20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

Some shows just have such good moments and quotes, Lucifer being one of them. Some episodes are worth rewatching. If you’re wondering what to watch if you don’t feel like rewatching the whole show, we bring you the top 20 Lucifer episodes!

20. Take Me Back To Hell – S1E13

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

After evading arrest, Lucifer attempted to clear his reputation by pursuing the true murderer. Chloe went out to track out Lucifer. After being rejected a plea to return to hell, Lucifer joined forces with Amenadiel to track down Malcom and return him to hell. Malcom, on the other hand, had discovered the ideal weapon to wield against the two brothers. Back at the station, Dan made a significant sacrifice in order to save Lucifer. During his brief visit to hell, Lucifer found that his most dreadful adversary had fled.

19. Our Mojo – S5E7

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

A serial murderer severs his victims’ voice cords, and Lucifer and Chloe strive to follow him down despite Lucifer’s apparent loss of “mojo.” Ella finds her soulmate, Maze fights Amenadiel, and Dan receives a communication from a Heavenly agent.

For the second episode in a row, Lucifer ends on a dramatic cliffhanger that has the potential to profoundly alter the core storyline. At its core, “Our Mojo” analyzes Lucifer and Chloe’s attempts to overcome normal new relationship problems and, paradoxically, rediscover how to operate as a team, despite the previous five years. 

Perhaps it’s because of the serial killer murder investigation, along with Dan’s awareness of what happened after the last episode, but a darker tone pervades the happenings here, giving the program a different vibe than the one often packed with sexually tinged banter. Regardless, it’s a great set-up for the mid-season finale.

18. The Good, The Bad And The Crispy – S2E18

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

Charlotte unintentionally burns a guy to death, leaving Lucifer to protect Chloe from discovering the truth, so he assigns Maze to find Charlotte and Amenadiel, who have both gone missing. Meanwhile, Lucifer searches for a long-term solution to his mother’s ticking time bomb.

In the season 2 finale “The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy,” Lucifer, knowing that returning the Goddess to Heaven would spark a conflict, proposed that she find a better purpose by reigning over Hell now that he was no longer there, but this infuriated her. She severely injured Lucifer’s therapist Linda and threatened to go scorched earth on the Santa Monica Pier. In an attempt to save Linda, Amenadiel halted time, and Lucifer took advantage of the pause, using the Flaming Sword to open a rip in reality.

17. Orgy Pants To Work – S4E6

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

While Lucifer and Chloe investigate a link between a dead auditor and a nudist resort, Amenadiel receives an unexpected guest.

Finding balance in his life continues to be difficult for Lucifer, and he reaches an all-time low when he arrives to the murder scene wearing his assless orgy trousers, forcing a hilarious solution given by a roll of crime scene tape. It’s tempting to dismiss Dan’s hatred of Lucifer and his eccentricities as simply envy, and although there is some truth to that assessment, his decision to push back feels not only right but also essential. 

And, while Chloe has confronted Lucifer previously, her warning about his disrespect for the job and the victims appears to have a greater impact than previous efforts. Of course, he receives a text from Eve seconds after promising that his personal life will no longer interfere with their job.

Lucifer continues to effectively experiment with character combinations, and the first chemistry between Maze and Eve is promising. When Maze discovers Eve stuffing her face with marijuana brownies, she challenges her to confront her relationship strategy.

16. Off The Record – S3E7

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

When the crime of the week mirrors some personal pain that one of the characters is experiencing, and then pushes that person to confront those demons, Lucifer is at its finest. “Off the Record” deviates from that paradigm by focusing on a supposed moral misdeed, not unexpectedly done by Lucifer. While the year-long circular structure provides a pleasant twist at the conclusion, it also leaves several concerns unresolved. At the core of the story, though, is the lingering question: is Lucifer a liar?

Once again, the serial murderer case serves as a springboard for Linda’s estranged husband, reporter Reese to try to bring down the guy he believes is sleeping with his wife: Lucifer Morningstar. 

15. O, Ye Of Little Faith, Father – S4E3

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

The death of an ex-gang member might be a cover-up for a far more heinous act. Chloe is caught in a lie by Lucifer. Dan and Maze decide to go renegade. Linda prepared herself for the impending arrival of her first child.

While the episodic murder investigation usually links thematically into difficulties the individuals confront, in this case, the killer’s actions drive the primary storyline, and Father Kinley’s involvement is swiftly revealed. Kinley’s brief deception may momentarily mislead Lucifer, but it ultimately serves as a thinly veiled phase in the priest’s plot to return the Devil to Hell.

