15 Best Moon Knight Quotes

15 Best Moon Knight Quotes

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Moon Knight is an epic character known to Marvel Comics fans since 1975 when he first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32. Moon Knight’s split nature between doing good and being insane and violent captivated readers for decades. Now, MCU fans are getting a taste of the Fist of Khonshi as well, with the Moon Knight TV series coming out on March 30, 2022.

We’ve had some awesome quotes already in the trailer, giving us an insight into the character’s psyche and overall tone of the series. To get you hyped for the show, here’s a list of the best Moon Knight quotes from the TV show’s trailer, as well as the comics throughout the years.

Moon Knight Quotes From The TV Show Trailer

”I have a sleeping disorder. I can’t tell the difference between life and dreams. I’m losing it.”

For those of you who don’t know much about Moon Knight, let’s just say he’s a hardcore version of Deadpool – at least mentally speaking. Moon Knight is utterly insane, having DID (dissociative identity disorder), and each personality within him has its own issues.

In the trailer, the first personality we see is Steven Grant. It seems that he has no idea about what’s going on with him or that he has multiple personalities. Instead, he believes that some of the stuff happening to him was nothing more than vivid dreams.

Well, that will likely change very quickly, as he received a phone call moments later in the trailer, revealing to him that his real name and identity is Marc Spector.

“Why did you call me Marc?”

As I mentioned, Moon Knight wakes up as Steven Grant. In the comics, Steven Grant is one of Moon Knight’s identities which made a fortune on Wall Street after a few smart investments of Marc Spector’s life savings. Oh yeah – Marc Spector is his real identity, the one Moon Knight had before he became Moon Knight.

However, Steven has no idea that his real name is Marc. He receives a phone call from a woman, and as he picks up, she says: “Oh my god. You’re alive! What’s wrong with you, Marc?”

He replies with the epic quote, revealing who he really is to him (and to us). I bet this sequence will happen in the first episode or two, and as the series progresses, we’ll learn more and more about who Marc Spector was and how he became Steven Grant, Moon Knight, or any other possible identity.


One would think that when you’re screaming “SHUT UP!” you’re speaking to someone else. Well, not if you’re Moon Knight. The multiple voices inside his head torment Steven, up to the point where he screams at himself to shut the hell up.

We didn’t get many lines from the trailer, but I think it gave us enough to see that Moon Knight won’t be a light superhero good-guy flick. It’ll be dark, gritty, and tackle some incredibly difficult issues regarding mental health, violence, and embracing the chaos within. I can’t wait for more.

Best Moon Knight Quotes From The Comics

15 Best Moon Knight Quotes

Funny Quotes

“I’ve died before. It was boring, so I stood up.”

This epic quote came from Moon Knight #1, 2014, when we met Mister Knight, another Moon Knight personality usually wearing an all-white suit and mask with a moon symbol on his forehead.

The particular quote is him explaining his origins. It’s a brief explanation, but he tells you all you need to know. Marc Spector died underneath the statue of an Egyptian god named Khonshu. The ancient deity resurrected Marc, giving him the amazing powers of the Moon Knight – but also causing his mental disorder in the process.

“I am vengeance! I am justice! I am Marc Spector! I am Steven Grant! I’m Jake Lockley! I am—hoping that my meds kick in so that I am only one person at a time!”

Having multiple personalities has its functional purposes when you’re Moon Knight – each personality has unique skills and abilities that help Moon Knight be the vigilante he is. However, if the multiple personalities fight for control all the time, he’s having a really hard time.

This epic quote made me laugh so hard when I first read it, as it perfectly summed up Moon Knight’s biggest problem.

Origin & Personality Quotes

15 Best Moon Knight Quotes

“Mercenary Marc Spector died in Egypt, under the statue of the ancient deity Khonshu. He returned to life in the shadow of the moon god and wore his aspect to fight crime for his own redemption. He went completely insane, and disappeared. This is what happened next.”

This quote further elaborates on what happened to Marc Spector in Egypt during a mercenary mission. Mister Knight is a personality that emerged after Moon Knight himself experienced a complete loss of sanity. One might say it was his new way of coping. Seeing that Mister Knight is my favorite Moon Knight personality – I’d say it worked!

“I dress up as an obscure moon-god and strike fear in the hearts of men. Did you really think I was normal? Do you really think that any of us… any of the costumes are normal? We’re all crazy. But we’re the exact kind of crazy the world needs. The exact kind.”

