force, which reflects its enormous strength and its attacks, if they have an additional effect, amplifies, but dispenses with this.

Camerupt is a tough Pokémon that lives in the mountains and craters of volcanoes. In the hump of his body, one can find simmering hot magma, which can reach temperatures of up to 10,000 degrees. This hump was created from a transformation of its bones and resembles a volcano.

Every ten years, or when the Pokémon is very angry, the hump breaks and spits out the hot magma. These eruptions in his body are preoccupying some researchers.

In its Mega form, the two volcanoes on the back form one large once again. This is surrounded by dark gray stones. The fur takes on a cone-like shape, which makes it look like an extension of the volcano. A dark-gray ornament in the form of the letter ‘M’ can be seen between the eyes.

Sp. Attak:145
Sp. Defense:105

10. Entei


Generation: II
Types: Fire
Evolutions: None

For reasons of admiration and as a token of friendship between humans and Pokémon, the residents of Ecruteak City at the time erected two large wooden towers around 700 years before the events of the Johto story. The tower in the west of the city was named the Bronze Tower and was used to worship Lugia, while the one in the east was called the Tin Tower (later a bell tower) and served as a sanctuary for Ho-Oh.

Not only the residents of the city climbed the tops of both towers to communicate with and pay homage to the Legendary Bird Pokémon that used these towers as landing sites. But 550 years later, the Bronze Tower was ignited by a lightning strike for reasons unknown until now and burned for three days until the fire could only be extinguished by a heavy downpour.

Lugia fled on the occasion of the fire and left the city forever in the direction of the Whirlpool Islands, while inside the tower three Pokémon, which were then still nameless, lost their lives – among them Entei. Historical research suggests that this trio was responsible for the fire because, according to the population, they could not keep their forces in check, but this theory could never really be proven historically.

Ho-Oh then descended from the sky and breathed new life into the three Pokémon with the help of his powers, which since those days have been referred to by humans as Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. But the residents of Ecruteak City feared them and their new power and tried to strike them down with force.

But the three Pokémon did not defend themselves and, deeply disappointed by the hostility and cruelty of mankind, left the scene in three different directions. An old legend has it that they will show up again when they find their faith in humanity again. Since then, the trio has roamed the country separately from one another. According to rumors, the three should meet at irregular intervals in the depths of the tower ruins.

According to an ancient legend, Entei was born in a volcanic eruption and causes conflagrations that extinguish everything that comes in contact with them. In every new volcano in the world, an Entei is said to be born. How this legend can be reconciled with the legend from Ecruteak City is still unclear, as there is too little reliable scientific data about Entei.

If it roars, a volcano is supposed to erupt somewhere in the world. Entei has the passion of magma and since it cannot restrain its strength, it roams restlessly through the country. The flames of these muscular Pokémon are hotter than molten magma.

As a Legendary Pokémon, Entei has no special habitat. In most games, it roams restlessly through the country and only meets the player by chance. Nevertheless, it has a special relationship to the ruined tower in Teak City and to volcanoes in general. Since it is a Legendary Pokémon, its behavior is almost completely unexplored and almost all known data about it comes from old legends.

Sp. Attak:90
Sp. Defense:75

9. Moltres

Moltres anime

Generation: I
Types: Fire / Flying
Evolutions: None

Moltres is referred to in many legends as the legendary firebird and, together with Articuno and Zapdos, forms the trio of Legendary Birds. Similar to the other two members of the trio with their elements, Moltres is also able to manipulate its element, fire.

It is popularly known as the messenger of spring, as it comes from the south and flies together with spring. However, it has already happened that the appearance of this Pokémon in winter areas brought an early spring. Moltres is also known for its graceful style of flight, in which, however, it spreads embers with every flap of its wings. And when it flaps its wings gracefully to soar into the air, the flames blaze brightly on its body.

However, Moltres also uses its large, burning wings to intimidate its opponents. The flapping of its wings is feared, as it creates a glistening sea of ​​flames that even turns the night sky into a bright red. If Moltres is injured in a fight, it dips its body into the magma of a volcano to burn itself and heal itself.