There is no doubt that the authors forsake all subtlety in linking the killer and the victims to the overpowering feelings Lucifer has as a result of Chloe’s decision to work with Kinley, but it still works because, like Lucifer, we find the detective’s actions difficult to fathom.

14. All About Eve – S4E4

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

No matter how badly we want Chloe and Lucifer to be together, it’s difficult to detest the youthful enthusiasm of the Bible’s first lady when she re-enters Lucifer’s life after a few thousand years. And, as Chloe attempts to rebuild her personal and professional life following her breakup with her boyfriend, “All About Eve” offers a deliciously insightful look into the circumstances of Eve’s exit from Heaven and her yearning to party on Earth with her former.

The murder inquiry emphasizes that Chloe and Lucifer no longer collaborate, and placing her with her ex-husband meshes perfectly with Lucifer’s collaboration with Eve. Nonetheless, when the facts of luxury jewelry designer Pablo Silva’s death begin to surface, and we learn Eve is caught in the crossfire, coincidence becomes implausible.

13. Expire Erect – S4E5

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

Doctor Linda’s knowledge once again sets the Devil on a road that brings him somewhere he doesn’t expect to go. The fifth episode of Lucifer’s fourth season, “Expire Erect,” provides Lucifer and Chloe with a well-deserved and poignant chance for the closure he believes is required to shut the book on a partnership that ended so suddenly. 

Nonetheless, the two are thrown together on a case they both believe will be their last, and whether it’s the nagging doubts Lucifer has about Eve or the realization that Chloe willingly gives her life to save his, Lucifer puts the past behind him and their relationship, both professional and personal, endures.

12. Super Bad Boyfriend – S4E8

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

The significance of Linda’s angel kid is overshadowed by the romantic turmoil surrounding Lucifer and Eve’s love troubles. Though Amenadiel has had a more positive relationship with their Father than his brother, this may be at the root of his anxiety over whether or not he’ll be a decent father. We could see that coming a mile away, but his desire for Lucifer to act as the child’s godfather still makes us grin, and it gives Lucifer another chance to set the framework for his next career during his session with Linda.

11. Devil Is As Devil Does – S4E7

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

The Devil strives to discover his actual Earthly purpose, Eve the femme fatale joins the investigation team, and Trixie finds her way to the penthouse after discovering that Lucifer is feeling depressed. It’s just another day for the Los Angeles Police Department. “Devil is as Devil Does” expands on the study of the characters’ purpose and faith-based anguish as they come to embrace not just themselves but everyone around them.

10. A Good Day To Die – S2E13

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

The season two finale was titled “A Good Day to Die,” and it shows. There were tremendous stakes, with each character taking a great risk and making significant sacrifices. The episode was dramatic from start to finish, and it finished on a cliffhanger that made you eager for the following season. However, this was not the season finale; Fox chose to commission nine additional episodes.

Yes, despite the most recent revelation that Chloe’s existence in his life was a manipulation by his Father, or the Man Upstairs, aka God, Lucifer is going to die and return to the Kingdom whose throne he abandoned to rescue the woman he loves. 

9. Quintessential Deckerstar – S3E23

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

Amenadiel’s three simple words change the tone of a program that has built its foundation on brilliant writing, interesting characters, and storylines that push us to dig within ourselves for meaning. Tonight, we find out that Lucifer has been incorrect all along, and Charlotte’s tragic death serves as the last nail in the coffin. Can Lucifer realize, once and for all, that he alone controls how his life develops, and that his Father’s machinations may, in reality, be all in his mind now that he has the girl?

“Quintessential Deckerstar,” the season three penultimate episode of Lucifer, begins and ends with a nightmare, and it is the power of love and self-sacrifice that eventually allows Charlotte to achieve redemption once she understands what being good means. 

8. Who’s Da The King Of Hell – S4E10

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

It seemed just a matter of time until the detective and the Devil became more than simply colleagues after their initial meeting at a murder scene outside of Lux in the series premiere. Fans of the show have seen a lot of near calls along the road, but the Lucifer season four finale “Who’s da New King of Hell?” closes with Chloe confessing her feelings for Lucifer. 

But this is a new Lucifer, and despite his hedonistic conduct and self-aggrandizement, the Devil accepts the position of mankind’s rescuer and gladly sacrifices the one thing in the world he truly loves. Chloe Decker is a detective.

