20 Adult TV Shows Like ‘Invincible’ (Animated & Live Action)

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One of the recent ones is certainly Amazon’s Invincible, an animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s cult classic comic book about Marky Grayson, who, at the age of 17, discovers he possesses superpowers just like his father. The first season of the show ended on April 29, 2021, and while we’re waiting for Season 2 of this critically acclaimed show, we decided to bring you a list of the 20 best TV shows like Invincible, ten animated and ten live-action, which you can certainly enjoy while waiting. Enjoy!

10 animated TV shows like Invincible

1. One-Punch Man


Well, as far as anime is concerned, One-Punch Man is certainly among the most popular recent titles available for viewing. This show about a very bored superhero might not be completely like Invincible, as the concept is largely different. Still, it shares enough common elements, including the violence and the somewhat ironical subtext, for us to list it here as a show that you’ll likely end up loving if you liked Invincible.

2. Samurai Jack

samurai jack aku.0

Cartoon Network did have its fair share of mature cartoons, but Samurai Jack is probably the darkest among them. This anime-inspired cartoon was a hit for Cartoon Network because it was very different from what Cartoon Network generally had to offer. The story was truly amazing, the dystopian setting felt authentic, and Samurai Jack was an interesting piece of adult animation that you could like if you liked Invincible, which is why we recommend it here.

3. Undone


Although Undone is much lighter in tone than Invincible, this show is a good match because it explores the traditional elements of a coming-of-age drama in a superheroic (or supernatural) setting. Undone is yet another Amazon Prime show, proving that the service is doing a good job with its superhero productions. We really do think that you’ll like Undone as much as we did, and seeing how we only have one season so far, it won’t take long for you to get hooked to the show. Plus, the animation is truly amazing!


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4. Primal


From the creative genius that brought us Samurai Jack, Primal is a thrilling new show that doesn’t really have to do with superheroes. Still, its brutality and realism are what we think might be appealing to Invincible fans. Primal is set in a prehistoric setting, and in that aspect, Genndy Tartakovsky managed to do wonders with the plot and the show’s authenticity. Primal is definitely something we’d recommend, and we are certain you’ll enjoy it.

5. The Awesomes

the awesomes on hulu

As far as The Awesomes are concerned, they’re in a way a spiritual predecessor of Invincible, with the main difference being that The Awesomes was never intended to be a dark, brutal, and gritty representation of the superhero world, but rather a much more relaxed and socially aware version. The coming-of-age aspect is great, though, along with the humor, and the show tackled some important social issues, which is why we definitely recommend it.

6. Spawn


Controversial in many ways, Spawn is a brilliant example of a show that takes the issues of Invincible and brings them onto a completely new level regarding adult content. Disgusting, bloody, and full of gore, Spawn is considered a classic of superhero animation and a show that has achieved cult status with only 18 episodes. If you like a darker show, the Spawn animated series will certainly be something you’ll enjoy wholeheartedly.

7. Batman: The Animated Series

Batman TAS

Okay, Batman: The Animated Series is neither dark as Invincible nor is it a coming-of-age story for the most part. But Batman: The Animated Series was a revolutionary work when superhero animation was concerned, and it is undoubtedly the best-animated superhero show in history and among the best-animated series in general. Although aimed at kids, the show is dark, it tackled very mature subjects, and is in many ways a true masterpiece, which is why you definitely need to see it if you’re a fan of the genre.


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8. My Hero Academia

My HEro Academia Season 5 New Trailer Deku Screenshot.0

My Hero Academia is, in many ways, the perfect pair of Invincible, although there are some crucial differences. These two shows are very similar; they both have a darker aspect, and they have a coming-of-age element, both of which are crucial for both shows per se. The anime has a somewhat different approach to the topic, but that is more a question of style than anything else. In the essential sense, My Hero Academia is a show you should like if you liked Invincible, which is why we recommend it.

9. Death Note


Death Note might not be your first pick when you think of Invincible but bear with us on this one. Death Note doesn’t really have to do anything with superheroes or coming-of-age stories. Still, its supernatural mystery and its style certainly make it one of the best adult-orientated anime series you can watch. It is exceptionally thrilling, and if you decide to watch the whole series, you won’t be able to predict what will happen until the very end.


