‘A Discovery of Witches’ Season 3 Ending Explained

A Discovery of Witches has finally reached the end of the road, and it has done so in a fantastic fashion. The show based on the trilogy of books by Deborah Harkness has become one of the BBC’s most underrated shows in recent times. The series stars Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode in the roles of Diana and Matthew, a witch and a vampire who fall in love with each other, only to discover that the rules of their society prohibit their relationship. Can Diana and Matthew find the key to their happiness while also being able to live with everyone else they love?

Season 3 marks the end of the story, and it is a very satisfying one, as most characters finally realize their goals. The series has always been known for its excellent performances, fantastic lore, and very interesting take on magic and magical creatures. The idea of a magical society in decline seems like a very intriguing one, an idea full of possibilities. We might not get the chance to see more of this world after this season, but that is fine because what we got was a very solid story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Something which most stories on television never get the chance to have.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Season 3 of A Discovery of Witches. Read at your own risk.

Is Diana Able To Rescue Matthew?

The end of the series begins with Matthew trapped by Benjamin. It seems like Matthew is on the border of death, and there is no amount of blood that will help him recover. Benjamin sends a message to the Congregation. Diana gathers a group composed of Baldwin, Marcus, Miriam, and Gallowglass. They discover the place where Matthew is, and they travel to Poland. There, Diana and the rest of the team discover Matthew without his heart. However, it seems to be a trap.

Diana uncovers the veil of the illusion and faces once and for all against Satu. The witch is adamant about getting her hands on the Book of Life, but Diana has no time for this small bickering, and in contrast to her character in season one, Diana embraces her full power. Satu has no way of withstanding Diana’s power and falls before her. Diana binds the powers of the witch, making her just a normal being once more. Diana then prepares to fight Benjamin. The fight is fierce, but Diana comes out on top, delivering the final blow.

Matthew is translated to a safe house where he can recover from his wounds. There, Diana takes her next step in trying to save his family from annihilation. Gerbert plans to go to the congregation and accuse Diana and Matthew of having broken all laws. He will ask for the execution of Diana, Matthew, and their twin children. It seems rather harsh, but Gerbert has no sympathy. He is, of course, battling for the interests of the vampires and plans to give no quarter on that front. However, Diana has a plan in her hands.

How Is Diana Able To Save Her Family Against The Congregation?

Since the start of the series, it has been established that the rules that make up the magic world are a bit strict. The world has changed around the world of demons, witches, and other night creatures, but their society has not changed along with the rest of the world. The result of such stagnation is the fact that the number of magical creatures is dwindling. Diana using her knowledge of genetics and also the book of life, makes a powerful discovery, one that basically gives the series its name.

Diana and Matthew make a connection in their research, and they reveal that Diana has part demon blood. Her DNA then has the necessary properties to sustain interbreeding. This is how she was able to have the children of a vampire when she is a witch. This discovery would change the entire lives of the magical society. For millennia, segregation between the species has been the key for the species to remain hidden from humans, but taken to the extreme, it has also meant that the species won’t be able to survive for long.

The Congregation meets to talk about these matters, and Diana proposes the abolition of the Covenant, which would eliminate segregation between the species and give a revival to all magical species. Gerbert, of course, is against the motion, but he is outvoted by everyone else. He tries to make a countermotion to put Diana and his family to death, but he fails again. In the end, the Covenant is abolished, and all charges against Diana and her family are dropped.

The series ends with Agatha becoming the new leader of the Congregation, assuring that those who have not been heard in the past are heard now. She returns with her family, and it seems like the magical society is thriving once again. We see as Diana makes an account of this story in the pages of the book of life, and he grabs the hand of Matthew for one last dance before the credits roll.

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