A Couple of Cuckoos Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity & More

A Couple of Cuckoos Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity & More

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In this article, we are going to present the main characters from A Couple of Cuckoos. The list is going to contain a number of main characters, of different affiliations, that have appeared in the manga and are set to appear in the anime. You’re going to find out their exact ages in the story and their dates of birth, their exact heights, and, of course, some of their main attributes. The main goal of this article is to provide you with a principal source of information about the main characters of A Couple of Cuckoos. A couple of Cuckoos is currently airing and the manga is being published, so we thought it opportune to provide you with basic information about the principal characters, so you know your way around the intricate social aspects of this series.

Nagi UminoMale17April 6JapaneseUnknown
Erika AmanoFemale17April 6Japanese160 cm
Sachi UminoFemale15September 3JapaneseUnknown
Hiro SegawaFemale17May 2Japanese162 cm
Ai MochizukiFemale18UnknownJapaneseUnknown
Shion AsumaMaleUnknownUnknownJapaneseUnknown
Asami SegawaFemaleUnknownUnknownJapaneseUnknown
Sousuke AmanoMalec. 22UnknownJapaneseUnknown

Nagi Umino


Nagi Umino is the main male protagonist of the A Couple of Cuckoos manga series. He is a second-year at Megurogawa Academy, placing second in his class. Nagi is the biological son of a famous hotel magnate, but due to confusion after his birth, he is raised by another family. Nagi seems so obsessed with studying that he studies day and night to get the best grades.

He can do just about anything, from housework to schoolwork, and puts his cooking skills to the test by preparing delicious meals every day. He is a free and determined person with a stubborn attitude of never giving up. He is also naive when it comes to the girls around him. However, his benevolent nature means he protects those he loves by doing everything in his power to help them.

Erika Amano

Erika Amano

Erika Amano is the female protagonist of the A Couple of Cuckoos manga series. She is a popular Instagram celebrity and is the biological daughter of the same family that raised Nagi. She first meets him while making videos in a park and makes him pretend to be her boyfriend to escape an arranged marriage. Her parents arrange for her to be engaged to Nagi and they live together in one house.

After her school discovers the photos she took with him, she is forced to transfer to Nagi’s school. At first glance, she’s a spoiled brat living a carefree life. Although she doesn’t like to rely on others, she wouldn’t mind if it was Nagi who helps her in many ways. She also has a caring personality when talking kindly to Sachi Umino.

Sachi Umino

Sachi Umino

Sachi Umino is the adoptive younger sister of Nagi Umino and the biological younger sister of Erika Amano. Afraid that Nagi will leave her, she runs away from home and stays with Nagi and Erika. Sachi has bobbed blonde hair and light blue eyes. She wears a mostly white and secondarily blue schoolgirl uniform, knee-high socks, and black shoes. Nagi takes great care of her and treats her like a normal sister.

After Nagi leaves and stays with Erika, she is afraid that Nagi will leave and decides to move in with Nagi and Erika. They say she has Brother Complex. She didn’t exactly like Erika at first, but after getting to know her better, she started to like her and would visit Nagi and Erika just to see Erika. She also accepts Erika as her biological sister and is quite close to her as well.

Hiro Segawa

Hiro Segawa

Hiro Segawa is the main character and classmate of Nagi Umino, who ranks first in his class. She lives in a temple and also works as a miko. She later befriends Erika Amano. Hiro has purple hair and emerald green eyes. He’s a competitive guy. Nagi has a crush on her and is ready to confess as soon as he beats her in the school rankings. When Erika transfers to her school, she was the first person to approach her.

They become close friends and it turns out that she was also a fan of Erika since she follows her on Instagram. She is in the study group with Erika along with Nagi and enjoys helping her study.

Ai Mochizuki

A Couple of Cuckoos Ai Mochizuki 768x545 1

Ai Mochizuki is a popular online singer and Nagi Umino’s childhood friend who moved to China 7 years ago for her father’s job. She returns to Japan and decides to marry Nagi. Ai met Nagi Umino as a neighbor when they were kids and she was featured in a photo between him and Sachi Umino. As Ai was preparing to move out, Nagi asked her to marry him and she replied that she would tell him the next time they met.

She’s a very talented singer. She has loved Nagi since childhood as he is the first person to appreciate her singing when they first meet. The song she wrote for sang for Nagi. Her room is decorated with her photos.

Shion Asuma

Shion Asuma Ch15

Shion Asuma is a second-year student at Megurogawa Academy, who is the classmate of Nagi Umino. Not many additional data has been revealed about Shion so far, neither in the manga, nor in the anime.

Asami Segawa

Asami Segawa

Asami Segawa is a supporting character and priestess also the mother of Hiro Segawa. Not many additional data has been revealed about Asami so far, neither in the manga, nor in the anime.

Sousuke Amano

Sousuke Ch43

Sousuke Amanois Erika’s adoptive and Nagi’s biological older brother by a total of five years. Not much is known about him aside that he had ‘disappeared’ some time before the events of the arranged marriage had taken place. It is assumed that more information about him is going to be revealed as the plot progresses further.

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