15 Strongest Deviants (Ranked)

15 Strongest Deviants (Ranked)

The Deviants are a fictional species that are part of Marvel’s fictional universe. Created by Jack Kirby, the Deviants first appeared in the comic book Eternals #1 in July 1976. Like humans or the Eternals, the Deviants are actually a branch of humanity. They are, like the Eternals, the result of an Earthly experiment carried out by the cosmic entities called the Celestials.

Deviants are a subspecies derived from humanity. They were created by the Celestials and are at war with the Eternals, whose polar opposite they represent. The Deviants call themselves “the Changing People”. All members of the breed possess a different genetic map, an often monstrous appearance, and special powers. Some human myths are taken from actual Deviant stories.

The Deviants are a religious people, the loyal subjects of the Dreaming Celestial (“He Who Sleeps in Darkness”). They attribute to him the creation of their species and the gift of the Earth, a pact that was betrayed and broken by the Eternals, as it is told in one of their holy books, the Book of Krask. The Deviants developed advanced technology, focused on genetic engineering, while humans still lived in caves. Their domination of humanity was, however, prevented by the Eternals. There are approximately 2,000 Deviants in the world.

Why this introduction? Well, in today’s article, we are going to give you a list of the 15 strongest Deviants in Marvel’s universe, starting with the weakest among them. It’s going to be an interesting article, so keep reading to acquaint yourselves with our list. Enjoy!

15. Dulpus

Dulpus Earth 616 from Avengers Vol 3 44 0001

Due to having a total of just four appearances in the comics since 2001, Dulpus is a relatively unknown character which we don’t have much data on him. We know that he assisted in the failed takeover of Earth wanting to get closer to Kang the Conqueror. He tried to conquer China in Kang’s name but ultimately failed after the Avengers intervened. Later, a loss against Warbird forced him to fully retreat.

14. Ranar

Ranar 0001

Ranar was the son of Brother Tode, the ruler of Deviant Lemuria and an unknown woman. Her mother died in childbirth under the watchful eye of Ghaur, the priest of the priesthood allegedly killed by Ranar, who had torn himself from his womb.

After Brother Tode’s death, Ranar directed the repairs and restored the economy to bring the deviants out of the darkness. When he tried to stand up to lead the dissidents, he confronted Ghaur but was killed by the priesthood.

Not much is known about him beside these facts, as he was killed early on and we didn’t really get the chance to explore his character further. Still, seeing that he was the ruler’s son, he must have inherited at least some powers.

13. Brother Visara

Visara Earth 616 from Eternals Herod Factor Vol 1 1 0001

A Deviant who came to power after Warlord Kro left the throne. He used the paranoia of the people to visit all the supporters of Ghaur and the other priest-lords after it became known that the “time of purity” had been secretly used to amass a stupid army of dissenting warriors. He was infamously known for his weapon, called “The Slicer,” a guillotine-like device used to execute suspected acolytes by priest lords, who even included subordinate temple servants. He literally became a victim of his own success when his own status as a new leader was emphasized and the dissenters turned him on.

12. Brother Tode

Tode Earth 616 003

For a while there were several dissenting monarchies fighting against each other. Recently, only one deviant empire with a lone ruler has been observed. That leader was Brother Tode, who was active in the City of Toads and, using advanced technology, was able to destroy planes or intruders in his domain.

The bulky Tode sat on a throne and his little henchmen – including his Queen Vira and his fool Broop – crawled before him, and only privileged subordinates like Prime Minister Ragar and Warlord Kro stood around or beside him. Whenever Tode moved (or was moved), the Deviants stopped their activities to greet him. Tode seldom confided in anyone, but he considered Priest-Lord Ghaur an ally; Ghaur said he helped in the birth of Death’s son Ranar, who killed his mother – not Vira – during childbirth.

Although Tode had no real superpower, he claimed to have particularly advanced perceptions for a Deviant. Tode had excellent leadership skills. His hand-to-hand combat skills are weak, but his reaction time is superior and he can heal and heal injuries, illnesses, and fatigue faster than one would expect. Death can lift its own (considerable) weight above its head.