Moltres’ flame in particular has a high symbolic power in the anime. In the league tournaments of many regions, such as the Indigo Plateau tournament, its flame burns during the entire competition, similar to the Olympic flame in the real world, and should be a symbol for fair fights. These tournaments traditionally begin with the appearance of a torch-bearer who brings a torch with a Moltres’ flame and lights the tournament fire in a solemn ceremony.

Allegedly, Moltres is said to appear when the peace of the competitions is disturbed.

There is also a volcano where it supposedly lives, located on the Isle of Fire around Shamouti in the Orange Archipelago and is part of an old legend. Between the Island of Ice, the Island of Lightning and the Island of Fire around Shamouti flows an ocean current similar to the Gulf Stream in the real world, which has an extreme influence on global weather.

If there is an imbalance between the legendary Bird Pokémon and consequently a fight between them, this affects the course of this ocean current with catastrophic effects on the global climate. According to an old legend in this region, a Lugia then appears to stop the fighting of the three birds and to support the chosen hero in collecting the treasures of the three islands in the form of crystal balls and bringing the current back into balance.

In the Oblivia region, Moltres is one of the three guardians of the legendary golden armor. As a Legendary Pokémon, very little is known about Moltres’ social behavior. Most of this is taken from legends. It is only known that it is a large bird of prey. Furthermore, it shows a pronounced migratory behavior, which is why it is also counted among the wandering Pokémon.

Apparently, it also travels like a migratory bird over the winter to warmer climes in the south, since according to folk legend it should bring spring with it when it returns from there. The white stork forms a parallel to this in the real world.

Otherwise, Moltres prefers steep, rocky terrains – especially near volcanoes. For such a large bird, however, it is rather untypical that volcanoes have already been sighted in large cave systems such as the Victory Road in Kanto or Mt. Silver.

Sp. Attak:125
Sp. Defense:85

8. Volcanion

Volcanion M19

Generation: VI
Types: Fire / Water
Evolutions: None

Volcanion is a human-high, very heavy Pokémon that moves on four legs. Its massive, dark red body tapers upwards and is carried by the sturdy, claw-reinforced legs; it also has a short but thick tail, which is also pointed, and a reptilian head with a broad, powerful jaw.

Its two thick arms, which protrude from its back and which it has mostly shaped into a ring, are striking. Volcanion, the Steam Pokémon, has a unique combination of Water and Fire types. It produces very dense water vapor in its body, which it expels through its arms. The hot water surge can burn enemies as its special attack and also has great penetrative power.

It can unleash other powerful water attacks but also extremely hot fire attacks such. It also uses the combination to create a fog or mist, which it uses for defensive purposes. Its Water Absorb ability enables it to absorb water attacks directed at it and thus heal itself.

Volcanion avoids the company of people and lives isolated in lonely mountain areas. The fog it created helps the mysterious Pokémon hide there.

Sp. Attak:130
Sp. Defense:90

7. Victini


Generation: V
Types: Fire / Psychic
Evolutions: None

Victini is a small, two-legged Pokémon that appears beige, orange, and black: the top of its ears, hands, and feet are colored orange, the rest of the body is beige. The Psychic / Fire Pokémon has a large head compared to its body. This is mainly due to the very large ears that are V-shaped. The rest of the head is rounded and the face consists of two very large blue eyes, a tiny nose and a mouth.

Victini’s upper body is quite slim, whereas the lower body and especially the legs appear very broad and plump. The arms are slender at the beginning and become a little wider and rounder towards the end, before they end with the small hands. The short feet each have two pointed toes. Also, the Pokémon has a two-part tail that resembles a pair of wings.

Victini is a Pokémon characterized by very balanced skills. Thus it can storm its opponents with physical attacks of its types, as well as with special attacks. Victini fights bravely and without regard for his own well-being, which is illustrated by his many powerful attacks that cause recoil damage; it even has a move with which it sacrifices itself to harm an opponent.

In addition, Victini can unleash a large explosion with its special attack, which damages everyone in its vicinity. Victini’s ability, Victory Star, is his special ability and increases the accuracy of Victini’s moves and its allies, which underlines his ability to bring luck in battle. Victini has the ability to give people victory and success.

