All HBO Max Original Movies & TV Shows Releasing In March 2022

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Ever since streaming platforms took over, they’ve been producing some of the best content out there, be it movies, documentaries, or TV shows. HBO Max has been fairly new to the game but is already going head-to-head with other streaming giants, such as Netflix.

HBO Max is in full swing, soon expanding its international reach and bringing us more and more amazing original content. Without further ado, here’s the ultimate, complete list of all HBO Max Original movies & TV shows scheduled for release in March 2022, in chronological order. Note that I’m only listing HBO Max Original, not all HBO-related projects.

Our Flag Means Death (03/03/2022)

As we go through the list, you’ll notice a great number of new original series coming to the platform next month. And among the first to arrive on the platform will be a brand new series that I just can’t wait for.

Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby take on lead roles in Our Flag Means Death, a comedy series about pirates. Yes, pirates. The story is loosely based on Stede Bonnet, a former wealthy aristocrat who wanted nothing more than to live out in the open sea, so he gave everything up and lived a pirate life.

Whatever Waititi does, I really enjoy, so I’m sure this one will have us laughing out loud, too.

The Tourist (03/03/2022)

I’ve already watched a couple of episodes of The Tourist, but the British series is coming to HBO Max on March 3 for all of you who haven’t had the chance to watch it earlier. The HBO original hit series follows a guy with amnesia who wakes up in a hospital without much of a clue about anything – who he is, how he got in the hospital, nothing.


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Soon, he realizes that it must not be something benevolent that brought him there, as the guy realizes there are people after him. The mystery thriller is suspenseful, haunting, and mysterious for us as much as the protagonist. It’s a cool show that I can’t wait to catch up on.

Gaming Wall Street (03/03/2022)

Gaming Wall Street will be a two-part HBO Max Original documentary revolving around the GameStop stock drama that hit all the headlines in 2021. If you missed it for some reason, long story short, a group of Redditors seemingly saved GameStop from bankruptcy and triggered a big financial reform as a result.

We’ll get behind the scenes with Kieran Culkin as the narrator, who explains how the online group of vigilantes “ultimately exposed the dark underbelly of Wall Street.” I can’t wait to dive into this documentary.

Little Ellen Season 2 (03/03/2022)

Little Ellen is an animated series that premiered in 2021, and now, Season 2 is coming to HBO Max in early March. The story follows a seven-year-old Ellen DeGeneres, who explores the world in hilarious, unpredictable, and adventurous ways.

The series, truth be told, wasn’t that well-received from the audience, probably because of all the drama revolving around the famous TV host, but if you give it a chance, you’ll see it’s not really that bad of a show.

Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty (03/06/2022)

hbo lakers

I’m a die-hard Lakers fan, so I can’t wait for the epic sports drama/dark comedy under Adam McKay’s creative mind. The series will revolve around the 1980s Showtime Lakers and their rise to domination of the NBA. 

Apparently, the black comedy is so provocative and enticing that it led to McKay’s quarrel and eventual separation from long-time friend and comedy partner, Will Ferrell.

That includes the trade for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from Milwaukee, the draft of Magic Johnson, who became the only NBA Finals MVP to win the award in his rookie season, and much more. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, I bet this story of success, trial, and error will have you just as excited as I am.

Ruxx (03/08/2022)

Ruxx is an HBO Max international original originating in Romania. The new drama series follows Ruxx, a woman who tries to balance her incredibly hard work-life with new romantic relationships, a relationship with her sister, and more.


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To add to all that, she has to help her boss’s wife to put together an effective campaign for an upcoming mayor election. It’s all a big ball of anxiety, but I’ll be interested to see how it unravels.

Juanpa + Chef (03/10/2022)

Juanpa + Chef is a series inspired by the cute, charming cooking show Selena + Chef, where Selena Gomez tried out incredible food and recipes, guided through the process of making them by various acclaimed chefs. It was fun, quirky, sweet, and in the end – I got a few recipes from my girlfriend who watched the show.