Because of his oversized head, his personal mobility is impaired and Tode often has to resort to minions to get him from one place to another. Tode can walk alone at a normal pace if necessary and hold his own weight for some time, but his flexibility and coordination are poor.

11. Ulysses Dragonblood

Ulysses Dragonblood 28Earth 61629 from X Force Vol 1 83 0001

Ulysses Dragonborn is a Deviant. He and his brother Odysseus Indigo were the founders of the Damocles Foundation, an organization created to develop and control the next stage in human evolution. He was very concerned about the development of mutants and carried out various experiments on them.

After years of torture, a young mutant named Arcadia DeVille escaped with the help of Dragonblood. The two were driven away by the foundation’s armed forces, the Sword. When Arcadia and Dragonblood finally arrived in Kentucky, they met the mutant hero Cannonball, who was on leave from the X-Men to visit his family. Cannonball tried to help but was defeated.

Fortunately, Cannonball’s former team, X-Force, has arrived to help out with Sword. During the fight, Arcadia didn’t know who to trust and thought X-Force was an enemy. So she turned X-Force member Danielle Moonstar into a silent substance. Eventually, X-Force defeated the sword and Arcadia restored Moonstar to its true form and somehow altered Moonstar’s powers so that he could control the cosmic forces, much like Arcadia did.

Ulysses Dragonborn has Deviant physiology that gives him superhuman strength, endurance, and durability, which makes him a very formidable fighter. He also has the ability to heal wounds at a significantly faster rate than a normal person. His special power is the Sedative Touch, with which Ulysses has the ability to sedate people by just touching them. He is also completely immune to the powers of his brother, Odysseus Indigo.

10. Odysseus Indigo

Odysseus Indigo Earth 616 from X Factor Vol 1 86 001

Odysseus Indigo was a Deviant. He was the founder of the Damocles Foundation, an organization created to develop and control the next stage in human evolution. He was very concerned about the development of mutants and carried out various experiments on them.

Indigo represented the group on one of its many fronts, the Aguilar Institute. They donated various resources to a small town called Almost Reno in New Mexico. The city’s sterile residents were exposed to aberrant and mutated chromosomes, causing all children born there to develop superhuman powers.

Odysseus Indigo has a different physiology, which in turn has given him superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. He also has the Power Negation ability, through which he projects a damping field out of his body that deactivates all superhuman abilities as long as he is within range of his field and focused.

9. Enigmo

Enigmo 28Earth 61629 Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 2 12 001

Enigmo was born as a Deviant. He did not remain isolated in Lemuria like the rest of his race thanks to his human appearance. He joined the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. He had just beaten Anabolicus during one of the wrestling matches when Kro, another Deviant, came to him to offer him a position on his newly formed Delta Force team, created to improve the lives of their brothers.

He agreed and Delta Force set out to save the Avengers from Ghaur. He fought Black Knight, who was under control due to a Brain Mine, but before the fight could end the mine was bypassed and the Dark Knight returned to normal. Unfortunately, the team was again forced to leave Lemuria under Ghaur’s control for fear of throwing society into chaos. Kro promised that one day they would return to defeat Ghaur.

Enigmo’s best-known powers is his biomass manipulation, meaning that he can separate his body and the separate parts can reshape and form separate entities that are able to move. He can also absorb those duplicates back to his own body.

8. Taras Vol

Taras Vol Earth 616 from Cable Vol 1 96 0001

Taras Vol was a Deviant scientist from circa 18,000 BC, in the ancient island of Lemuria. He was a brilliant geneticist and had the power of telepathy. Taras Vol captured three Neanderthals called Cole, Gort and One-Eye to experiment on.

He was searching for a way to prolong the Deviant races’ lifespan. The experiment was only meant to last five years, but he never learned the results of his work, because of the Great Cataclysm sinking Lemuria and Atlantis, it is unknown whether he survived. During the event, the Neanderthal’s escaped and lived through history due to their genetic enhancements. As for his powers, he is a brilliant scientist and a skilled genetic.