This quote from Moon Knight #7 came during a conversation between Marc Spector and Buck Lime. Buck stated how crazy Moon Knight is, to which he responded with the quote. I mean, you HAVE to be a bit crazy to put on a costume and go out there every night or day and put your life on the line constantly for the greater good.


How Many Personalities Does Moon Knight Have (MCU & Comics)?

I mean, some heroes are crazier than others, but, as Moon Knight elaborately put it – the exact kind of crazy the world needs.

“I’m a ghost now…a specter of the moon…the moon’s knight of vengeance—and I got work to do.”

This particular quote is from the first Moon Knight stand-alone comic ever – Moon Knight Vol. 1 #1. Marc realized he had actually died and came back to life thanks to Khonshu. Now, he vows to do the moon god’s bidding and be a knight of vengeance against anyone who deserves the punishment.

“This is not by chance. Not killing this man is not random. This is years of training. Years of practice. Mountains of self-restraint. If this man lives to see tomorrow…it is because I allow him. Because that is the kind of man I am.”

Nobody really knows what Moon Knight is capable of. Not even Moon Knight himself. He single-handedly defeated the Avengers once. That fact is all you need to know to understand the weight behind this quote.

If Moon Knight wants you dead, then you’re as good as gone, regardless of who you are. He’ll walk through a rain of bullets just to eventually get to you and knock your head off. That’s who he is and who he’ll always be.

“I — I’ve been sick my whole life. And I’ve felt ashamed of that. I tried to hide it. I think that’s what the mask really was. Another way to hide. But I don’t want to hide anymore. I don’t want to be ashamed anymore. I just want to be me.”

This quote came in Moon Knight Vol. 8 #9, and it is probably my favorite Moon Knight quote ever because it carries a much deeper message.

Despite all the progress we make as a society, mental health is still taboo, and people with mental issues are looked at as outcasts. Marc Spector battles with mental issues his entire life, and he feels ashamed of who he is – like it’s his fault. When a man falls to the ground and injures his knee, is it his fault?

Until we realize that mental health is just as real and serious as physical health, people with mental disorders will have to hide instead of asking for help that they deserve.

Dark Quotes

15 Best Moon Knight Quotes

“I became Moon Knight to battle evil wherever I could find it. And I never had to look farther than the darkness inside my own heart.”

Moon Knight does his best to fight crime, evil, and corruption wherever he can. However, he is aware and conscious that there’s darkness within him, too. Anger, rage, violence – it’s all a part of who he is, and even though he’s trying to do good as much as possible, Spector still feels the darkness inside of him. The quote is from Marc Spector: Moon Knight Vol. 1 #16.

“People want to know. How can I live like this? The risks? The blood I’ve spilled? The times I’ve descended into madness? The times I’ve died? Hell… How can I live like this? How could I live any other way?”

This quote from Moon Knight Vol. 5 #1 perfectly sums up who Moon Knight really is. People still want to know how he can do what he does – the violence, the hate, the rage. Well, Marc knows he is spilling blood now, but he does so with a purpose.

He had done many things wrong before he became Moon Knight. Now, he sees this new life as a chance for redemption. Instead of running away from his darkness, Spector embraces it.

“I’m not one of those super heroes who won’t straight-up kill you, Bushman.”

Bushman is the guy responsible for Marc Spector becoming Moon Knight in the first place. When the two met again, Spector had no issue with telling his former associate what comes next.


Why Moon Knight Is So Much More Than Just Marvel’s Version Of Batman

Moon Knight is not your ordinary superhero. There’s a deep level of darkness within him, and he has no issues with it. If he feels like you deserve to die, he won’t think twice about actually killing you.

“Listen. Where you’re going? Tell your friends. Tell everyone you meet. You tell them all. When you see me coming? Run.”

Moon Knight doesn’t want to hide in the shadows. He doesn’t want to attack you without you knowing that he’s coming. No. Moon Knight wants you and everybody else to know he’s coming. And when you see Moon Knight coming, you better run away because there’s nothing else you can do to stop him.

“Let me tell you a thing about me. People who love me suffer and die. I never want to be loved. That’s why I always win.”

It’s not easy being Moon Knight. The guy is dark, violent, mentally unstable, and borderline sociopathic. All those things make him almost impossible to love – but almost impossible to beat, too.

Moon Knight needs nobody’s approval and wants nobody to like him, let alone love him. Spector simply finds a way to do what needs to be done, regardless of what anyone will think of him. The epic quote came in Moon Knight Vol. 7 #6.

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