Ahsoka: Who Is Captain Enoch? Meet Wes Chatham’s Character

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The Ahsoka series is the latest installment of the Mando-verse timeline of Star Wars and will extend the Star Wars: Rebels storyline to the live-action part of the canon. While we do know that the Rebels characters are going to appear in their live-action roles, one of the things that we can’t deny is that this series will serve as the introduction of several more Star Wars characters. One such character is Captain Enoch. So, who is he?

Captain Enoch is said to be the right-hand man of Grand Admiral Thrawn and is an entirely new character in the Star Wars canon. As such, we don’t know much about him except that he should be one of the characters that Thrawn keeps close to him as a trusted ally and subordinate.

At this point, we don’t know much about the Ahsoka series because the only things we know were the ones teased during the Star Wars Celebration 2023 event in London. As such, Enoch is still a mystery to us. But we know he should be a welcome addition to the Star Wars storyline once the Ahsoka series gets released this summer.

Captain Enoch’s Background and Role Explained

One of the things that fans were excited about when the Ahsoka teaser trailer was released during the Star Wars Celebration event in London, England, is the fact that the beloved characters that we knew and met during the events of Star Wars: Rebels are finally going to have their live-action debuts. In that regard, names such as Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, and Chopper will appear in the series. Of course, we can’t forget about Grand Admiral Thrawn, arguably the character that fans are most excited about in the upcoming Ahsoka series.

But while some fans are more excited about the live-action debuts of the beloved Spectres that we met in Star Wars: Rebels and the re-emergence of Thrawn as a threat to the galaxy, we can’t forget about the fact that Ahsoka will also introduce new characters to the Star Wars lore. After all, this series was never only about the Rebels characters. One such character that is set to make his Star Wars debut is Captain Enoch.

At this point, we don’t know much about Captain Enoch because he has yet to debut in Star Wars. On top of that, Lucasfilm and the rest of the crew of Ahsoka are yet to release anything expansive (pun intended) about Captain Enoch’s background and profile. But we do know that Enoch is set to take on the role of the right-hand man of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who has always been the greatest mind in the Imperial Navy.

Enoch will take on the role of a trusted subordinate working under Thrawn, which means that he is a highly capable man that can do the job given to him by the Chiss Grand Admiral. That’s because we know that Thrawn is a perfectionist who focuses on ensuring that his plans are executed properly. As such, he would have to employ people he knows he can trust to do the job.


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So, if Captain Enoch is indeed the right-hand man of Grand Admiral Thrawn, that would mean that he is a highly capable Imperial officer with a gift in strategy, command, and combat. After all, Thrawn wouldn’t just trust anybody with jobs and roles that are incredibly important to him. 

We also know that Thrawn is a man that loves to sit on his chair on the bridge of the ship to formulate plans and strategies instead of entering the battlefield as a soldier. He has always been a commander that hardly takes centerstage and would rather sit back while his soldiers perform their duties according to his plan.

So, if that’s the case, it is clear that Captain Enoch is one of the people that Thrawn trusts well enough to execute his plans on the ground, all while he sits comfortably on his chair. Enoch should be one of Thrawn’s authority extensions if he is indeed the Grand Admiral’s trusted right-handed man.

Wes Chatham Captain Enoch in Ahsoka

We all know there were late announcements and additions to the Ahsoka series. Only a day after the Ahsoka trailer was released, Lars Mikkelsen and David Tennant were announced to reprise their roles as Thrawn and Huyang, respectively. Of course, another actor announced late as a member of the cast is Wes Chatham, whose name was overshadowed by the other announcements related to the Ahsoka series.

amos expanse

Chatham is a well-known actor in the world of sci-fi, as he has appeared in shows like The Expanse and movies like The Hunger Games. However, in The Expanse, he truly stood out as he became prominent as Amos in this space-centered sci-fi series. Because Chatham appeared in multiple seasons of The Expanse, so he is no stranger to productions set in space.

Of course, Chatham was well-known as Amos Burton because of his blunt comedy in The Expanse. While Star Wars was never known for its comedy, Chatham may bring the same brand of charisma, swagger, and comedic appeal to Ahsoka. Nevertheless, that is mere speculation because we don’t know much about Wes Chatham’s Captain Enoch or what kind of role the character will play in the series. All we know is that the Ahsoka series has a talented and beloved actor playing what seems to be an important secondary role in the storyline.

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