55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

We have often heard about the coming of age movies – but most of us don’t know much about the real meaning of such movies. Basically, these coming-of-age movies show the dramatic scenes of someone’s emotions along with someone’s life journey. These movies are portrayed in such a manner that the audience starts to relate them with their own lives. But what are the best movies of the coming ages of all time?

Coming of age movies indeed denote brutal honesty in that they clearly reflect your experiences into the story and characters. Up till now, there have been hundreds and thousands of coming-of-age movies from Daxed to breakfast club and sixteen candles to fast times. All are super plotted coming age movies. There have been hundreds of more super hit movies coming, and to decide the best movie for your free time, you need to have more options. So, without a-do. Read the following paragraphs and dive into the world of movies. 

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

I’ll enlist the top coming-of-age movies for you here. I will also discuss each one individually later on so that you can conveniently choose your preferred one.

1.          SuperBad

2.          Fast Times at Ridgemont High

3.          Sixteen Candles

4.          The Breakfast Club

5.          American Graffiti

6.          Pretty in Pink

7.          Stand by Me

8.          River’s Edge

9.          Mermaids

10.       Heavenly Creatures

11.       Empire of the Sun

12.       The Journey of Natty Gann 

13.       Tex 

14.       Holes 

15.       Dazed and Confused 

16.       Where the Day Takes You 

17.       Almost Famous 

18.       The Last Picture Show 

19.       Next Stop, Greenwich Village 

20.       Dead Poets Society 

And a handful of other movies as well that I will discuss in this article.

1. SuperBad

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

Superbad is a movie that revolves around the friends of high school who will pass out from school. In between these, they were invited to a well-organized house party. Together, with one of their friends, these boys try to score a lot of alcohol and then inebriate the girls to take it. The plot of the movie gets twisted as one boy gets into the hands of an incompetent cop. Thus, the story shows a phase change of high school students who want to get into sex before passing out of high school.

2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Fast times at Ridgemont is another excellent movie. The movie revolves around the beautiful yet inexperienced teenage girl, Stacy Hamilton, who wants to do dating. Moreover, a friend of that girl named Linda Barett advises the girl to go on a date. The story further moves into a love triangle where the girl Stacy fell in love with a nice person named Mark, and his old colleague fell into the love of Stacy. Thus, this is an intense love story where life gets into a different phase

3. Sixteen Candles

The movie Sixteen candles are plotted around the occasion of a wedding and the relationship between sister-brother and their own lives. Samantha is a young girl who has turned 16th on the other side. The marriage of Samantha’s sisters is going on, which makes everyone forget about Samantha’s birthday. Meanwhile, Samantha fell in love with an older boy, Jake. 

However, she takes a step back due to the risk of things getting worse as Jake is one of the school’s most popular boys. Furthermore, a nerdy boy named Ted- the teddy seems to have high affections for Samantha. However, Samantha rejected that. Thus, the story moves around the change of phases in Samantha’s life.

4. The Breakfast Club

The movie breakfast club was released in 1985. The story revolves around the five students of high school who randomly meet each other in detention and suddenly feel an extraordinary common thing between them. Thus, the movie shows how the five students from different aspects of life come together and how the phase of life changes. Hence, it is a good movie, and you can try in once 

5. American Graffiti

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie falls under the comedy section. It revolves around a high school student who goes on a final night together on the streets of California, cruising the strip and having fun. The friends include Curt, Steve, Terry, and John. Another boy jockey sings rock and roll tunes, and thus, all these students enjoyed themselves. There is another aspect of Steve’s high school crush for whom Steve has massive feelings. Hence, it is an exceptionally plotted story that represents the incidents with the students before they start a new mature grown-up life.

6. Pretty in Pink

The movie Pretty in pink is one of the most famous coming-of-age movies. The movie revolves around a pretty girl Andie who is a high school in Chicago. Andie went through the two options: hang out with her boss, Annie Potts – the owner of a record store, or hang out with an old classmate Duckie, who has accepted his feelings for Andie.

