All Egyptian Gods in Moon Knight Explained

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It was never a secret that Moon Knight would focus quite heavily on Egyptian mythology, given the fact that Khonshu is one of the central figures in the series. Then there’s the fact that the antagonist, Arthur Harrow, is the avatar of the Egyptian goddess Ammit.

However, episode 3 of Moon Knight revealed that there are more Egyptian gods involved in the series, especially when you consider that almost all of them have avatars on Earth. As such, we are here to look at the different Egyptian gods that have been featured in Moon Knight so far.



Of course, we start this list with Khonshu, who is the first god to be introduced in the series and is the Egyptian deity that has the most connection with Steven Grant/Marc Spector in the Moon Knight story. The series reveals that the reason why Marc is the Moon Knight is that Khonshu saw him dying in the desert and decided to revive him so that he could be his new avatar on Earth.

However, what Khonshu didn’t know was that Marc was suffering from dissociative identity disorder (DID), which basically means that he has multiple personalities in one single body. As such, Khonshu struggles with the fact that Marc can sometimes be Steven, who is less reliable in a fight but is knowledgeable about the Egyptian gods. 


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Khonshu is the Egyptian god of the moon but was revealed to be disgraced from the Ennead due to the fact that he doesn’t exactly do things the right way. And we basically saw his relationship with the other gods unfolding in the council meeting with the other Ennead gods, as they all saw Khonshu as a deceiver that wasn’t afraid of using people for his own benefit.



Ammit is the second Egyptian god introduced in the Moon Knight series, as she was mentioned as early as the first episode. In episode 1, Arthur Harrow was introduced as the avatar of Ammit. He used Ammit’s powers to form an entire cult that worshipped the goddess. And the conflict between Steven/Marc and Harrow focuses on the fact that the Moon Knight avatar is in possession of something valuable to Ammit’s avatar.

However, we are yet to see Ammit because, as revealed by Harrow, she was sealed away by the other Egyptian gods long ago because of her radical ways and probably because she interfered with human society, which is something that the Egyptian gods were not willing to do. As such, Harrow’s goals are focused on finding Ammit so that he can unleash her brand of justice into the world.

While Ammit takes the form of the sphinx named Ammut in the Marvel comics, Ammit in Egyptian mythology is a goddess/beast that’s associated with death. Her responsibility is to eat the hearts of people who were judged to be impure at the time of their deaths so that they will never be given a chance to live again. It could be possible that her goals in Moon Knight are in line with the same kind of mentality.


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Osiris was introduced in Moon Knight together with all of the other gods of the Ennead when Khonshu called for a meeting to discuss Arthur Harrow’s treacherous plans. His avatar seems to be the one presiding over the council, but it is unsure whether or not he is the leader of the entire Egyptian Ennead. 

It could be possible that he is the leader of the Ennead because, in Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the head of the Egyptian gods and took over Anubis’ job as the god of the underworld. Considering that the Ancient Egyptians treasured death and the afterlife more than they did their actual lives, it would be understandable that the god of the underworld would be given the leadership role over all of the other gods.


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In the series, Osiris is portrayed to be a stern and fair leader because he gave both Khonshu and Harrow a chance to explain their sides in the matter. He was also quite strict about the rule that the Egyptian gods are not supposed to meddle in the affairs of mankind.



Isis is also one of the gods of the Ennead revealed during the council meeting and the trial involving Khonshu and Harrow in episode 3. Isis’ avatar seems to be in a high leadership role among the rest of the Ennead, considering that she sits beside Osiris and that her voice and opinion were able to carry some weight during that council meeting and trial.

Of course, in Egyptian mythology, Isis also holds a special place among all of the other Egyptian gods because she is the wife of Osiris and is one of the most powerful goddesses. She is the goddess of fertility and domestication and is powerful enough to be able to bring a god back from death.

In mythology, her husband Osiris was murdered and cut into several pieces by Seth. It was Isis who found all of the pieces of Osiris and put them back together before fully reviving her husband. This is why she holds a special place as one of the highest-ranking gods in the Ennead.



Horus is also one of the gods that were seated together with Osiris and Isis at the center of the council chamber hidden inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. This means that, together with Osiris and Isis, he holds a special place among the rest of the Ennead because of the fact that he is the divine child of both Osiris and Isis. He is mostly associated with the falcon, and that’s why he is depicted as a falcon-headed god.

In Egyptian mythology, Horus was hidden away by Isis when Osiris was killed by Seth. However, he became strong enough to challenge his uncle because he was raised in the harsh environment of the Nile. Horus was able to challenge Seth for the right to rule over Egypt, and that was when he defeated his uncle and ultimately became the god-king.


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In Moon Knight, however, it seems like the leadership role is ceded to the avatar of Osiris instead of to Horus. However, Horus’ avatar also holds a special place in the Ennead and is one of the most influential members of the council during the trial that was held for Harrow.


Hathor goddess

Hathor seems to be the one who is closest to Khonshu, given the fact that she was the first one to greet Steven/Marc when he entered the council chamber. She was also the one who helped give Steven/Marc an idea on how to find Ammit’s whereabouts. Hathor also mentioned that Khonshu used to enjoy her music.

It is worth mentioning that Hathor is the wife of Horus in Egyptian mythology and is described as the goddess of dance and music (which explains why she said that Khonshu used to enjoy her music).

However, given that Hathor is on the left side of the chamber, her influence over the council isn’t as much as the big three of the Ennead are. Nevertheless, she still was able to assist Steven/Marc in their mission.



Tefnut is a tiger-like goddess and is said to be the Egyptian goddess of moisture and rainfall. She is an important part of Egyptian mythology because the Ancient Egyptians prayed to her for rain. She is also the twin of the air god named Shu. Tefnut is a pre-dynasty god and was one of the gods that dwelled in a mythological city called Heliopolis.

On the show, Tefnut is hardly shown and didn’t have a lot of lines compared to the other members of the Ennead. It is unsure how she will be utilized in the future, considering that she only had a minor role in episode 3 of Moon Knight.

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