25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix To Stream Right Now

Best Trippy Movies on Netflix

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Netflix has a lot of movies to offer, but not all of them are worth your time. If you’re looking for some trippy film on Netflix, I’ve got the 25 best ones right here! This list is full of classics and gems that will make you laugh, cry and feel like your brain might explode from so much weirdness. Some people say these films can be good for mental health because they put things in perspective by reminding us how strange life is.

So, If you’re looking for some trippy movies on Netflix, look no further! Because If you’ve ever wanted to watch something that will make you feel like your brain is melting out of your ears, then we have everything you need in this list. These movies are all trippy and weird in their ways. The best part? They’re all on Netflix!

1. Shutter Island

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

In the movie Shutter Island, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is investigating the disappearance of a patient from a hospital for the criminally insane on an island in Boston Harbor. As he starts to uncover clues about strange goings-on at the facility, it becomes clear that his sanity is also at risk. The film was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.

This movie is the definition of a “trippy movie” I love the mystery and suspense in this movie, mainly because it keeps you on your toes. This is a must-watch, even if you think that thrillers aren’t for you! I would give it an A+ rating as well.

Recommend watching it. It would be best if you watched this movie ASAP; it is so thrilling and suspenseful. This movie has a lot of twists that I didn’t see coming.

2. Being John Malcovich

Being John Malkovich is the story of Craig, a puppeteer who discovers a portal into the mind of actor John Malkovich. As Craig gets deeper and deeper inside Malkovich’s head, his own life begins to disintegrate as he has an affair with Maxine (the wife of Lotte), one of the other puppeteers working on the production. In this movie, we experience something very unique.

We cannot see the world from Malkovich’s eyes, but instead, we only get a look at what he sees through his portal. It makes this movie seem trippy and experimental because you never know exactly where in time or space things will take place since we don’t have Malkovich as our guide anymore! The story is unpredictable and constantly changes perspectives making it one of the most unique movies ever made.

3. Mulholland Drive

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

The movie Mulholland Drive contains some of the most trippy and twisted scenes that you will ever see in a film. You follow along with this movie as it shows us how artists can use their imaginations to create amazing things and show us the darkness inside our minds when we try to do so. The actors give outstanding performances, making you feel like you’re right there watching them go through these intense situations.

You can expect everything from the movie Mulholland drive because that is precisely what it gives you. Everything in this movie seems like a puzzle because there are so many different things that make up the film’s story, but when they all come together, everything becomes clear and makes sense as well. The director puts real thought into every detail for each scene, carefully designed to give off a specific effect on its audience.

4. The Good Girl Enter the Void

The Good Girl Enter the Void is a movie set in Mexico City, and it is about an office worker named Mia. She starts to have some trouble with her boyfriend, Benicio, who she takes on a drug deal that ends badly for the two of them when they get ripped off. Their lives are changed forever because of this one decision but will their relationship survive as well?

The director, Carlos Reygadas, did not use any dialogue throughout the entire film, so visuals expressed everything. This gives you more time to think about what each scene means instead of just seeing something then moving on like most movies do these days. It’s a unique way of storytelling and helps you put yourself into the role of Mia even more profoundly than before, which has captivated audience members throughout its theatrical release.

Not only that, but the way each scene is shot is exciting since it does a lot with lighting and creativity, in general, to help get across what Reygadas wants you to see instead of having people speak about their lives out loud.

5. Donnie Darko

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

This movie is an excellent example of what it means to be trippy. This is a movie that you can’t just put on and casually watch as if nothing’s going on, but at the same time, there are many ways in which this film will mess with your head even when you’re not necessarily trying to figure anything out.

Are we always alone? Does Donnie Darko hold some deeper meaning, or does he go crazy after making contact with an imaginary friend in his dreams? You’ll have so much fun digging deep into this one because once everything finally starts coming together by the end. One of the most famous examples is that scene where everything starts to slow down and almost comes to a complete stop but then speeds right back up as soon as Donnie’s house explodes.

