15 Hottest DC Comics Characters (Male & Female) [RANKED]

15 Hottest DC Comics Characters (Male & Female) [RANKED]

There is a group of people that are attracted to fictional characters. Be it actual emotional attraction or just appreciation for their artistic beauty, these people defend their own feelings and there is little other people can do to change their minds. In Japan, for example, this phenomenon is associated with the word moe. The West is a tad different and a tad less enthusiastic than Japan, but the phenomenon is nonetheless present and this article is dedicated to these people, as we are going to rank the 15 hottest DC characters to exist. You’re going to find out a bit about them and the reasons why we put them on our list. Enjoy!

15. Deathstroke


Name: Deathstroke
Alias: Slade Wilson
Created By: Marv Wolfman, George Pérez
Debut: The New Teen Titans #2 (1980)

Although Deathstroke owns a lot of his popularity to the live-action version that appeared in the DCEU (thank you Joe Manganiello), DC’s favorite anti-hero certainly has a following among female comic book fans even despite that. He is older than most characters on this list, but like George Clooney, he aged quite well and it is completely understandable why we start off our list with him.

14. Killer Frost

Killer Frost feature

Name: Killer Frost
Alias: Caitlin Snow
Created By: Dan Jurgens
Debut: Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #19 (2013)

Killer Frost is a character for those with a more exotic taste in women, be their male or female. She probably isn’t among the first characters to pop up in your head when you think about this topic, but there is something chillingly attractive about Killer Frost, although – as we said – she is certainly for those with a different taste in women. Her animated, as well as live-action adaptations have certainly contributed to her landing a spot on our list.

13. Batwoman

Batwoman DC Comics TV Show

Name: Batwoman
Alias: Kate Kane
Created By: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, Keith Giffen
Debut: 52 #7 (2006)

Probably the most popular LGBTQ superheroine, Batwoman certainly does have a very specific je ne sais qoui that makes her so attractive. On top of that, her red wig and the contrast of her costume are certainly alluring and there is absolutely no doubt that she had to make out the final cut and land a spot on this list. Despite being open about her sexuality, Batwoman is liked by both men and women.

12. Lex Luthor


Name: Lex Luthor
Alias: Alexander Joseph Luthor
Created By: Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Debut: Action Comics #23 (1940)

Bald people are quite popular among a certain group of people. Not everyone likes them, but those that do like them – well, they like them a lot. Superman’s archenemy, Lex Luthor, is much more than a bald-headed guy. He is quite handsome and on top of that, he has the power and the money to be quite a powerful persona. Combine power and good looks, and you’ll get a very attractive character that had to be on this list.

11. Hal Jordan


Name: Green Lantern
Alias: Hal Jordan
Created By: John Broome, Gil Kane
Debut: Showcase #22 (1959)

Hal Jordan is your typical pretty-boy-type of character. The most famous iteration of the Green Lantern has the looks, the career (he’s a pilot) and the heroism that go along with his persona. Hal Jordan has a lot to offer and he can certainly be attractive to both male and female readers, based on their orientations. The live-action version – despite Ryan Reynolds being a good pick – didn’t help his reputation much, but the comics made up for it quite well.

10. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Comic Cover Sword Shield

Name: Wonder Woman
Alias: Diana Prince
Created By: William Moulton Marston, H.G. Peter
Debut: Sensation Comics #1 (1942)

DC’s Amazon warrior has been considered as one of the hottest comic book characters ever since her debut; in fact, her origins were even tied to Marston’s own BDSM fetishes, which resulted in some important changes in Wonder Woman’s persona later on. She is bisexual, which certainly adds to her appeal, she is strong, independent and exceptionally beautiful and there lie the reasons for her inclusion on our list.

9. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Name: Poison Ivy
Alias: Pamela Lillian Isley
Created By: Robert Kanigher, Sheldon Moldoff
Debut: Batman #181 (1966)

Now, Poison Ivy is a villain you’d want to both meet and avoid. Why meet? Well, she is an exceptionally attractive redhead with bisexual tendencies and a vast array of chemicals that will make you feel like you’ve never felt before. Why avoid? There is a big chance that she is going to kill you afterward. Still, despite her dangerous personality, Poison Ivy is adored by both male and female fans, which is why she made our cut.