Moreover, Andie is offered a date by one of Blane’s most popular and rich kids. Soon Andie finds herself in love with Blaine. At the end of the movie, Andie realizes that dating a guy from a different social status is complicated. Hence, the movie shows the phases of Andie’s life.

7. Stand by Me

Stand by me is an adventurous movie from 1986. The plotted storyline of the movie revolves around Oregon boys who went to rural homes to see the dead body of a person who had been killed accidentally. Moreover, on the way to the rural home, the four boys, Gordie, Vern, Chris, and Teddy, spotted a trash man and marshes full of leeches. The curious get across different adventures to find out the absolute truth. Thus, the movie depicts the phases of boy life during adventures. 

8. River’s Edge

The movie River’s Edge is based on a Crime plot where a high school teenage boy, Samson, kills his girlfriend and leaves the body at the riverside on the small outskirt of California. Samson told all the truth to his friends and brought them where the body was placed. Soon, the friends, after seeing, got worried and started shouting at each other. Two friends of Samson, Matt, and Clarissa did not want to help Samson and wanted to inform the cops.

 Thus, the movie shows the phases of crime, the life of Samson and his friends. The movie was named “River edge” because the main plot of crime happens at the side of a river.

9. Mermaids

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie Mermaid has a storyline that revolves around a mother and her two daughters. It has been seen that both mother and daughters have been moved from different towns, and now they have settled in a small village near California. Here the daughters started a hope of settling forever. However, soon the mother fell in love and started dating that man.

 Meanwhile, the two sisters, Charlotte and Kate, seeing their mother dating, get in feelings and attraction for a much older person than them. Thus, the movies depict the stages of life of Charlotte, her sister, and her mother’s internal relation and their external lives.

10. Heavenly Creatures

The movie Heavenly creatures revolve around a crime drama where two teenage girls who met in New Zealand fall in extreme friendship and start sharing a unique bond. On realizing the urgency of unhealthy friendship, the parents of both girls tried to separate them, but it was too late. The girls decide to move to America and stay away from anyone who tries to keep them apart. Thus, the storyline shows the intense bond of girls and their intense changes in life after an extreme emotion.

11. Empire of Sun

The movie Empire of the sun is an Action historical story. The movie depicts a young boy named Jamie who gets captured when the Japanese invade Shanghai. On becoming the captive, Jamie is captured by being an American sailor. However, Jamie is a young boy, away from his parents. He still shows great youthful charm and spirits in prison and shows the captives a sign of hope.

12. The Journey of Natty Gann 

The movie Journey of Natty Gann infers an adventurous storyline where a boy, a natty gann who lives in Chicago with his guardian, comes across a reality of being abandoned by the guardian; thus, he decides to run away and to find his birth father. Embarking on railway journeys across the country. Thus, the movie depicts the life phases of the young boy

13. Tex 

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie Tex is the story of the three brothers and their families. The family is said to live in a rural area and faced significant troubles after the death of their mother and after the leftover of their father. The three young boys are forced to live on their own and meet a lot of difficulties. Meanwhile, one of the three boys, Tex, falls in love with a local girl named Jamie, his childhood friend’s sister.

 However, with the rude reaction of his father, things get worse. Thus, the movie goes around the change of life phase of the three brothers, especially Tex.

14. Holes 

The movie Holes is an adventure yet suspense movie. In the movie, a convicted boy has been sent to the detention camp arranged in the deserts. The boy, however, seems to have some mysterious reason for joining the camp. Moreover, the camp warden has been brutal with a boy and forced him to dig holes all day in the desert. Thus, the movie is full of suspense and has different stages of rehabilitation

15. Dazed and Confused 

The movie dazed and confused revolves around the high school adventures of junior mates and senior students. The high school students are seen enjoying the last day party of high school-however, the incident of bullying happens. Thus, the story depicts comedy yet crime and shows the change of stages of students and the emotions related to bullying.

16. Where the Day Takes You 

The movie where the day takes you has a thrilling story plot. The story revolves around a king and his people. The king was a young man and acted as a leading mentor for the troubled kids. Moreover, there is a girl named heather- she belongs to Chicago, and once she hangs out with the king, the entire hierarchy of the gang changes. Thus, the movie shows the phases of life.