Like with Ranar, not much is known about Taras Vol and this is all the information that we possess about him.

7. Dragona

Dragona Earth 616 from Avengers Vol 1 370 0001

Dragona is another Deviant and the sister of Ereshkigal. Not much is known about her, as she has only had seven appearances since her debut in 1979. Her most important storyline is from Avengers #370-371, when she was part of a Delta Force unit that was sent to rescue the Avengers, who were being held captive by Ghaur. She is also known for being the former lover of Brother Tode.

As for her abilities, she is known to have been able to fly, but also breath fire, which was her special ability. She also had other generalized Deviants powers.

6. Ransak the Reject

Ransak Earth 616 from Thor The Deviants Saga Vol 1 2 001

Ransak is a member of the Deviant race. He is the son of Maelstrom and Medula. Perfectly resmbling a human, he was feared and avoided by his peers, all of which have been misshapen since birth. His appearance is monstrous to the Deviants.

Rejected, he channeled his rage to become a great gladiator. In the arena, he attracted the attention of Thena, an Eternal, and in the company of his companion gladiator Karkas, had a right of sanctuary in the city of Olympia. But his perpetual anger worried the Eternals. Kingo Sunen set out to teach him discipline and self-control.

When the Eternals moved to space, Ransak resumed his profession as a gladiator in the arenas, or as a warrior. We see Karkas and Ransak, guardians of the City of the Eternals. They helped Thor reach the city of Lemuria to recover a powerful destructive artifact previously stolen by Ereshkigal.

Ransak possesses the strength and stamina to lift several tons and stand up to an Eternal in single combat. He has a long experience in melee combat, and is, therefore, a formidable warrior, very dangerous with swords and spears. He is prone to fits of fury, helping him resist injury and pain.

5. The Ritter Twins

1297842 962702 deborah ritter1 super

Thena and Kro, despite being members of two offshoots of humanity who are traditional enemies, have been in a relationship for over 25,000 years. During the Vietnam War, the two had intercouorse and Thena found out she was pregnant. With her powers, she secretly implanted the embryos in a sterile human woman, and the two grew up without knowing their origins.

When Dr. Daniel Damian, a person who was aware of the existence of Deviants and the Eternals, sent a monster (formerly Ajak) to kill the two children and in the process to kill many other pairs of twins, Thena took both of them to Olympia, the City of Eternals but did not inform them of their heritage. But even Olympia proved dangerous, and the monster captured the two and fled to Peru, where they faced Damian. The twins learned of their true origins and were saved by Kro and Thena.

The Ritter Twins have been shown several times since then. In Avengers #370-371, the two Ritter’s joined Delta Network and demonstrated their ability to merge into a two-mouthed, four-eyed, four-armed creature named Tzabaoth. In Heroes for Hire #6, they merged again, this time forming a slender, winged metallic creature called Dark Angel.

In both stories, the twins were supposed to merge for the “first” time, and both stories also featured the “resurrection” of the dissenting Ghaur, suggesting that the writers of those stories may not have been aware that these characters were previously used along here. Tzabaoth and Dark Angel both had eternity-type abilities, including great strength and durability, flight, and the ability to shoot beams of energy from his eyes. They were briefly captured by the evil Maelstrom, but saved by the Eternals and Kro.

4. Maelstrom

Maelstrom Earth

Maelstrom is a hybrid of the Deviant and Inhuman race, the only one known to date. About a hundred years old, he possesses terrible power, and is as smart as he is mad. His father, Phaeder, was exiled from the city of Attilan (the city of the Inhumans) after claiming to want to create clones. He was stranded in a Deviant city where he married a woman named Morga, who gave birth to Maelstrom.

Maelstrom was pushed into the slave pits, while his mother was killed. He was saved by his father, and together they prepared their revenge against the Deviant and Inhuman race.

Maelstrom can manipulate kinetic energy. He can thus literally absorb any attack and use the absorbed energy for his own purposes, such as improving his strength, projecting energy, creating a force field, and changing his size. In addition to his powers, he is a genius in biology and genetics. He is also a very good technician. Maelstrom’s unique genetic code gives her far greater strength than a standard human.

