15 Strongest Celestials in the Marvel Universe (Ranked)

15 Strongest Celestials in the Marvel Universe Ranked

The Celestials are a race of unusually large humanoid cosmic entities that appear in the Marvel Universe. They were created by Jack Kirby and debuted in Eternals #2 in 1976 and have been an integral part of the Marvel mythos since then. The Celestials are among the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

Here is a list of the strongest and most powerful Celestials as they have appeared in the comics. They are going to be ranked from 15th to 1st. You’re going to find out a bit about these characters and why we have ordered them as we have.

15. Godstalker


Debut: Blackwulf #6 (November 1994)

The Godstalker, empowered by the Celestials, enforces their laws across the universe. It was sent to Earth thousands of years ago to deal with the Deviant conqueror Tantalus. However, the Godstalker, operating on outdated information, didn’t believe Tantalus could have children. Later, when it discovered Tantalus’ son Lucian, bearing the Black Legacy, it imprisoned the Eternal Druig in the Desecration Annex for attempting to steal a Celestial weapon.

14. Valknar the Exhumer

Valknar the

Debut: Avengers (vol. 8) #1 (May 2018)

Valknar the Exhumer, part of the Dark Celestials, arrived on Earth with the Final Host to cleanse the planet. Loki facilitated their arrival, leading to chaos and attempts by heroes to repel them. Despite various efforts, including Captain America’s failed attempt to send them into the sun, the Dark Celestials wreaked havoc, causing the Ghost Rider to intervene. The Avengers, combining their powers and forming a Uni-Mind, united with the Celestials to defeat the Dark Celestials and send them away from Earth.

13. Obliteron


Debut: Avengers (vol. 8) #1 (May 2018)

So, Obliteron made a brief appearance in the Avengers (vol. 8) storyline as part of the Final Host of the Dark Celestials. All the details about Obliteron’s story, including being a member of the Final Host, are covered in the Valknar the Exhumerbio section above.

12. Gamiel the Manipulator

Gamiel 28Earth 61629 from Marvel Monsters Devil Dinosaur Vol 1 1 0001

Debut: Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur #1 (December 2005)

A Celestial youth tasked with guarding Earth, felt betrayed when Devron’s Little Folk rejected his creations, the Killer Folk. In retaliation, he brought the Hulk from the future and pitted him against the Little Folk’s champion, Devil Dinosaur. Later, he and Devron ended up on Hala, unintentionally sparking a four-million-year war between the Kree and Skrull races.


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11. Callus the Void

Callus 28Earth 61629 from Avengers Vol 8 1 001

Debut: Avengers (vol. 8) #1 (May 2018)

Callus the Void, a member of the Final Host of the Dark Celestials, made a singular appearance in the Avengers (vol. 8) storyline. The detailed story and information about Callus the Void, as part of the Final Host, can be found in the Valknar the Exhumerbio section above.

10. The Progenitor

The Progenitor

Debut: Avengers (vol. 8) #3 (June 2018)

Four billion years ago, Loki described the Progenitor, a Celestial Alpha, who, infected by the Horde, came to Earth to meet a tragic end. The Celestial’s diseased fluids altered Earth’s evolution. Loki claimed this caused superhuman anomalies in many. The Progenitor’s corpse rested in the Arctic Circle, sinking to the Arctic Ocean’s bottom at the North Pole.

Loki, orchestrating the arrival of the Dark Celestials’ final host to cleanse Earth, shared this story with Captain America at the Progenitor’s resting place. After the Avengers defeated the Final Host, the Resurrected First Celestial Host raised the Progenitor from the ocean depths. To symbolize Earth’s wonders, the corpse was gifted to the Avengers, transformed into their new headquarters—Avengers Mountain—by Wakanda’s Alpha Flight.

9. Celestial Madonna


Debut: S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (April 2010)

In AD 114, the Celestial Madonna visited Zhang Heng’s palace in Luoyang. After flattery, she disclosed the existence of the Celestial Egg on Earth, revealing her unique pregnancy that would lead to her destruction. She needed sustenance and debated between Earth’s rapid extinction and the Moon’s catastrophic consequences. Zhang Heng proposed an alternative: the Sun. Bathing in the star, she perished, and her descendants were discovered by Leonardo da Vinci in 1956.


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8. Zgreb, The Fallen

Zgreb the Fallen

Debut: Marvel Legacy #1 (September, 2017)

Zgreb the Aspirant, a Celestial, arrived on Earth a million years ago seeking his companion, the Progenitor. Attacked by the same Horde affecting the Progenitor, Zgreb became deranged. Stone Age Avengers defeated him, and he was buried in South Africa with powerful spells.

In modern times, archaeologists accidentally unleashed Zgreb, resulting in their demise. Loki later freed him to bring the final host of Dark Celestials. The detailed story of Zgreb, following the Avengers (Vol. 8) storyline, is covered in the Valknar the Exhumerbio section above.

7. Arishem the Judge


Debut: Eternals #2 (August 1976)

Arishem The Judge, a Celestial, first came to Earth for the creation of the Seventh Cosmos, clashing with the primordial god Knüll. After Knull killed a Celestial, they banished him to the Void, leading to his return for war. Arishem led Four Celestial Hosts on Earth and played roles in events like eradicating the Deviant race and waging war on the Watchers.

