‘Aftermath’ Review: A Haunted House Cliche

'Aftermath' Review

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Aftermath, a horror mystery on Netflix, works surprisingly well. From the plot’s intrigue to the moments of gruesome terror. It’s a little lengthy, but the language is genuine, and the narrative is well-crafted. Click here to read our entire Aftermath movie review!

Shawn Ashmore and Ashley Green appear in the new Netflix horror mystery Aftermath. I had no idea what to anticipate, yet the dialogue brought the entire tale together from the start. Conversations are rarely noticed unless it is either poor or excellent. It’s unexpectedly lovely in this situation since it seems authentic and genuine.

Yes, Aftermath is based on a true story, which you can read about here *spoilers*.

'Aftermath' Review

Even though this is only a tiny portion of the storyline, the underlying mystery of the haunted home story works effectively. Also, I never expected the horror parts of this film to work so effectively.

The married pair, played by Shawn Ashmore (Devil’s Gate) and Ashley Greene, are the heart of Aftermath (the Twilight movies). The house where a murder-suicide occurred, on the other hand, plays an important role. However, this is not the only aspect, and everything works well and fits together beautifully.

One factor is that the spouse (Shawn Ashmore) works at a crime scene cleanup company. This leads to some gruesome scenarios involving several “creative” crime scenes along the road. Then there are the eerie moments in the home, which are incredibly effective in their simplicity.

Sure, you could predict aspects of this horror-mystery around midway through, but it doesn’t detract from the picture. Essentially, it indicates that you’ve seen many movies and are aware of what may occur in these types of horror films.

You’re highly likely to guess the conclusion of Aftermath. Or maybe just parts of the Aftermath finale. There are numerous narrative surprises in this Netflix movie, and there are indications throughout the film. When you think you’ve figured out one subject, another emerges as the main emphasis.

If you’ve seen movies involving hauntings, house invasions, and different “mind games” storylines, you’ll probably get it faster. Even if you predicted one or two of these narrative twists, there would be more. And the last one is unquestionably the most important!

Also, if you don’t think the ending of this movie is believable, you should check up on real stories and true crimes in this region. It’s more prevalent than you believe! I liked the conclusion, although we’ve already discussed numerous movies with similar storylines.

Peter Winther is the director of Aftermath, for which he also wrote the script. This is not Peter Winther’s first feature picture, although his prior films have a relatively poor IMDb rating (under 5). He has, however, been a producer on several notable films throughout the years. From The Patriot (2000) to the vampire film Bit, everyone has something (2019).

Lars. P. Winther, who has worked on some of the most notable films in recent years, is also a producer on this film. Including the upcoming The Suicide Squad (2021), The Hunt (2020), and several Avengers films. As a First Assistant Director or as a Producer. Alternatively, both! In case you were wondering, Lars and Peter Winther are brothers.

Dakota Gorman wrote the screenplay. Thus she is responsible for the excellent dialogue in this film. Dakota Gorman’s second feature film, after her writer-director debut with Natural Disasters in 2020. It’s worth noting that things mix it up anytime the film appears to be heading down a stereotyped route. That was fantastic!

The running time is a little over two hours. However, in terms of narrative, performance, and overall enjoyment, it’s a terrific film.

Aftermath is available on Netflix in most regions on August 4, 2021.

SCORE: 6/10

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