He learned to increase it further by absorbing kinetic energy. He can also mentally control his height, being able to grow and shrink to as yet unknown limits.

3. Ereshkigal

ereshkigal marvel comics 73dc5627 e965 43b6 8660 6d14e9df625 resize 750

Sister of Dragona, Ereshkigal is a Deviant explorer who claims to have lived over a thousand years. She used her resemblance to the Sumerian Goddess to usurp her identity. Her real name is, thus, unknown. Brother Tode sent her to the City of the Gods of Space. She took on a human appearance and set off for the Andes Cordillera. His plane was captured by the Celestials; on board were also the Eternal Ajak and Thor (in human form). The duo thwarted their plans.

Later, after the Siege of Asgard, Ereshkigal left the city of Lemuria then in the midst of civil war and ventured into the ruins of Asgard watched over by Thor. She succeeds in stealing the Oshemar Stone from him (an extra-dimensional artifact once entrusted to Odin by its creator). She couldn’t use it to take command of the Deviants, and it was finally Kro who managed to open it, triggering a destructive process. The cataclysm was finally stopped by Thor and Phastos.

Ereshkigal is a Deviant with white skin and red eyes. She has bat wings which allow her to fly at moderate speed. Her strength and endurance surpass that of a man. We do not know her age but she seems for the moment to have lived almost a millennium, despite her appearance of a woman in her forties. A shapeshifter, she can take on a human appearance. She has access to Deviant knowledge and technology. She has already been seen using energy weapons, or pistols that generate ice. She has a belt allowing her to cross dimensions and teleport.

2. Ghaur

Ghaur 28Earth 61629 from Black Panther Vol 3 26 001

Ghaur was born in the “City of Toads” of the Deviant Lemuria. He grew up as a high priest in the Deviant priesthood but had ambitions to be much more. He had Ranar killed when Ranar claimed the succession to the dissenting throne. Ghaur became the unofficial leader of the Deviants.

He had a confrontation with Warlord Kro, whom Ghaur was allowed to make a figurehead monarch. Ghaur conquered Kro and the Eternals Thena and Sersi. He revealed to Kro that he had assembled an army of off-types in floating animation. Ghaur used a bottle that contained part of the “essence” of the “dreaming heavenly” in order to transform himself into a heavenly one. However, Ghaur came under the mind control of the Dreaming Celestial, which forced Ghaur to free him from his grave.

Ghaur’s consciousness was separated from his heavenly body by a Uni-Mind. Ghaur’s consciousness apparently dissolved and Ghaur’s celestial body shrank into apparent nothing. Ghaur later got the Silver Surfer to restore his physical form. Its most powerfully expressed powers are genetic modification and control of the mind. Ghaur also displayed leadership and occult skills, as well as an excellent memory: he remembered the genetic code of every known living deviant and those deviants whom he believed had survived apparent death.

1. Kro


Kro is a warlord, dictator, and a general of the Deviants. He is 20,000 years old and is secretly an immortal shapeshifter, closer to the Eternals than the rest of his kin, which forced him to hide his powers from his people. Over the centuries, he has been mistaken for the Olympian Pluto, the devil, and many other mythological figures. He is Thena’s secret lover, and for this reason, he has sometimes become a reluctant ally of the Eternals.

Despite his diverse heritage, Kro possesses a number of superhuman traits characteristic of an Eternal, including regenerative durability, immortality, toxic immunity, and malleability. However, Kro’s shapeshifting powers are limited. He can only change the shape of his skeleton slightly. Furthermore, it cannot remove any part of its mass through transformation; He can only redistribute his 320 pounds of weight. Therefore, he usually only uses his shapeshifting power to change his facial features.

He can mentally shape the shape of his skull somewhat. Kro has about three times the physical endurance of a normal human athlete. His heart is not in the same place as an ordinary person’s; its true place is not revealed. Kro is a master military strategist, an excellent military commander, a good hand-to-hand fighter, and an expert on deviant weapons.


And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!

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