 If you watch this movie with subtitles turned on, though, they’ll tell a different story depending upon what version of the film you’re watching, which can be pretty trippy all by itself.

6. Lost Highway

Saying that you’ve seen David Lynch’s Lost Highway once is a bit like saying that you’ve read 1984. You’re probably not lying, but there are so many layers to it and hidden meanings behind everything that even the most astute of viewers will have trouble picking up on every single one right away. This movie deals with some pretty heavy scenes that will leave you questioning your sanity (and not in a fun way like with Inception)

Not only is Lost Highway a bit perplexing at times, but it also has some of the most disturbing violence ever put to film. The scene where Bill Pullman’s character kills his wife and her lover will stay with you well after watching this movie.

7. Eraser head Solaris 

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

Eraser head Solaris perfectly captures the imagination of those looking for a movie that is entirely off the wall and unpredictable. The entire plot follows an out-of-work actor named Jack (played by Jack Nance) as he tries to unravel the mystery behind his wife’s suicide. This scene takes place in a mysterious apartment where David Bowie’s character lives with countless mannequins dressed. You won’t be disappointed with this movie because it is one of the most bizarre movies on Netflix in recent years.

The film is directed by David Lynch, who also did another great trippy movie called Lost Highway. For those of us who may be fans of the world created in Stranger Things, we need to check out this other show available exclusively back on Netflix. It’s called Dark, and it follows four families from different nations as they all live within one town together. Some paranormal things are going on, making it even more interesting than just being set up like your standard mystery thriller drama!

8. A Clockwork Orange 

A tale so trippy that you’ll need to watch it in the Dark with your headphones on. A Clockwork Orange is a film that falls into the psychedelic genre and has been described as more of an experience than just another movie because of its intense visuals throughout the entire picture.

The movie’s central character Alex DeLarge lives within dystopian England where violence is ever-present. This particular scene features Christopher Malcolm, who plays Bill The ripper, but instead of being chased by him, you will be entranced by weird images flashing before your eyes for about four minutes straight until we finally are back at our beloved protagonist’s place.

9. Altered State

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

It is a movie about a man obsessed with taking hallucinogenic drugs and his subsequent experiences, but it also runs parallel to the storylines of ancient shamans. As you watch this movie, be prepared for lots of trippy visuals that may not make a whole lot of sense at first, but as we know, all art takes time to digest and fully appreciate.

It’s an exciting concept because psychedelics are known for their intense visions, which give us insight into both our past and present lives, along with glimpses into possible futures. This movie stars William Hurt in one of his earlier roles before he was well-known by everyone worldwide.

10. Suspiria Antichrist

Suspiria Antichrist perfectly defines the term “trippy” because of its intense visuals and dark plot. The movie stars a young woman named Jennifer who has just moved to Berlin to study dance at an elite academy, but she soon discovers that witches run the school. One could say this movie has a cult following since many people have become obsessed with its eeriness after watching it for themselves.

 It was initially released in 1977, which may be why some consider it a classic today! Horror fans are going to want to check out Suspiria Antichrist if they haven’t already! Although beauty can be found in the darkness, sometimes the only way to find happiness again is by looking back at where things were simpler before all the trouble started. This film does an excellent job of showing us what happens. Suspiria Antichrist cannot be missed if you like trippy films on Netflix.

11. Frankenstein 2001

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

This movie is considered to be a psychedelic thriller. The film stars Jeffrey Combs as the mad Dr. Herbert West, who has re-animated a corpse and was pursued by police detective Lt. Bubba Brownlee (Ted Sorel). The best trippy movies on Netflix are ones that will keep you interested until the very end.