17. Almost Famous 

Almost Famous is a movie that revolves around the theme of adventure and comedy. The story goes around a funny yet young boy of 15 years who was given a chance to write in a rolling stone magazine, and to write it; the boy goes with the band Stillwater. Thus, the story depicts the rolls and downs of the band when the boy accompanies it on tour.

18. Last Picture

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie Last picture depicts the theme of romance. The movie revolves around the two best friends, Sonny and Duane, who live in Texas. In the meantime, both boys have a romantic conversion. Duane is dating a local girl Jacky while Sonny has an affair with the coach’s wife, Ruth. Well, it is seen that after the graduation both boys decide to gain a better future and for this both try all. At last, Duane joins the army, and Sonny starts a local business. Thus, the movies show the phases of life and emotions and change their bachelor life into a mature one.

19. Next Stop, Greenwich Village 

The story of Next stop has a comedy genre. It revolves around the newly passed out college students and their life. The story shows the boy lady who, after passing out, tries to become an actor and soon after joining she has secured her worth among the best young creative types. The story gets twisted when the lady finds himself on the breakthrough of his career, and it gets difficult for his mother to allow him to go. Thus, the movie shows the life aspects of Lary

20. Dead Poets Society 

The movie Dead poet society depicts the theme of and motivation. The story revolves around a new boarding school teacher who utilizes his poetry, which brings the self to belief and self-expression. Moreover, using his poetry, different students get motivated and reach out to new heights. Hence the story shows the phase of emotions along with the changes.

21. The Karate Kid

Karate Kid depicts a teenage boy who moves to California and his mother but soon finds himself in trouble. When the group of boys studying karate started bullying the young boy. However, the young boy then met with a karate master who, on the request, agreed to teach him karate. Thus, the movie shows the change of boy life from a weak bullied boy to a strong one.

22. Say Anything

The movie has many themes of comedy and romance. The story revolves around a beautiful high school that fell in love in the summers. The girl named Diane was proposed to by one of his schoolmates named Lloyd. Soon both find themselves in great emotions for each other. However, the problem arose when Diane’s possessive father rejected this proposal. Thus, the story shows the power of love and the life stages of both Diane and Lloyd.

23. Ferris Buller’s Day Off 

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie Ferris Buller’s Day off seems to be a comedy movie. The story revolves around a high school boy Ferris Bulllier, who decides to take an off from school for a one-day trip. In between this, he rents a Ferrari and goes on a tour of Chicago. However, on knowing all this, the Ferris Bueller principal decides to catch red-handed.

24. Bridge to Terabithia 

The Movie Bridge to Terabithia has a theme of fantasy. The movie revolves around Jesse and Leslie’s two young friends, who make their world of magical creatures and name them Terabithia. However, both girls and boys belong to the lower middle family where it is challenging to manage ordinary lives- here in their magical world, both rule as a king and queen, respectively. Thus, the story depicts the high intense emotions of both friends with Terabithia.

25. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 

The movie Sisterhood of the traveling pants depicts the theme of romance and comedy. The story shows the life of 4 best friends who have lived together for years. However, now they all are going to get apart from each other for a few months. So, to get connected, they took out the jeans pants from the second-hand shop, exchanged them, and decided to get connected in the form of jeans. Thus, the story denoted their intense emotions and the change in the life of those girls.

26. Rebel Without a Cause 

The movie Rebel without a cause depicts the life of a young man with a past full of troubles, who came to live in a new town and, due to his rebellious nature, creates problems in the new city too. Moreover, in between trying to control himself, the boy started having a good relationship with one of his classmates who is mentally depressed. The boy also falls in love with a local girl. However, that girl is found in a relationship with one of his neighbors. When that neighbor came to know about the reality of this boy’s feelings for her girlfriend, the real problems began. Thus, the movie denotes the ultimate emotions 

27. East of Eden  

The movie East of Eden shows the family issues when Cal’s younger brother feels that his father loves his elder brother, Aron. Even when Cal goes on a business trip, he doesn’t support his father and mother. Thus, it made him aggressive. Things get intense when Cal falls into emotions with the girlfriend of his brother Aron. Hence, the movie denotes the life of the boys along with feelings.

