Are Cad Bane And Thrawn The Same Race (Chiss)?


The Star Wars galaxy is home to plenty of different races and species that come from different planets. Of course, some of the characters that have become quite popular in Star Wars lore are actually from different species. In that regard, two characters that are alien in terms of their species are Cad Bane and Grand Admiral Thrawn, which both share blue skin. But does that mean that Cad Bane and Thrawn are the same race?

Cad Bane and Thrawn are not from the same race. Cad Bane is from a humanoid species called Duros, which are native to the planet Duro. On the other hand, Thrawn belongs to the near-human species called Chiss, which are from the planet Csilla. Thrawn’s species is also closer in appearance to humans.

The fact that there are plenty of different characters that belong to different races in Star Wars can be quite confusing because of the fact that there are plenty of different types of alien species in the galaxy. However, even though Cad Bane and Thrawn may have similarities in their looks, they are not of the race and are totally different in terms of their physical features.

What Race Is Cad Bane?

The Star Wars: Clone Wars series was one of the biggest Star Wars shows in terms of its contribution to the continuity because it introduced plenty of different characters that soon made their way to other shows and even the live-action series that have been making their way to Disney+.

One of the most notable characters that Star Wars: Clone Wars introduced was Cad Bane, a bounty hunter who was quite prominent during the era of the Clone Wars because of his involvement in a lot of jobs that required his expertise. Bane is quite popular among the fans because of his cool western outlaw look and his no-care attitude towards completing his bounties.


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Of course, one of the most defining things about Cad Bane is his appearance. The Star Wars galaxy is so huge that it is home to a lot of different alien species. Cad Bane is one of them because he isn’t exactly human but belongs to a different sentient humanoid alien race. So, what is Cad Bane’s race?

Cad Bane belongs to the Duros race, which are sentient humanoid aliens that come from the planet Duro. The aspect that defines the appearance of a Duros is its skin because those who belong to this race often have green-blue to blue skin. However, there are also plenty of other physical traits that make the Duros stand out.

Duros, while being humanoid, are much closer to the standard gray alien in terms of their appearance. That’s because they have elongated heads that are top-heavy. They also don’t have visible noses, ears, or lips. But while the Duros may be quite similar in appearance to the prototypical gray alien, they are made unique due to their large reddish eyes and aforementioned green-blue to blue skin. 

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The Duros are also quite similar to the Neimoidians, who you may be familiar with because they are represented by the leaders of the Trade Federation. In fact, the Duros and the Neimoidians share a common ancestry, but their evolutionary paths diverged around 15,000 years prior to the events of the main Star Wars timeline. 

What Race Is Thrawn?

While Star Wars: Clone Wars introduced plenty of different characters, Star Wars: Rebels did the same when it also allowed other characters that belong to the canon continuity to stand out. Set five years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Rebels shows the beginning of the rebel insurgency while focusing on a new cast of characters.

One such character that became quite popular among fans during the latter seasons of Star Wars: Rebels was Grand Admiral Thrawn, who Darth Vader trusted to hunt down the Ghost crew or the rebel forces that belong to the Syndulla faction. And he became quite popular because, despite his lack of powers and Jedi-level combat skills, he proved to be one of the coldest and most calculating characters when it comes to the way he approached his strategies.


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Of course, like a lot of the different characters in the Star Wars galaxy, Thrawn is not human. In fact, he belongs to an entirely different race, and that can be clear when you see that he has blue skin and red eyes. So, what race does Thrawn belong to?

Grand Admiral Thrawn belongs to an alien species called Chiss, who are native to the planet Csilla (although Thrawn comes from the planet Rentor). The Chiss are actually quite human in terms of their appearance, as they are described as a race that is near-human. As such, a lot of the features of the Chiss are quite human, especially when you look at their overall body structure and facial features.

However, the Chiss differ from humans in a lot of different aspects as well. They have blue skin, glowing red eyes, and dark-blue hair. On top of that, their red eyes allow them to see into the infrared range. The Chiss also have better hearing compared to humans.

star wars chiss.jpg

The Chiss are also quite close to the Pantorans in terms of their appearance. Pantorans are also near-human species but are different from the Chiss because they don’t have glowing red eyes. The eyes are what make the Chiss quite unique, despite the fact that they are not the only ones with red eyes in the Star Wars galaxy. 

Why Do People Think Cad Bane And Thrawn Are The Same Race?

As mentioned, Cad Bane and Thrawn belong to entirely different races. Bane is from the Duros race, which are blue versions of the classic gray alien stereotype. Meanwhile, Thrawn comes from a race called Chiss, which are similar to humans except for their blue skin and red eyes. So, considering that there are clear differences between Cad Bane and Thrawn, why is it that people think they are from the same race?

Probably the biggest reason why people think that Cad Bane and Thrawn belong to the same race is the color of their skin. Aliens with blue skin are not uncommon in Star Wars, but it is easy to mistake Bane and Thrawn belonging to the same race because they are two of the most prominent blue-skinned aliens in the entire continuity.

Another reason that may have led people to think that both Cad Bane and Thrawn belong to the same race is their personalities and approach to their job. Even though Bane and Thrawn have different personalities and are different in terms of what they do, there are still some similarities.

Cad Bane is a bounty hunter that likes to approach his job in a cool and collected manner. He is also quite ruthless and merciless when it comes to his bounties. Of course, he can also be one of the more calculating and intelligent bounty hunters in the galaxy, as his skills and strategic approach allow him to survive encounters with the Jedi.

On the other hand, Thrawn is more of a commander (working for the Empire) than a fighter. However, the way he approaches his job is quite similar to Cad Bane because he has shown a level of ruthlessness and relentlessness when hunting down the crew of the Ghost during the events of Rebels. Thrawn is also one of the most intelligent and strategic characters ever introduced to the Star Wars canon, and that is why his cold and calculating approach can remind people of Cad Bane.

But, despite the fact that Cad Bane and Thrawn have similarities in their appearances and personalities, it still is undeniable that they are from different races. There are plenty of different characters in the Star Wars galaxy, and Cad Bane and Thrawn are simply two of the most unique persons that are different in terms of their species and overall personalities.

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