One of these great films is Frankenstein 2001. It follows a doctor named Herbert West who tries to animate dead cells, but things get out of hand when he brings back something monstrous into this world! This movie may not seem like your traditional “trippy” movie, but it’s still worth checking out if you love thrillers with an exciting plotline. If you’re looking for some good movies to watch, then do not miss this one.

12. Labyrinth

Labyrinth has been one of the most popular trippy movies on Netflix. It is a 1986 British musical film starring David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King. The protagonist Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly) wishes that her baby brother would be taken away, so goblins steal him from his crib.

She goes into an elaborate maze to rescue her little brother while also dealing with conflicting feelings regarding growing up and responsibilities. This movie will have you hooked until its very end!

In the movie Labyrinth, there’s a scene where David Bowie is singing, and his body language seems to change right in front of your eyes! It feels like he’s talking about what it would be like if you could become real friends with this character. Speaking of characters, we’re going to include The Master from Doctor Who and the Silent Hill nurses that make an appearance during the opening credits for the first movie since they look so disturbing because their skin has been peeled off.

13. Tron 2010

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

Tron is another trippy movie on Netflix. This is a 2010 American science fiction adventure film that was written and directed by Joseph Kosinski. It stars Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the creator of an online video game called Tron, trapped inside his creation for years.

With the help of his father’s associate Quorra (played by Olivia Wilde), they set out to escape from this world to save it from evil forces attacking it relentlessly. This thrilling sci-fi movie will surely keep you at the edge of your seat until its very end!

14. Inception

Inception is a masterpiece that was written and directed by Christopher Nolan. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a man who is an extractor, which means he infiltrates people’s dreams to steal information from them through their subconscious. If you are into movies that will leave you thinking about its concept long after the movie ends, then this one’s for you!

Inception can make you feel trippy from the start to its very end. This thrilling sci-fi movie will surely keep you at the edge of your seat until its very end! 

15. Total Recall 2012

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

The total recall will mess with your mind as it takes you on a journey that is not what it seems to be. When his wife reveals some shocking truths about his past, Quaid goes into the dream world and discovers another truth that changes everything he thought was real before. Total Recall is the remake of a classic movie which is more than it seems.

This movie will mess with you to the point where your mind cannot figure out what is real and what isn’t, and that’s why I love this movie!

16. Robocop 1987

Yet another classic movie on this list, robocop is a movie that will shock and amaze.

When officer Dale McCoy gets fatally shot while on duty, he becomes a robocop who can find out what happened in his past life. This movie not only makes you think but shocks you as well with its action-packed scenes.

Robocop is a classic, and it still manages to impress even after all these years!

This film keeps viewers at the edge of their seats thanks to some shocking twists, which are very unexpected. It also provides enough detail so that audiences aren’t left confused or without answers by the time credits roll. The performances here do an incredible job making sure each character stands apart from one another.

17. Prometheus

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

Perhaps the most trippy of all the movies on this list. This movie is a must-watch if you are interested in sci-fi films with deep philosophical connotations and heavy religious undertones throughout. It never fails to keep audiences guessing at every turn; not knowing what will happen next has to be one of its many strong points!

This film takes viewers through an emotional roller coaster as they follow the journeys of each character. It’s filled with drama and passion, which makes for great entertainment. The score here adds extra depth to scenes, making them even more powerful than they already were beforehand! If anything else were going right about this film, that would take some credit from all other aspects because everything comes together so well compared to others.

18. Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is a great movie to watch if you want an escape from reality. Although it has some weaknesses, this film is definitely worth the watch! It will take viewers on a suspenseful journey that they won’t be able to forget about anytime soon.

The movie features great acting and cinematography, which adds to how much higher quality everything else feels when compared with other films out there. If anything, then cabin fever earns its spot as one of my favorite movies in recent memory.

19. Fight Club

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

The best trippy movies on Netflix you can forget about anytime soon. The movie features great acting and cinematography, which adds to how much higher quality everything else feels when compared with other films out there. If anything at all, then cabin fever earns its spot as one of my favorite movies in recent memory

Fight Club is hence a worth watching movie if you haven’t seen it before, even though some parts can feel a little bit long-winded or make scenes where the fight club begins.