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10. Castlevania


Castlevania is more of a fantasy/horror show than something directly connected to Invincible. Still, we have decided to list this cult anime series because of its darker tone and the fact that it is certainly among the best adult-themed anime series today. Castlevania has also achieved fame in the West, and its dark, gritty, and graphic approach to the show itself is something we adore and are sure you’ll adore too if you liked Invincible.

10 live-action TV shows like Invincible

1. The Boys

boys comic con amazon prime activation panel 2019

Invincible is undoubtedly a spiritual successor to The Boys, and that explains why we actually started this section with this exact show. The Boys are brutal. They’re thrilling, hilarious, and, above all, quite important from a social and cultural point of view. The fact that this show is also Amazon’s further adds to the connection, and we can honestly guarantee you that you’ll love The Boys if you’re a fan of Invincible.

2. Preacher

Preacher scaled

Another comic book adaptation, Preacher was a well-written show that truly captured most of the spirit of the original comic book. The show wasn’t a cult classic, and it ended after three seasons. Still, it retained the original comic book’s gritty and violent atmosphere, making it somewhat comparable to Invincible. Invincible does seem to be a better choice, but Preacher will certainly entertain you more than enough, which is why we recommend it.

3. Doom Patrol

doom patrol primary

As far as comic book adaptations go, DC’s Doom Patrol is one of the more entertaining shows. It is quirky and full of strange yet lovable characters, making this show so charmingly good. It doesn’t have the same level of darkness and seriousness as Invincible. Still, it’s equally entertaining and fun, with very likable characters, which is similar to Amazon’s animated superhero series.


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4. Misfits


Misfits is, along with The Boys, the best alternative if you want something similar to Invincible. Although not an animated work, Misfits is a truly dark and gritty tale about the unlikely superheroes of our age, about actual misfits who obtain superpowers and now have to figure out what to do with them. The characters aren’t really of the same type as in Invincible, but the whole idea and the show’s structure are similar enough for us to recommend it wholeheartedly.

5. Happy!

Happy screenshot

This strange blend of live-action and animation that once again shows the majestic acting talents of Christopher Meloni is a dearly missed show that certainly ended too soon. It was a very creative concept, and it had more than enough darkness and depth for us to list it here as a good alternative for Invincible, although the shows do have a lot of differences concept-wise. Still, Happy! is certainly a show worth watching, so we recommend it.

6. The Defenders


Marvel has a lot of different TV shows at the moment, but only two of them really fit the mold needed for this list; one of them is The Defenders. A team-up of several of Marvel’s television heroes, The Defenders was a show that had us “at hello” and we’re quite happy to have had the opportunity to see it. It was well-written, it had depth, it had great characters, and it was similar to Invincible in more than enough ways for us to recommend it here.

7. Gotham


Okay, Gotham technically wasn’t a superhero show, but Fox’s take on the origins of the Batman mythos was a critically acclaimed show that we truly loved. The show dared to explore many different angles, giving us a new perspective on a well-known fictional universe. The show’s darkness and originality are where it compares to Invincible, and although this is more of a police procedural thriller/drama, we still think it’s worth it.


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8. Chuck


Now, Chuck is more of a comedy show, and it has nothing to do with superheroes in the traditional sense, but it’s quite entertaining, and we’ve had loads of fun watching it. It’s an adventure for you as it can expand your point of view, which is why we have decided to list the show here. Also, it has a very unlikely hero, a common man in a world of intrigue, which makes it even more interesting and worthwhile, as you can relate to the titular protagonist.

9. The Mandalorian

mandalorian 104 4 child mand 700x380 1

Disney’s The Mandalorian is an absolute hit that redeemed a whole generation of new Star Wars movies with an approach worthy of George Lucas’ Original Trilogy. The Mandalorian isn’t really about superheroes, but it is about unlikely heroes, change, growing up, and actual stakes. On top of that, it is, quality-wise, one of the best shows in recent years. This is why we think you could like it if you’re a fan of Invincible.

10. Daredevil


Daredevil is the second of the two Marvel shows we mentioned earlier as being worthy of comparison with Invincible. The style is similar to The Defenders, and the dark, mature approach to the story made Daredevil so popular and beloved. In that aspect, although Daredevil is a completely different brand of superhero, this show is something you’ll definitely enjoy, and with it, we complete our list of recommendations.

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