28. Mean Girls 

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie Mean Girl shows a girl who gains her early education from her parents and moves to Illinois. The movie thus indicates the girl’s new experience of a school. The girl became the subject of the tactics in the school. Soon she finds a group of incredible students, and the name is known as “The plastics.” 

29. The Yearling 

The movie Yearling has a family theme. The movie shows a family – the father (Penny), the mother (sorry), and their only living son (Jody). Both the penny and worry work on the farm. The problem begins when Jody goes on a companionship trip and finds his companion- an orphaned fawn. However, on Jody penny’s powerful argument, agree to take care of these few, but pray to stay resistive. This leads to conflict.

30. The Secret Garden 

The movie Secret Garden is a family theme movie. The movie shows the life of a girl who has now come to her uncle’s place to live as her family and mother died. The girl finds some interesting facts from family history to the child’s secrets at her uncle’s place. Thus, the story demotes the change of stages along with mystery

31. Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 

The movie Vines have tender grapes reflects the theme of a family where a Norwegian farmer brings her daughter with so much affection and care during world war 2. The farmer used to live on the farm. However, along with his cousin, the girl reads most of the book and plans to visit the element circus.

32. West Side Story 

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie West side story depicts the love and war theme. The story goes around when two, Romeo and Juliet, from two opposite gangs, fall in love on the streets of New York. Thus, the movie denotes the change of their life, tensions, and the courage to accept love.

33. Treasure Island 

The movie Treasure Island revolves around a young Jim who lives with his mom in a small town. Soon, a person ‘Billy ‘comes in search of treasure and dies there. Meanwhile, Jim takes over the things, especially the map Billy possesses. Jim then convinces the authorities to follow the map, which shows the treasure in the pirate ship. Thus, the movie mainly depicts the family and the adventure.

34. Bad Boys

The movie Bad boys denote the theme of the crime and thrill when a young boy named O’Brien is sent to prison to kill a gang leader’s younger brother. The story mainly depicts the brutal prison life and change of life stages in revenge and rivalry.

35. White Oleander 

The movie White Oleander shows the journey of a teenager who goes through a series of foster homes. After her mother was arrested and was put into prison for doing a crime. Thus, the movie depicts the change of events and emotions.

36. A Bronx Tale 

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie Bronx Tale revolves around the theme of crime and romance. The story shows a teenage boy who gets under the guidance of his neighbor Sonny- who initiates the boy and brings him into the conflict of gangsters. Thus, the story shows the boy’s father worried about his son’s activities.

 37. A Little Romance 

The movie a little romance shows the theme of romance and adventure. The story depicts a teenager named Lauren who lives in Paris with her mother. On the other hand, there is a teenage boy named Daniel, and soon after meeting, both fall in love with each other. However, Lauren’s mother forbids the two lovebirds to do so. Thus, the story denotes the courage of two lovebirds to fight for their love and their change in life.

38. The Man in the Moon

The movie Man in the moon denotes the theme of romance. The story revolves around Maureen and her yonder brother Dani – both are said to have a strong connection. Well, with jealousy, a local boy Court foster threatens the siblings to destroy them. Thus, the movie shows the rivalry.

 39. Mask 

The movie Mask denotes the story of a boy named Rock- intelligent and witty; however, he has a problem of facial deformity and has isolated himself in the outskirts of two. On the other hand, her mother fights with the public system to make her child socially accepted. 

 40. October Sky 

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie October sky shows the family of a man Homer Hickman, a coal miner. He loves his job and even expects his sons Jim and Homer to become coal miners. However, both sons have different interests. Jim joined the football club as he got the scholarship there, and Homer became interested in rocket science; however, his father disapproved of this interest. But Homer still practices making rockets with his friends, hoping that rocket science will make his father agree and give them a good lifestyle.

41. Road to Perdition

The movie Road to perdition revolves around the boy who witnessed a murder and got detention from an influencer who made this witness a reason to kill Sullivan’s wife and the young son. Thus, the story depicts the journey of revenge. 

