15 Main Aggretsuko Characters Ranked by Cuteness

15 Main Aggretsuko Characters Ranked by Cuteness

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Aggretsuko, which is actually short for Aggressive Retsuko, is an ongoing Japanese ONA series focused on anthropomorphic animals. It is actually one of the better and more prominent examples of a modern-day anime trend, where anthropomorphic characters actually take the main roles in the series (another decent example is Odd Taxi). In this article, we are going to focus on the characters from the Aggretsuko anime series.

We’re going to introduce you to the 15 main characters of Aggretsuko by ranking them based on their cuteness. They are going to be ranked based on how cute they are (it’s a subjective list, don’t think otherwise) from the least cute to the cutest. You’re going to find out a bit about each of them as well. This is going to be your ultimate guide to the cuteness that is Aggretsuko and its characters.

Cutest Aggretsuko Characters

As said, the list is going to include a total of 15 characters, ranked from 15th to 1st place, based on their general level of cuteness in comparison to the other characters.

15. Himuro

The main antagonist in the fourth season and the new director of the company where Retsuko works. He went on a radical reorganization of the company, considering it hopelessly lagging behind. Thus, he hoped to lower the internal costs of the company, as part of the reorganization, he forced the resignation of director Don and sought to reduce the number of employees altogether.

He made Haida the new director of accounting, seeing potential in him, but dragged him into criminal activities, forcing him to inflate income data. After Retsuko and Don obtained evidence of the fraud, Himuro left the company.

14. Shachou


The CEO’s design is modeled after an African elephant. He has a pinkish-gray skin tone, large white tusks, and a short, stocky body. It is unclear if the wrinkles on his face are because he is older or simply because elephants are wrinkly. The CEO wears a navy blue double-breasted sailor jacket with yellow buttons, gray pants, black boots, and large rimmed glasses.

Not much is known about the CEO, but he seems uncomfortable confronting his employees about their inappropriate behavior in the workplace. For this reason, Washimi can easily keep him in line with his “newfangled business ideas,” which are often childish and largely a waste of company money.

13. Puko


Retsuko’s carefree, free-spirited friend from high school and drinking buddy. Puko invited Retsuko to join her international merchandise business, but Retsuko declined after realizing that it would be based on internet sales and that her current stable job was smarter.

Nevertheless, Puko comments on how much she admires Retsuko’s sense of responsibility, even going so far as to say that the reason she can be so carefree is because of hardworking people like Retsuko.

12. Fenneko


As an accountant at Retsuko’s side, Fenneko is cunning and intuitive. She is able to find out a lot about her colleagues’ lives through social media and expressed extreme distrust of Retsuko when Tsunoda posted a selfie of the two of them.

Nonetheless, Fenneko cares about Retsuko and protects her (as evidenced when she attends the singles party as Retsuko’s “bodyguard”). However, Retsuko tends to withhold private things from Fenneko and Haida, which Fenneko becomes increasingly aware of.

11. Hakumi


She comes off as caring and helpful, but not much is known about her besides that. She is Anai’s current girlfriend. Hakumi has previously shown interest in publishing Anai a cookbook of his recipes, but later eventually became a couple.

10. Shirota


Shirota’s appearance is modeled after that of a polar bear. He is rather tall, has pink eyelids and a gentle, friendly smile. He has a small tuft of hair on the front of his head and thick, black eyebrows.

His first appearance was in the form of a portrait that Retsuko’s mother shows her when she tries to force her to go on a date. The photo makes Shirota’s face appear more angular and defined. When he sees the photo later, he laughs and admits that Retsuko’s mother must have airbrushed the photo to make him look better.

Not much is known about Shirota’s personality, but he is shy but friendly with Restsuko during their arranged meeting. He has a hard time making conversation, but eventually relaxes and shows a gentle sense of humor.

He reveals that he thinks it is scary to grow up and take on adult responsibilities like marriage.

Shirota and Retsuko meet after an arranged marriage proposal from their mothers. After initial shyness, they quickly find each other and have a good time. In the end, they both reveal that they are afraid of getting married at their age because it means a lot of responsibility. Retsuko later refuses the marriage.

Shirota’s mother takes care of her son and when he grows up, she tries to help him find a wife. Scared at first, Shirota agrees to meet girls and after Retsuko, his mother introduces him to a girl who ends up being a good match for him.

9. Tadano


A donkey who was Retsuko’s classmate during the driving course. Initially, in the eyes of the heroine, he appeared to be an unemployed and lazy student. Retsuko nevertheless becomes attached to him, and Tadano revealed to her the secret that he is actually a genius and tycoon whose company specializes in the development of innovative technologies.

Tadano dreams of changing Japanese society so that all routine and office work is done by machines, and people can devote their lives to what they have always dreamed of Retsuko falling in love with him, but decides to leave after he finds out that Tadano is not ready to form a family relationship.

In the third season, he becomes friends with Haida as a “companion in misfortune” and helps Gori in the development of a dating site.

8. Hidarin


Hidarin has gray and white fur, large black pupils with a single curled eyelash at the top of the sides of her eyes, and pink cheeks. She also has three strands of hair tied back with a white and pink plaid bow. She is also wearing a white schoolgirl outfit with another white and pink checkered bow in the middle as well as a matching skirt, long white socks and shoes.