For these reasons, Team Plasma went to the Liberty Garden, where Victini settled peacefully. After Team Plasma was driven out, Victini was caught. In the 14th Pokémon movie, Victini doesn’t inhabit Liberty Garden, but rather the Sword of the Vale, which is located above the Kingdom of the Vale.

Victini had carried this castle up a mountain by his own efforts. It did so as the king asked it to do after the population gathered at the castle to save themselves from an enormous war. After the castle landed on the mountain, the king put up a barrier to protect the castle.

Before he could open the barrier, the man died and Victini was forever trapped inside the barrier. One day, under the control of Damon, Victini was supposed to move the castle again. Victini refused, but Damon forced it to pass its powers on to some Solosis, which allowed them to do it instead.

Thanks to a vision, Ash, who was passing through there, realized that the castle must not be moved again, otherwise the Dragon energy would get out of control. Damon’s plan was thwarted. After a major battle for the castle, Victini was freed and is no longer trapped inside the barrier.

Sp. Attak:100
Sp. Defense:100

6. Heatran

Heatran anime

Generation: IV
Types: Fire / Steel
Evolutions: None

Heatran is a large, four-legged Pokémon that appears red-brown, gray, and orange. The entire back and most of the legs are colored red-brown, with some orange spots. The head and stomach, on the other hand, are gray; the same applies to the borders of the leg joints and the toes.

The belly is also patterned with black, thin stripes. Isolated gray areas can be seen on the body. The Fire / Steel-type Pokémon has a broad body and broad feet. The legs are relatively thin above.

Heatran’s face is terrifying, as it looks more like a skull than a face in the true sense of the word. The prominent forehead dominates the appearance. It is oval in shape and also has an oval segment in the center.

Two rounded structures grow on the sides. The large eyes have an orange dermis and black pupils and the six rounded teeth are visible on the outside of the wide mouth, five of which are usually well visible. The Pokémon stands on four strong legs that have four short, round toes on their feet.

Sp. Attak:130
Sp. Defense:106

5. Mega Blaziken

Blaziken Mask Mega Blaziken

Generation: III
Types: Fire / Fighting
Evolutions: Torchic –> Combusken –> Blaziken –> Mega Blaziken

Blaziken is a medium-sized, two-legged, chicken-like Pokémon that is wrapped in a mainly red-colored plumage. On the other hand, an area on the chest and the lower parts of the legs are yellow. The heat that his body radiates ensures that his plumage burns and renews itself every few years, whereby soft, new feathers take the place of the old ones.

The Fire / Fighting Pokémon has a very slim, athletic body structure. The arms are narrow, muscular, and light brown in color. The hands consist of three thick fingers with short claws. When Blaziken is active, hot flames blaze from its wrists. In contrast to the arms, the legs are very broad and massive and the short, pointed claws can just be guessed at their ends. A short tail grows at the back of the big fire Pokémon.

The most striking visual feature is the distinctive beige-colored feather comb, which surrounds Blaziken’s chest area and the back of the head, and which protrudes backwards in large foothills. Two long, pointed horns grow above the nose and the mouth has sharp ends. The eyes are made up of yellow dermis, blue irises, and black pupils.

By using a Blazikenite, the Pokémon is able to go through a Mega Evolution. In doing so, its external appearance changes in some points. There are now black flame patterns on the legs and in the chest area and two very long, narrow flames are burning from each wrist.

The feather comb is shorter than normal and now points upwards, the rest of the beige-colored plume that surrounds the upper body is more conspicuous and concise. The horn on the forehead is curved upwards. Blaziken is a stubborn Pokémon. Flames are ejected from his wrists, and the stronger the enemy the stronger they are.

Sp. Attak:130
Sp. Defense:80

4. Mega Charizard X and Y

Mega Charizard X Mega Charizard Y artwork

Generation: I
Types: Fire / Dragon (X); Fire / Flying (Y)
Evolutions: Charizard –> Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y (depending on the Mega Stone used)

During its mega evolution to Mega Charizard X, its dragon-like properties are visually more present. It has an anthracite-colored skin, its belly is colored light blue, as is its inner flight membrane. The flame at the end of its tail burns blue, too, while blue flames lick from the sides of its mouth. The horns on the head of the now pointed and have become quite larger; it also forms distinctive horns on the shoulders and wing joints. The feet are more pronounced.

