‘Agent Elvis’ Ending Explained: Is Elvis Able to Stop Malus’ Evil Plans?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Agent Elvis, Season 1. The new Netflix animated series focuses on the life of Elvis, the King of Rock n’ Roll, as he gets involved in the world of spies and assassins. Elvis needs to balance his life as one of the most famous artists in the world with his family, friends, and now his responsibilities to this clandestine organization managed by a man called The Commander. The result is a show that mixes fact and fiction in interesting and entertaining ways.

However, even when the cast of characters is so quirky, and the art style makes the show feel unique, the writing lets things down a bit. All the characters struggle to become interesting from beginning to end. Only Elvis himself and another character named CeCe manage to be fascinating enough, and it is a good choice that they are basically the story’s protagonists. Nevertheless, having a good and colorful cast of secondary characters always brings a lot of flavor to any story. At least, this first season of Agent Elvis is missing that factor.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Agent Elvis, season 1. Read at your own risk.

What Were The Commander’s Evil Plans In Agent Elvis?

At the start of the show, Elvis, our hero and overconfident global rock star finds himself in the middle of having a newly born daughter and getting his own show in Las Vegas. It seems like Elvis is on top of the world, and no one can stop him. However, as is usual in this kind of story, something has to come and crash the party. In this case, an assassin kidnaps Elvis while driving in his limousine. Who is this man? Certainly, no one good. Fortunately, Elvis is not alone. He is accompanied by his faithful chimpanzee, Scattered, who becomes a killing machine himself.

Scattered and Elvis manage to escape the car and dispatch the assassin, but questions remain. Is someone trying to kill Elvis? And why? It doesn’t seem like something logical that could happen, at least not in the world of the show. Elvis is a popular global sensation; everyone loves Elvis. The concept of someone trying to kill him baffles him and his entourage of people. Sadly, the attempts on his life keep happening, and this path leads Elvis to know a woman named CeCe, who saves him from one of these attempts on his life.

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CeCe is an explosive short-hair redhead who is as talented at killing as Elvis is at composing and performing music. Elvis gets recruited by CeCe into a spy organization focused on saving the world. Thus, Elvis becomes a sort of secret agent, and he and CeCe manage to go around the world and have many adventures. However, towards the end of the series, Elvis discovers that The Commander, the leader of the organization he is working for, has not always had the best intentions regarding Elvis.


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Elvis discovers that the Commander intends to weaponize Rock n’ Roll music. How? Well, he managed to create a device that could already amplify the extreme control Elvis had over his audience. Elvis’ control is quite powerful, and he can basically make his audience do anything for him. The Commander thought that such a power could be harnessed to make people fight, steal, and even kill, no questions asked. Elvis is mad that he has been used for such dreadful prospects. He shoots the Commander a couple of times and quits the organization.

Is Elvis Able To Stop Malus’ Evil Plans?

As the series moves forward, we start seeing sights of another secret organization complementary to the one Elvis is working for. If the Commander’s group is focused on saving the world, then this other organization is focused on destroying the world by creating chaos and disasters. This organization comes with the name Malus, and many of the agents that Elvis and CeCe have fought throughout the season are allies of this organization.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that in the season finale of Agent Elvis, Malus comes to light in a more concrete way. For a while, at the start of every episode, we have received a couple of flashbacks involving a young, blond kid in his fifties. This young man seems quite a nice teenager, and when he discovers Elvis’ music, he becomes quite a fan. However, this young man is living in a very conservative part of the country, and his father is a religious preacher, who believes that Elvis’ music is the devil’s music, so he forbids the young man from listening to Elvis.

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The young man’s father builds a pyre and burns Elvis’ records in front of his son while reciting the Bible. However, maybe because God likes Elvis, or something else entirely, the flames jump into the preacher’s suit and burn him dead. Not even when he jumps into a pool of water is enough to save him. The young man names himself Gabriel, who promises to kill Elvis one day for having burned and drowned his father. When we see Gabriel in the present, we discover he is the man behind everything and the leader of the Malus organization.


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Elvis has quit the organization, but the Commander asks for one more mission from him. It seems Malus is planning to use the brainwashing weapon the Commander was developing during Elvis’ concert, which will be broadcasted worldwide via satellite. Elvis, and his team, go to space to destroy the satellite and stop Malus’ evil plans. Scattered saves the day, but their spaceship is about to blow, so Elvis goes outside, willing to sacrifice his life for his friends. The season ends with both the ship and Elvis in flames as the ship re-enters Earth’s atmosphere. The fate of Elvis and the rest of the team is unknown.

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