During the War of Judgment, Cyclops confronted Arishem, and in the final battle against Dark Celestials, including the Horde-infected Arishem, the Avengers, using Uni-Mind, defeated the Dark Celestials and resurrected the Fallen Celestials to aid in the victory.

6. Godhead


Debut: Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black Vortex Alpha #1 (February 2015)

The Godhead, a Celestial deity, silently observed the planet Viscardi over twelve billion years ago. The arrival of an alien triggered the Viscardi’s ambition to explore the universe, but their attempts to leave failed. After the ninth failed attempt, Viscardi Gara confronted the Celestial, expressing their species’ desire for closeness and cosmic exploration.

Acknowledging Gara, the deity created the Black Vortex. Within a year, all Viscardi succumbed to its power, leading to Gara as the sole survivor. After Gara killed the last of their kind, they confronted the Godhead about the annihilation, but the deity left the planet without answering.

5. Eson the Searcher

Eson the searcher mcu celestial guardians

Debut: Eternals #9 (March 1977)

Eson, a Celestial seeker, was part of the First and Fourth Celestial Hosts visiting Earth. During the attack by the Deviants, Eson absorbed Lemuria’s energy and destroyed it in retaliation. Communicating with En Sabah Nur telepathically, Eson guided him to harness ship technology for power.

In the defense against the Destroyer and Thor, Eson, along with other Celestials, finds Earth worthy. Resurrected by the Queen of Nevers in the Fifth Host, Eson battled the Final Host but fell critically injured. In the final battle against the Dark Celestials, the Horde resurrected the Fallen Celestials. The Avengers, forming a Uni-Mind, defeated the Dark Celestials and revived the Fallen Celestials, including Eson, aiding in the victory.


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4. Exitar the Executioner

Exitar the

Debut: Thor #387 (October 1988)

Exitar is a title or role among the Celestials, responsible for destroying life on worlds that fail Celestial tests. Uatu mentions that if one Exitar dies, another will eventually take its place. In a conflict with the Watchers, Exitar killed The One, the Guardian accused of causing the universe’s end.

Sue Storm retaliated by “murdering” Exitar, destroying his brain. Uatu notes that a new Exitar will eventually replace the fallen one. When the Apocalypse twins kill a Celestial Gardener, Exitar arrives on Earth to eliminate them. Sentry and Snape delay Exitar, allowing Thor to kill him with Jarnbjorn, as Exitar refuses to listen. After death, Exitar’s cosmic energy is absorbed by Kang for conquest and later by Sunfire and Havok to stop Kang.

3. Tiamut, The Dreaming Celestial

Tiamut the DC

Debut: Eternals #18 (December 1977)

The Dreaming Celestial, formerly Tiamut the Communicator, had the role of reporting Celestial findings to the Fulcrum and signaling the Horde to collect a planet’s life force. When the Second Celestial Host was ready to harvest Earth, Arishem canceled the order, leading to conflict. The Dreaming Celestial was attacked by other Celestials, imprisoned under mountains, and his spirit was separated.

Placed in “The Vial,” a key created from a fraction of his soul unlocked the flask. The Celestials sealed his body in a California safe, where he slept for millennia. In 1906, San Francisco’s earthquake damaged his bedroom, prompting Eternals to form Uni-Mind. Dissident Ghaur remade the key, drank the celestial essence, and freed the Dreaming Celestial, but the Avengers and Eternals foiled the plan, resealing the vial.


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2. Ego, The Living Planet


Debut: The Mighty Thor #133 (October 1966)

Ego, the Living Planet, has mysterious origins with two conflicting hypotheses. In one, Ego gradually evolved from a planet formed in a unique “biover,” becoming the only conscious creature in that space. In the second, the Stranger, a cosmic entity, played a role. A scientist named Egros tried to save his people from a star turning into a nova but failed. The Stranger merged Egros and all living beings to create Ego. Another living planet, “Alter-Ego,” was also created by the Stranger.

Ego, born in the Dark Galaxy, evolves with consciousness and survives by absorbing passing spaceships and planets. Planning interstellar conquest, Ego draws the Rigellians’ attention, who make a pact with Thor to defeat him. Thor emerges victorious, forcing Ego to stay in the Black Galaxy and abandon conquest desires.

1. One Above All

OneABoveAll C

Debut: Eternals #7 (January 1977)

The enigmatic leader of the Celestials, known as The One Above All, is rarely encountered. It was visited aboard the Heavenly Mothership by American astronauts, Deviants, and the Eternal Forgotten One. The being saved the Forgotten One and sent him to advise Eternals and Gods not to interfere with heavenly judgment.

Teleporting Thor and the Forgotten One, The One Above All showed Thor a photo of Odin bowing to Celestial Arishem before returning him to Earth. During the Fourth Host’s confrontation, The One Above All repelled Uni-Mind’s attack and observed from the mothership. The merging of Lord Chaos and Master Order into Logos wiped out the Celestials.

The Queen of Nevers brought The One Above All to safety within the Land of Couldn’t-Be Shouldn’t-Be. In the final battle against the evil First Firmament, The One Above All stimulated the rebirth of the Celestials, orchestrated by the Queen of Nevers.

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