Now, we’re basically getting the same thing, only this time, it’s not Selena Gomez in the kitchen, but Juanpa Zurita, a Mexican influencer and social media superstar. Honestly, I never heard of the guy, but he has, like, 30 million followers, so he’s kind of a big thing, I guess?

Sandy + Chef (03/10/2022)

I guess Selena + cHef was a big hit for HBO Max because they produced not one but two similar shows, and they’re coming out the same day. Apart from Juanpa + Chef, we’ll get to follow the culinary adventures of another star. This time, it’ll be Sandy Leah, a famous Brazilian pop star. This one will be in Portuguese.

Theodosia (03/10/2022)

Theodosia is a high fantasy family TV series that premieres on HBO Max on March 10. It’ll be a fun, adventurous series for the whole family to enjoy. It follows Theo, a girl who realizes that a powerful secret society is trying to use ancient Egyptian dark magic to destroy the world as we know it.

Theo forms a group consisting of her younger brother Henry and friends Will and Safiya – who is also an Egyptian Princess. Theo’s parents are Egyptologists doing archaeological excavations in the Valley of the Kings around 1906. Henry and Theo find the Eye of Horus and unlock a whole new world of magic – gifts and dangers included.

I love Ancient Egypt and everything that revolves around Egyptology and archaeology, so I’ll definitely give Theodosia a go as soon as it comes out.

Jellystone! Season 2 (03/17/2022)

Jellystone! is an animated HBO Max original series that debuted last year, revolving around various Hanna-Barbera characters living in Jellystone. In this park town, they always get into each other’s business and cause nothing but trouble.


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The series didn’t really amaze mi in Season 1 but had some outstanding moments. Also, it featured some of my favorite childhood cartoon characters, such as Yogi Bear, Captain caveman, and others. The humor is unique, so I suggest everybody give it a shot.

DMZ (03/17/2022)

I can’t wait for DMZ to premiere for two reasons. Firstly, I adore Rosario Dawson and think she excels in every role she takes. I can’t see DMZ being any different. Second, I’m a big fan of Brian Wood’s comic that the show is based upon. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend doing it before you watch the show.

America is in the middle of a futuristic, destructive civil war. We follow Rosario, who portrays Alma, a paramedic in desperate search of Odi, her missing son, played by the young Jordan Preston Carter. The mini-series will, as it seems, only have four episodes, but it has a fantastic cast that includes John Wu, young Venus Ariel Benjamin Bratt, and others.

Minx (03/17/2022)

Minx is yet another new HBO Max original series released in March. Now, it wasn’t customary before, but it seems that the Pandora’s Box of phalluses on television has been opened, and now, everybody’s in on the trend.

Ellen Rapoport created the series based in the 70s, where an enthusiastic woman wanted to create her own feminist magazine. Meanwhile, a porn seller floats the idea of her feminist pieces put in a magazine right next to naked photos of men. It’s basically a story of the birth of the first female erotic magazine.

I bet the comedy series will be awesome because the cast is awesome, too, including Jake Johnson, Ophelia Lovibond, Vera Myers, Sophia Bui, and others.

Lust (03/18/2022)

This HBO Max original comes from Sweden, but the story is so universal. It follows a group of actors who realize that, after they’ve turned 40, nobody really gives them any roles that explore sexuality – as if people who are in their 40s simply stop being sexual.

Lust follows four friends, all in their forties, who take part in a study that asks them about their sex lives and the humorous issues that people in their mid-life years experience after the youthful hormones stop kicking in.

Halloween Kills (03/18/2022)

hbo halloween

I know I’ve said this list will be only HBO Max Originals, but I’m putting Halloween Kills up on the list as an exception. The 2021 film continued the epic Halloween series going on for decades, and it didn’t disappoint. We learn that the evil in Mike Myers transcended that of a normal human being.

Not to spoil anything, I’ve decided to put it on the list because HBO Max will give as a new, awesome, extended version of the movie. I’m a huge horror fan, especially the old, classic slashers, so I can’t wait to see the extended version.

On My Way With Irina Rimes (03/18/2022)

Irina Rimes is a famous singer/songwriter from Moldova who is now one of the four coaches/judges of the Romanian version of The Voice, called Vocea Romaniei. On My Way with Irina Rimes will be an HBO Original that premieres on March 18, revolving around the famous singer.