8. John Stewart

green lantern john stewart compressed

Name: Green Lantern
Alias: John Stewart
Created By: Dennis O’Neil, Neal Adams
Debut: Green Lantern #87 (1971)

John Stewart appeared way before Idris Elba was a thing, but nowadays – the parallels between one of the most handsome and beloved actors of our time and DC’s other Green Lantern (besides Hal Jordan) are unavoidable. John Stewart certainly has a lot going for him and, like Jordan, he has everything – the looks, the physique, the heroism – to affirm his status as one of the most handsome DC Comics characters ever.

7. Batman

batman bruce wayne dc comics superhero mask cape costume mir scaled

Name: Batman
Alias: Bruce Wayne
Created By: Bob Kane, Bill Finger
Debut: Detective Comics #27 (1939)

Well, of course, we had to put Batman on the list. The guy looks absolutely stunning and his successes with Gotham’s women affirm his playboy status. Still, Batman is a much darker and deeper character, and that certainly contributes to his appeal. All live-action adaptations have (more or less, we’re not counting “Batnipple” here) contributed to the character’s status and the fact that he is still a bachelor (well, don’t read the recent comics if you want to believe that) are certainly good enough for him to be so high up on our list.

6. Batgirl

dc komiksy dc comics batgirl

Name: Batgirl (also Oracle)
Alias: Barbara Gordon
Created By: William Dozier, Julius Schwartz, Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino
Debut: Batman #359 (1967)

James Gordon’s daughter, the cute redheaded Barbara Gordon has been quite a popular character among the fandom. She is good-looking, highly intelligent, skilled and has that youthful allure that people really like. On top of that, she is really approachable and kinder than most members of the Bat-family. Her relationship with Dick Grayson might be a problem for some, but hey – that doesn’t change the fact that she deserves a spot on our list.

5. Superman

How Does Superman Fly (Explained Scientifically)?

Name: Superman
Alias: Kal-El / Clark Kent
Created By: Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Debut: Action Comics #1 (1938)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman, of course. DC’s strongest and greatest superhero, the embodiment of what a true comic book superhero should be like, is also exceptionally handsome. He looks great, he has a killer body and whether he wears his Clark Kent glasses or not, he is attractive to women, as evidenced by his romances in the comic books. Superman had to land a place on our list and here he is.

4. Nightwing

Future State Nightwing

Name: Nightwing
Alias: Dick Grayson
Created By: Marv Wolfman, George Pérez
Debut: Tales of the Teen Titans #44 (1984)

Much like Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson has attracted the attention of female fans due to his youthful appearance, his boyish and mischievous charm. Batman’s former sidekick really is handsome and quite fun to be around, and his slimmer physique is a refreshment when compared to the bulky superheroes that we’re used to seeing. He has become increasingly popular in recent years and that is why we put him on our list.

3. Harley Quinn


Name: Harley Quinn
Alias: Harleen Frances Quinzel
Created By: Paul Dini, Bruce Timm
Debut: “Joker’s Favor” (1992)

Despite the character having quite a history in both visual media and the comic books, it was Ayer’s Suicide Squad that launched Harley Quinn into orbit. Former psychiatrist-turned-supervillain, Harley Quinn has attracted the attention of both male and female fans, which is good because she is, herself, bisexual. Harley Quinn is very attractive, but her preferences might be too extreme for some, so be careful when discussing this with other people. Still, whether or not she’s your cup of tea, she’s definitely deserving of such a high spot on our list.

2. Raven

6505671 raven in comic book

Name: Raven
Alias: Rachel Roth
Created By: Marv Wolfman, George Pérez
Debut: DC Comics Presents #26 (1980)

Raven is a controversial pick, especially for second place, but that is exactly why we did it. We wanted something different, something exotic and Raven was the exact right pick for that. She is handsome, she is intelligent and mysterious, and on top of that, she is a very emotional and deep character that you have to love. Sure, she is a bit on the darker side, but that is really something that shouldn’t be an issue.

1. Catwoman


Name: Catwoman
Alias: Selina Kyle
Created By: Bill Finger, Bob Kane
Debut: Batman #1 (1940)

Now, this was quite an obvious choice, if you ask us, but since we took a risk with number two, we had to play it safe with number one. Catwoman has certainly evolved throughout the years and each “new” iteration was more attractive than the former. She is handsome, attractive, mysterious, and quite seductive, so much, in fact, that even Batman fell for her charms, which isn’t really easy to achieve. In our opinion, Catwoman is the definite winner in this category and that is why we gave her the number on spot on our list of hottest DC characters.

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