42. Scent of A Woman 

The movie scent went around a story when a young high school boy decided to work to bear his college admission. In the meantime, he got the job of babysitting the blinking man who was the retired colonel from the US army.

43. Spider-Man 

The movie spider man denotes the science-fictional theme when the spider bit a young boy from high school and genetically modified and got the spider’s abilities and eventually started fighting against the evil and promoting the good cause. The spider-man then became known as the superhero.

44. That Thing You Do! 

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie that you do revolves around the bands. Wily, the beautiful brand manager of the small-town band, helps the band secure great success and releases the song Beatles style. On the other hand, the brand Pennsylvania got fame due to its recent drum album. Thus, the story shows the rise of the brand with the help of its brand managers.

 45. This Boy’s Life

The movie boy’s life depicts the relationship of a young teenage boy with his stepfather. Toby and his mom shifted to Washington, where his mom met a guy named Dwight. Time flies and both get married. Well, after a few times of relaxation, things got into trouble, and Dwight started abusing his stepson. Thus, the story shows the change in the relationship between father and son. 

46. The Trouble with Angels 

The movie Trouble with angels shows the story of the two teenage girls of St. Francis academy – who find the mother of boarding school so harsh. In the meantime, they got bored of their boarding life and thus started using pranks on the nuns. Therefore, as time passes, the two girls realize their mistakes and get mature.

47. The Moon-Spinners 

In the movie, Moon spinners go around the teenage girl who comes to the island of creation to spend her holiday and soon finds herself falling in love with a mysterious English man who is said to be in the case of robbery.

48. In Search of the Castaways 

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie in search of the castaways denotes the theme of the family. Along with her brother Robert, the young man started on a dangerous yet adventurous curiosity to find their father. The latter was the sea captain and has disappeared from the Chilean coast. Thus, the movie depicts the hardships the two siblings have gone through for their father.

49. Big 

The movie Big shows the life of 12-year-old Josh and 30-year-old Tom- both try to get a job in New York and thus find a low-level job at a toy company. The chance of promotion arises when the company’s owner comes into the company to test toys. Meanwhile, one of the colleagues at the company is staring, falling in feelings with Josh. Thus, the story denotes the stages of life in Josh, Susan, and Tom’s life.

50. Mad About Music

The Movie Mad about the Music is a story revolving around a woman who works in a school. She plotted up the stories and wrote up the letter to the imaginary characters. Things get problematic when she brings up the character of the fake father. 

51. Moonlight

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie Moonlight shows the story of a boy named Chiron. The movie focuses on the life of Chiron from childhood to adulthood. The movie not shows this but also tells the different periods when Chiron learns something new. This film thus indicates the reality of Chiron’s life.

52. Lady Bird

The movie Ladybird goes around the girl named Greta Gerwig, who was nominated as the solo directorial debut but soon gets into the problem as significant is then required to move to another town. However, her mother thinks that Greta should visit the state school rather than another school due to financial issues. The story has a funny theme indeed.

53. Call Me by Your Name

The movie calls me by Your name is a story that revolves around 17-year-old Elio and 24 years Oliver. Back in 1983, Elio was found to come to his father’s home for the summer holidays. There Elio met Oliver, who came there to become an assistant for Elio’s father. Soon after meeting up, both Elio and Oliver find themself in falling for each other. Thus, the story denotes the transformation of a familiar meet-up story into an intense romance.

54. The Parent Trap

The parent trap movie denotes the life of the two identical twin sisters who get separated early due to the divorce between their parents. Years later now, the movie shows the struggles of two sisters who tried to bring their parents back

55. Girl Hood

55 Best Coming of Ages Movies

The movie 55 girlhood movies show the story of a girl named Marie. Marie is found to bear the abusive yet heartbreaking remarks of her brother at home. The girl also gets into trouble and soon falls into the local bad girl’s group. The girl has then made some foolish and enthusiastic decisions. Thus, the movie depicts the change in a girl’s life.

Coming of age movies are still one of the most favorite movie genres. So, for now, we have discussed the 55 best films of the coming ages. 

So, what you are waiting for, read out the movie details and choose your favorite movie for your free time chill!

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