20. Dune 2021

Although a recent entry in the movie industry. The movie is based on the book Dune written by Frank Herbert. The story behind this one as a whole can be considered average with some parts that shine through to make up for it, which makes watching it worthwhile if you have extra time available on your hands and want something different from what’s out there already.

The story is incredibly well written, and the cast was brilliant for this particular movie! It is one of my absolute favorite movies on Netflix.

21. Cloud Atlas 2012

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

We end our list with the perfect film for a rainy day. Cloud Atlas is another unique movie on this Netflix list that will keep you glued to your screen throughout the whole duration, and without a doubt, it’s one of my favorite movies around! My personal opinion about these trippy movies on Netflix is that if you have enjoyed some of them in the past or want to check out something new, I highly recommend watching all five trippy movies right away! 

Cloud Atlas is the movie that speaks to me most in this list of trippy films on Netflix. It would help if you kept in mind to pay attention to the little details, and every time you watch it, your understanding of what happened in each storyline will increase. The movie can be watched several times, and you’ll still find new things about it that make sense only after multiple viewings.

They are worth investing time into, and after completing each one, you can discuss with friends what you think? Overall we hope our article was helpful. Thank you for reading now. Watch some great movies online!

22. Other Life 2017

An intriguing sci-fi thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Other Life can be seen as a mix between Inception and Stranger Things. The story follows Kate (Jessica De Gouw), an astronaut who has been given life in jail for attempting to go against orders while exploring Mars. But when she gets another chance at redemption, it comes with one primary condition:

 She needs to live out her dream of having a child using artificial means through cloning technology. Of course, this is also going to produce some insanely trippy scenes because, well. Let’s say there are clones involved! So if watching Jessica De Gouw repeatedly murder herself sounds like fun, then give this one a shot!

23. Time Trap 2017

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

Time Trap takes you on an adventure through time and space. It follows an astronaut stuck in a time loop that only she can see inside of her ship. Because it’s happening to just one person, the rest of the world has described this phenomenon as hallucinations due to stress. However, when Kate (Jessica De Gouw) finally understands what’s going on, she escapes with another version of herself from ten years ago! 

Now both have to find their way out before entering into a future where it all goes downhill for humanity. With Jessica De Gouw at the helm, you know there are some trippy scenes ahead, but I don’t think this movie is totally about aliens because, oh no. it also delves deep into psychological terror territory!

24. Rememory

Rememory is the perfect movie for anyone who loves the Netflix original Black Mirror. The film tells the story of Sam Bloom (Peter Dinklage), whose sister has been killed in an accident, and his brother-in-law is being blamed for it. He then goes to this company called Rememory which will extract memories from people’s brains, but he finds out that these memories are digitized into videos and stored on hard drives.

What’s so trippy about Rememory? It begins with a flashback sequence as we see Peter Dinklage driving down some roads looking very distressed before arriving at someone’s house where there seems to be something wrong. As much as I don’t want to spoil anything more than what you can

25. Silence of the Lambs

25 Best Trippy Movies on Netflix (2021 Update)

A cult classic movie that you can watch on Netflix. Silence of the Lambs is about a young FBI agent, Clarice Starling, who has to interview an incarcerated and very manipulative cannibal killer to catch another serial killer called “Buffalo Bill”.

The Silence of the Lambs is one trippy movie because we’re introduced into this world where people are skinned alive by one deranged madman, but then there’s Buffalo Bill as well. So you have these two different sides that make up for some exciting scenes throughout this movie which perfectly represent the word trippy.

To conclude our list, we would like to add that there are plenty more trippy movies on Netflix; this is simply a selection of the best ones. We hope you enjoyed our article and encourage you to read some other pieces about similar topics in the future!

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