Hidarin is very excitable and cheerful, though not the brightest. Nevertheless, she is very attentive and can read people like a book. She is mostly seen with Migi. Sometimes she can dive into her own little world.

7. Tsunoda

Tsunoda 1

Although Retsuko was initially annoyed by Tsunoda’s personality and appearance, she eventually comes to terms with the fact that Tsunoda behaves this way toward her superiors in order to keep her tame in the workplace.

She builds a close relationship with Tsunoda, which is first shown in We Wish You A Metal Christmas, where Tsunoda becomes a sort of social media mentor to Retsuko. She critiques Retsuko’s Instagram photos to help her get more “likes” and become a better “Insta-girl.”

Despite her criticism, Retsuko decides to upload happy pictures of her eating with Gori and Washimi on Christmas rather than Instagram-worthy shots. Tsunoda smiles in response and is happy that Retsuko is choosing happiness over popularity.

6. Manaka


Manaka has light turquoise fur, large light brown eyes, 3 whiskers on each side of her cheeks, and a long thin tail. She wears a white and pink plaid bow on her head. She is also wearing a white schoolgirl outfit with another white and pink plaid bow in the middle and a matching skirt, long white socks and shoes.

Manaka is best described as sassy and arrogant. She also seems to have an impatient attitude, but she is very dedicated to her idol career and hardworking: Manaka is not afraid to work for what she wants. Over time, she comes to appreciate Retsuko a little more. She’s also a little annoyed with Ton, who keeps forgetting everything she tells him and uses an abacus instead of the barcode reader.

5. Migi


Migi has light beech and white fur, large black pupils with a single curved eyelash on the sides of her eyes, and pink cheeks. She wears her hair tied back in two ponytails, each with a white and pink plaid bow. She is also wearing a white schoolgirl outfit with another white and pink checkered bow in the middle as well as a matching colored skirt, long white socks and shoes.

Migi is kind and cheerful, a trait she shares with Hidarin. She is mostly seen with Hidarin.

4. Kabae

Kabae1 1

Kabae’s appearance is modeled after a hippopotamus. She is a tall woman with pink skin, bright pink cheeks, small ears and two prominent square front teeth. The word “Kaba” is the Japanese word for “hippo”.

Her work clothes, like Retsuko’s, consist of a blue vest and skirt, a white shirt, and brown shoes. Outside of work, she wears a dotted orange blouse, blue pants, and brown shoes. In winter she wears a purple jacket, white gloves and a white hat.

Kabae has a very bubbly personality, likes to talk about her family and is quick to spread rumors. Although she tends to leave a trail of havoc with her rumors, she is a genuinely good person who even went so far as to go to Retsuko’s house to take care of her when she had a cold.

Moreover, behind this joking attitude, Kabae is a very efficient worker and trainer who is respected by her colleagues. You can also see that she cares about her colleagues, because when she was asked to resign, she was worried that some of her colleagues would be asked to quit if she refused.

Kabae met her husband when she tried to “keep her mouth shut” and had to go to the hospital. The doctor who was her future husband listened to her ramblings for 3 weeks and shortly after they were married.

He seems to be a very fatherly man of few words who clearly loves his family. He rolls around on the floor pretending to be hurt after her youngest son hits his head and she “transfers” the pain to him and goes along with the antics to cheer her son up.

Kabae is very fond of her children (three sons), often talking about them and their accomplishments and trying to show pictures of them to everyone in the office.

3. Resasuke

Resauke Sprite

Retsuko’s red panda ex-boyfriend who works in the Sales Department at her trading firm. Nicknamed “Prince Out of Pocket” (original version) or “Selfish Prince” (dubbed version), he is constantly daydreaming, irresponsible with chores, soft-spoken and has zero social conscience. He also has a collection of plants in his house.

2. Gomakawa


Gomakawa is modeled after a spotted seal. She has white skin, large black eyes, light gray spots, and a dark gray snout. Her work clothes consist of a blue vest and skirt and a white shirt. Since she has no feet, Gomakawa wears no shoes.

Gomakawa is constantly seen eating food, often to the chagrin of those around her, especially towards Retsuko when she is in training. After getting engaged, Gomakawa is seen with a shiny, happy aura around her. It can be assumed that she was not with the company for very long before she left it, as she was not present at the company’s engagement party in season 1.

1. Retsuko

aggretsuko panda

The red panda, 25 years old, works as an accountant for a large trading company and is deeply disappointed with her life. The situation is aggravated by the elders in the “hierarchy” of workers who mock the heroine and charge her with their duties. Retsuko is a friendly introvert and dreams of quitting her job sooner or later and finding a wealthy husband.

She accidentally becomes friends with women in power in the company where Retsuko works, and several times tries to strike up love relationships, but to no avail. In the third season, in order to pay off large debts, she is forced to work as part of the idoru group and she finally manages to show society her talent as a death metal soloist.

However, Retsuko, after an assassination attempt by an insane fan, realized that she could not bear such a burden and left the group. In the fourth season, Retsuko continues to upload her songs on her personal YouTube channel and her videos receive multimillion-dollar views. With the proceeds, Retsuko opens a small office, engaged in advertising and promoting merchandise, where the dismissed director Ton also worked temporarily.

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