We only discover too late that Lucifer’s vacation from Hell has him traversing a semi-traditional hero’s journey as he aids the LAPD and the investigator on their murder investigations. More significantly, the two partners challenge each other along the process to step beyond their comfort zones and eventually accept previously untapped aspects of their personalities. Who knew Lucifer could put someone else ahead of himself when the stakes were so high? Chloe Decker owes the human species a great debt.

7. Detective Amenadiel – S5E5

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

Religious iconography, innuendo, and sarcasm have long been a part of the Lucifer gestalt, despite the fact that the investigations rarely lead the investigator and the Devil near places of worship. When they do, the depth of spiritual growth weaved into the story usually exposes a tremendous level of character development. 

With that in mind, the fifth episode of season five, “Detective Amenadiel,” covers so much emotional territory and appears to give closure to Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship difficulties that it’s easy to forget there are still eleven episodes left in the season.

6. Spoiler Alert – S5E8

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

Lucifer’s anxiety at learning of Chloe’s kidnapping is brilliantly played, and for a little minute, we forget that he isn’t human as he fights with first emotions of powerlessness. Even when Linda puts Charlie’s fever in context, Amenadiel remains uneasy, and whether we’re parents or not, we can feel the vulnerability that any new father experiences. Furthermore, this sense of impotence contrasts beautifully with Lucifer’s on-again, off-again physical fragility.

Paradoxically, the demon Mazikeen is the most vulnerable part of the LAPD crew, easily succumbing to Michael’s claim that he knows how to protect her soul. As lovely as she’s become, her rage at Lucifer for keeping her mother Lilith’s trust feels unwarranted and loses its allure as the story progresses.

5. Save Lucifer – S4E9

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

The penultimate episode of Lucifer’s Netflix premiere, “Save Lucifer,” puts in motion circumstances that may finally offer Lucifer the required insight into his own self-loathing, preventing him from turning full evil and altering life on Earth as we know it. 

Self-determination remains a significant source of contention between Lucifer and his Father, and Eve’s naive commitment to rekindling the love she feels Lucifer once had for her pushes the entire narrative in a path none of them foresees, perhaps resulting in world-ending repercussions.

4. Pilot -S1E1

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

One thing Lucifer does well is to make its protagonist imperfect. He experiences existential crises, doubting his position in the world and caring for people he would have mistreated. We also get glimpses of the fury and brimstone lying behind Tom Ellis’s slick, beautiful façade. He’s not beyond frightening a youngster or tricking a shallow, two-timing A-lister into confessing his adultery.

3. Manly Whatnots – S1E4

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

What Lucifer lacks in sexual intensity, it more than makes up for with an unusual power dynamic that offers Chloe an advantage over the devil himself. This isn’t so much a remark on gender politics as it is on religion — or belief if you will. Because she does not believe in hell, she is not threatened by the prospect of eternal damnation. 

And, while Chloe does not profess to be an atheist, she does acknowledge the universe’s dance between good and evil. If this grants her power over the devil, that’s fine, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here. Her dominance over him is not something she actively pursues (or exorcises). She has skeletons in her closet, but no demons – at least none that she is aware of.

2. Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire – S2E2

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

Dr. Linda gives Amenadiel a severe scolding for his inability to find answers about his talents. It’s wonderful to see that the writers didn’t ignore her feelings or how she’d feel after her purported buddy exploited her to achieve what he wanted. Though his initial answer dismisses her outright, he finally admits his error and begs her forgiveness. He is startled when she gives it, but then we realize that he has far greater problems: at first sight, it appears that his wings are molting, but when we consider the mystery surrounding his power loss and the awful state of his wings, they appear to be dying rather than molting.

1. A Devil Of My Word – S3E24

20 Best Lucifer Episodes You Need To Rewatch

The murder investigation, as predicted, dominates the episode and quickly sets up a contrast that goes throughout. Pierce arrives solely to guarantee that there are no loose ends linking him to Charlotte’s death, even as Lucifer consoles Chloe, promising her that she will be reunited with Charlotte in Heaven. 

It’s a touching start that sets the tone for all that happens after, but of special importance is Lucifer telling Chloe that he won’t be able to accompany her into Heaven when the time comes. Of course, she’s busy with the crime scene, but his persistent self-deprecation is one of those undeveloped strands.

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