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47 Ronin is a cool samurai story adapted into a movie in 2013, starring Keanu Reeves in the main role. It wasn’t a huge hit, though, but now, nine years later, another 47 Ronin movie has not only been announced but named as well: Blade of the 47 Ronin. It sets the story 300 years after the first film, and the samurai have to work secretly in the modern world.

There are several movies about the 47 Ronin, though, that aren’t necessarily a part of this series, dating all the way back to 1941. So, without further ado, here’s a complete guide through the 47 Ronin movies, including where to watch them and in which order.

How many 47 Ronin movies are there?

There are two 47 Ronin movies in the series, with the second movie coming out on October 25, 2022. The first movie was made in 2013, and now, the sequel will completely change the cast and take place 300 years after the first film. There are other versions of 47 Ronin films out there, but they aren’t a part of this particular series.

47 Ronin movies in order (at a glance)

As I’ve mentioned, there are two 47 Ronin movies in the series with Keanu Reeves. They are as follows:

  1. 47 Ronin (2013)
  2. Blade of the 47 Ronin (TBR on October 2022)

However, the story of 47 Ronin has been adapted into movies much earlier. Some of those movies (unrelated to the series at hand whatsoever) are The 47 Ronin (1941) – a two-part, four-hour film, The Loyal 47 Ronin (1958) – a Japanese version of the film, originally titled Chushingura, and 47 Ronin (1994) – a newer version of the story from Japan.

What is the best way to watch 47 Ronin movies?

Undoubtedly, the best way to watch 47 Ronin movies is in release order, as it’s also the chronological order. Also, at the time of writing, the 2022 sequel hasn’t yet hit theaters, so it might be a good idea to refresh your memory or watch the 2013 movie for the first time as we wait for the new film.

47 Ronin movies in order of release

47 Ronin (2013)

47 ronin 1

IMDb rating: 6.2/10

Director: Carl Rinsch

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy

Stars: Keanu Reaves, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ko Shibasaki

Synopsis: Lord Asano and his samurai Oishi (Keanu Reeves) stumble upon a half-breed in the forest while they are hunting. They decide to save him and take him back to Ako and live in the castle.

Years later, when Lord Asano is bewitched and dishonored by a Shogun visiting Ako, the samurai (now Ronin) and the half-breed set out to avenge Lord Asano and bring back honor to his name.

Watch the trailer here.


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Blade of the 47 Ronin (TBR on October 25, 2022)

47 ronin 2

IMDb rating: TBD

Director: Ron Yuan

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy

Stars: Anna Akana, Teresa Ting, Mike Moh

Synopsis: The movie takes place 300 years after the events of 47 Ronin (2013), in the present, where Ronin warriors and Samurai clans exist, but their work is in complete secrecy. Blade of the 47 Ronin will have an all-new cast but will work as a sequel to the first film.

Word from the director: “This is a female-driven story, with our main group of heroes — Luna, Onami, Aya, and Mai — fighting alongside Reo, who is a male Ronin (exiled Samurai), for the fulfillment of the prophecy. 

They are also fighting against ingrained prejudices of the other clans about female warriors. The story of strong females fighting against societal pressures and expectations is really timely.”

Watch the trailer here.

Where to watch 47 Ronin movies?

47 Ronin (2013) is available on almost every platform you can imagine, but it depends on the country you live in. In some countries, 47 Ronin is available on Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, and even Netflix. If you’re not a fan of platforms, you can get 47 Ronin on Blu-Ray, or on DIRECTV, Vudu, Cinemax Amazon Channel, Apple TV, Google Play, and more.

As for the Blade of the 47 Ronin, it’s still unclear where the movie will be available in terms of streaming, but you will be able to own it on Digital or Blu-Ray starting on October 25, 2022.

Do you need to watch 47 Ronin movies in order?

You should watch 47 Ronin movies in order of release, as the 2022 movie will serve as a sequel to the 2013 film. Nevertheless, there’s a three-hundred-year gap between the two stories, so although they’re technically sequels, the plot and the characters will likely be completely different and only reference the first movie instead of actually continuing the plot.


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Are 47 Ronin movies connected?

We still don’t know the exact plot of Blade of the 47 Ronin, so we don’t know how connected the two 47 Ronin movies will be. We do know that there will be some sort of a connection, as said on the sequel’s IMDb page. We’ll have to wait a bit more to know the extent of the connection.

Will there be more 47 Ronin movies?

As of now, we know that the 2022 sequel Blade of the 47 Ronin is coming out for sure after being delayed a few times due to COVID-19. However, there’s still no word about a potential third movie beyond that, especially considering we have no idea what kind of success – if any – the second movie will garner. Judging by the first film, it likely won’t be a massive hit.

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