Amsterdam (03/20/2022)

Amsterdam will be such a cool, relatable comedy series that I just can’t wait. The Mexican series follows a young artist couple living in Mexico City, going through some of the worst moments of their relationship. To make things better, they adopt a puppy, but it doesn’t help their chemistry in the long run.

They separate friendly and peacefully – until it’s time to decide who the puppy stays with. I’m not getting further into details other than saying you can take the series literally or metaphorically, paired with an awesome soundtrack – I can’t wait for this one.

One Perfect Shot (03/24/2022)

One Perfect Shot is a Twitter account that posts and celebrates iconic scenes from iconic movies in history, from Hitchcock’s classics such as Psycho to pop-cultural megahits like the Alien. 

The account inspired Ava DuVernay to produce and narrate an HBO Max original docuseries that has the directors of such iconic scenes talk about the creative process that led to that one perfect shot from the movie. I love the concept of the Twitter account, and I love the idea of learning more about how those iconic shots were created. This will be fun.

Queen Stars (03/24/2022)

Netflix is usually the frontrunner for producing reality TV, but HBO Max is in on the game with a new reality series called Queen Stars. The Brazilian reality series follows Pablo Vittar, a pop star that’s among the hosts of the series, highlighting the preparations and competition between drag queens competing for the crown.


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I have to be honest, this concept already feels a bit worn out, as there are at least twenty different shows based on the same concept, but hey, if you enjoy the genre and appreciate what it takes, I can’t see why you wouldn’t like Queen Stars, too.

Starstruck (03/24/2022)

Starstruck is an HBO Max original created in co-production with BBC, and in my opinion, it’s one of the biggest surprises of 2021. Season one was a huge hit, and I just can’t wait for season 2. The show is quirky, funny, full of relatable meme-worthy moments we all experience.

We follow Jessie, a woman in London working two jobs who sleeps with a big movie star, not even knowing he was a movie star, to begin with. Of course, sleeping with a movie star puts you under the magnifying glass from the media, and the show plays with the concept perfectly.

Season 2 will kick off where Season 1 ended, with Jessie (Rose Matafeo, the leading role, and the show’s creator) deciding to stay in London with Tom, her new movie-star boyfriend.

Traffickers: Inside The Golden Triangle (03/24/2022)

Another docuseries coming to HBO Max in late March is Traffickers: Inside the Golden Triangle. If true crime docs are your thing like they are mine, then get excited because this will be a good one.

It follows three big crime kingpins from different parts of the world who rose to power in the drug business but eventually fell. The three – Opium King, the Playboy Drug Lord, and the Mekong River Pirate – worked together to create a drug empire known as the Golden Triangle, spanning between Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Brené Brown: Atlas of the Heart (03/31/2022)

One thing I’ve always found incredibly interesting and perplexing is the psychology and chemistry behind human emotions. What makes us fall in love? What drives you to feel affection towards a friend or repulses you from an “enemy”? 

Brené Brown is a researcher that embarks on an eight-episode journey with this awesome docuseries that explores the psychology behind our emotions that help us create meaningful relationships. It also explores how we create them and how a similar emotion is “categorized” in our brain – a friend, a lover, a family member, etc.

Moonshot (03/31/2022)

One of the few HBO Max original movies on this list is coming right at the end of March. Moonshot will be fun, inventive, and an unusual mix between science fiction and a classic rom-com storyline.

In the fantasy future, Mars has been colonized, and people inhabit it. Two students (portrayed by Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse) sneak onto a spaceship to go to more and reunite with their former lovers, who already inhabit the Red planet. However, their journey might give them a different perspective of each other…

Julia (03/31/2022)

Julia Child is somewhat of my hero. I love the charismatic French lady’s recipes as she rose to culinary stardom with her show, The French Chef. Julia is a series dedicated to the brilliant chef, who will be portrayed by Sarah Lancashire over eight episodes.

Julia had brilliant, innovative ideas, but it’s her personality that made her an icon in the culinary world. I can’t wait to see this show.

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