‘AlKhallat+’ Ending Explained: What Ties All the Stories Together?


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Welcome to the Ending Explained for AlKhallat+ a new Netflix anthology film that is being released this weekend. The film is directed by Fahad Alammari and tells four different stories set in the Arab world. The film certainly feels like something that was made with an idea in mind, and the tone of the film fluctuates between a lighthearted comedy and a serious drama. The film starts with a number of actors who do a fantastic job playing their parts. The characters are not that complex or interesting. This is more of an idea-type film.

However, even when the overall filmmaking is quite solid, the writing brings things down by delivering very unsatisfactory endings to their setups. Each story is quite interesting, and the morals of every situation create a powerful and interesting moral question. But then the ending comes, and it is clear that the writers couldn’t match their ideas for setups, and when trying to close them, they just went with the first couple of ideas that came to their mind. It is very disappointing, for sure.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers, AlKhallat+. Read at your own risk.

Who Are The Protagonists In The Stories Presented In AlKhallat+?

The film is divided into four stories, and all of these stories use very normal people as their main characters. The movie tries to bring all the stories under the same thematic umbrella. In this case, that umbrella is one dealing with deception as a theme. How people, no matter their economic background or race, feel the need to deceive others in order to have their own interests taken care of. It is a sad reality that most people will always put themselves first, but at the same time, it is something that more people should also do instead of letting others take advantage of them.

The first story tells us about a trio of thieves who plan to steal the tires out of cars during a wedding party. One of the thieves, however, is caught during the act, and then this leads his two friends to get inside the wedding and pretend that they are guests at the party. Once inside, they try to get their friend out, but when the police arrive, things get very complicated. Their ruse is quickly dismantled, and the trio is arrested. The story very much focuses on the fact that thieves can pass for normal people any day of the week. You never know someone’s intentions.


The film’s second story is a bit more tender, and sees a character named Sarah, trying to get her parents together after these two have separated and are in the process of getting a divorce. Sarah works as a cook in a very expensive restaurant. She is very good at her work, but today she is quite nervous, and she is making a lot of mistakes. She has made reservations for her father and mother, but she doesn’t want her mother to know that she was involved. She was her mother to think it was all her father’s idea.

Sarah involves the floor manager in the ruse, making him cancel another client’s table. Then, when the restaurant manager comes early from his vacation, things take a desperate turn as the manager discovers that the people at the table are not the ones who made the reservation at the same place. However, the manager understands what is happening and lets Sarah have dinner with their parents. He understands that this could be the chance to fix their marriage, and it works. However, in the end, the manager fires Sarah for having deceived him, instead of asking for help up front.


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What Ties All The Stories Together?

The third story in the anthology is the darkest one in the entire movie, and it really displays a situation where the morals of the main characters are put to a test. We are presented to our main characters, who has clearly been in an accident. His arm is broken, and he is clearly devastated. It is revealed that he was in a car accident and that his best friend died while he lived. It seems his friend was very well-loved by everyone. As the wife of his friend cries over the corpse, our main character looks seriously at the victim’s phone as it rings.

It is revealed that the victim was actually having an affair with another woman, and his wife’s appreciation of him as being faithful is completely wrong. Our main character tries to get his hands on the phone and save his late friend’s reputation as a good man. He prefers to defend his dead friend than to expose him to the world. It is all futile as the wife of his friend discovers the truth. It is revealed then that the woman with whom his friend was having an affair and himself died, killed by the victim’s wife.

Alkhallat 1 1

The last story of the movie introduces us to a family of four as they are trying to get a hotel room. This family is presented as very petty. They don’t want to pay for a room for four people, so they book themselves into the hotel as just husband and wife, while the kids get to the room differently. The oldest son doesn’t want to be trapped in the room and escapes the room after everyone is asleep. He ends up getting by accident into a nightclub alongside one of his favorite football players.


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The father discovers his son is gone and tries to get into the nightclub to drag him back into their room. In the process, he is discovered by the hotel’s manager, and he is also discovered drinking and being an hypocrite, as he doesn’t allow any of this to his son. In the end, the pair manages to go back to their room without the mother noticing, but then their deceit is exposed when the youngest daughter exposes their branded wrists, proof that they were inside the nightclub.

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