The previously light blue areas are now bathed in dark red. As Mega Charizard X, its physical strength increases immensely, it also gains Dragon-type abilities, but you have to breed it in order to be able to teach it really effective Dragon-type attacks. Its physical attacks are also reinforced by the Talon Force ability.

As Mega Charizard Y, its Flying- and Fire-type aspects are enhanced. This makes its body slimmer, its wings become a lot larger, and it also develops a tail fin and two smaller flight membranes on its arms, which become narrower in this form. The hands look downright delicate.

It has three horns on its head, with the middle horn appearing to be the largest. The flame on its tail burns a lot larger than its normal form. Nothing changes in color. Mega Charizard Y is more focused on his special attack powers. Its Ability creates sunlight in combat, giving Fire-type Pokémon an immense advantage.

StatMega Charizard XMega Charizard Y
Sp. Attak:130159
Sp. Defense:85115

3. Reshiram

Reshiram M14

Generation: V
Types: Dragon / Fire
Evolutions: None

Reshiram, the white dragon, strived for reality and a new world that would lead mankind to clarity and happiness. In Reshiram, therefore, truth, reality, and clarity materialize. This makes it the counterpart to the black dragon Zekrom, which in turn materializes desire, dream, and fiction.

Reshiram has the power to incinerate the world with its flames by stirring up fire with its tail. If the fire flares up in its tail, the heat stirs the earth’s atmosphere and the world climate changes. It is intended to help everyone who strives for a world of reality.

Reshiram joined the older twin and Zekrom the younger twin, the founders of Unova, and the first great fratricidal war broke out in the region. Since the two dragons were originally one, the fight raged back and forth, but a decision was not in sight and eventually, the two got tired. The twin heroes also realized at some point that not just one of them could be right, and so the conflict was resolved after a long period of struggle.

Years of peace followed and the devastated Unova region was rebuilt. The sons of the heroes dug up the hatchet after the death of their fathers. Following an outburst of anger, Zekrom and Reshiram then destroyed Unova with flames and lightning bolts. The Pokémon that created this land would never have done anything like this of their own free will. Out of disappointment with humanity, the two dragons dematerialized and took the form of two stones.

Zekrom slumbers in an ancient artifact known as the Dark Stone. The stone in which Reshiram rests is called the Light Stone. Both wait in this petrified form for a hero of pure heart who wants to change the world. If his ideals correspond to theirs and if they recognize him as a hero, the dragons appear to him in their original form and loyally stand by him.

But in the past millennia, neither Zekrom nor Reshiram appeared to find such a hero, so that their two stones rested on the top of Dragonspiral Tower, in a temple built over 2500 years ago, which is now known only as the Old Palace.

The existence and storage places of the stones, as well as the method of the resurrection of the Legendary Pokémon, has been forgotten more and more over the years. Only the residents of Opelucid City, who worship Dragon Pokémon, have passed this old legend on from generation to generation.

The existence of Kyurem, however, was almost completely forgotten and even the residents of Opelucid City doubted the existence of this Pokémon until the events in Black 2 and White 2. So far, it is only known that Kyurem can absorb one of the two Dragon Pokémon again and reassume part of the original shape of the original dragon.

Kyurem transforms Zekrom / Reshiram into its stone form and absorbs it through its wing-like extensions on the back. However, how the perfect original dragon can emerge from all three dragon Pokémon is still unknown.

Sp. Attak:150
Sp. Defense:120

2. Ho-Oh


Generation: II
Types: Fire / Flying
Evolutions: None

Ho-Oh has a close connection to the Johto region and forms a duo with Lugia. In the local mythology, Lugia represents the guardian of the sea, while Ho-Oh is revered as the patron saint of the skies. It is popularly famous for its tail, which shines in all seven colors of the rainbow, and also for the fact that it creates a rainbow behind it when it flies.

The oldest historical mention of Ho-Oh is in the form of a stone slab in the Ruins of Alph, which is dated to around 1500 years before our time. For reasons of admiration and as a token of friendship between humans and Pokémon, the residents of Ecruteak City at the time erected two large wooden towers around 700 years before the events of the Johto story.

The tower in the west of the city was named the BronzeTower and was used to worship Lugia, and the one in the east was called the Tin Tower (later a bell tower) and served as a sanctuary for Ho-Oh. Not only the residents of the city climbed the tops of both towers to communicate with and pay homage to the legendary bird-type Pokémon that used these towers as landing sites.

But 550 years later the Bronze Tower was ignited by a lightning strike for reasons unknown until now and burned for three days until the fire could only be extinguished by a heavy downpour. Lugia fled on the occasion of the fire and left the city forever in the direction of the Whirlpool Islands, while inside the tower three Pokémon, then-unnamed at the time, lost their lives.

Historical research suggests that this trio was responsible for the fire because, according to the population, they could not keep their forces in check, but this theory could never really be proven historically.

Ho-Oh then descended from the sky and breathed new life into the three Pokémon with the help of its powers, so that they left the scene in three different directions. But the residents of Ecruteak City feared the demonstrated power of Ho-Oh and tried to bring it under their control out of fear and greed.

Deeply disappointed by the hostility of humanity, Ho-Oh also left the city and has been looking for someone with a pure heart ever since. However, it always stays in the background and avoids contact with people. Since then, it has been popularly said that whoever sees it is granted eternal happiness.

Countless people who believed they were pure of heart climbed the Bell Tower in the 150 years that followed, in the hope that Ho-Oh would reveal itself to them. Morty, the Gym Leader in Ecruteak City, also belongs to this group of people.

The tower’s bells are said to start ringing loudly when it returns. So far, Ho-Oh has revealed itself to only a few people after the events in Ecruteak City, so only a few cases are known where it has actively sought contact with them.

Sp. Attak:110
Sp. Defense:154

1. Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon anime

Generation: III
Types: Ground / Fire
Evolutions: None

Like most legendary Pokémon, Groudon is stronger than average. His ability to ward off physical attacks, but also to carry them out and thereby cause great damage, is particularly outstanding. The Pokémon mainly attacks its opponents with physical ground attacks, but is also capable of attacks of other types.

In legends, Groudon is the creator of the landmasses. which he created using its fire. It has the power to use light and heat to drive away rain clouds, intensify solar radiation and allow water to evaporate. In some legends, this Pokémon even appears as a personification of the land.

It is said that by using this power in the past, Groudon has saved the lives of those who suffered terrible floods. The Pokémon is able to control the ground and fire and is in constant conflict with Kyogre, which repeatedly led to long battles.

At the end of this, Groudon lies deep in the ground in magma lakes to sleep and is said to cause volcanic eruptions when it is awakened. The trigger for these conflicts is the natural energy of the Hoenn region, which both legendary Pokémon can store in their bodies and thus expand their control over their element.

This excessive absorption of energy leads to a change of form, the so-called Primal Reversion, and both take on their true, Primal Forms, which they can only maintain with sufficient energy. This makes it possible for Primal Groudon, for example, to let magma rise up from the ground and thus create new land.

The supply of natural energy in the region is limited and the constant greed of the two ancient Pokémon for it is inexhaustible, which means that both fight each other again and again at regular epochs. However, Rayquaza was once able to defeat the two Primal Pokémon.

The natural energy was stored in two primal gemstones, which from then on were kept on Mt. Pyre and Kyogre and Groudon fell into a deep sleep. A few centuries later, a meteorite, the impact crater of which later formed Sootopolis City, struck in the southeast of Hoenn and cracked the ground.

Through this, further natural energy was released, Kyogre and Groudon awoke and carried out another Primal Reversion. They fought again and threatened to plunge the Hoenn region into chaos. The ancients longed for Rayquaza so that it might save them again.

Through the meteorite and human hope, Rayquaza Mega evolved and was able to beat the two. The Primal Reversion and the conflict between Groudon and Kyogre had indirectly led to the first Mega evolution.

Sp. Attak:150
Sp. Defense:90
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