All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

You can always find someone who knows Mario no matter where you are on the globe.

He may be found in everything from video games to films, toys, and clothing.

He has been Nintendo’s face since the introduction of Super Mario Bros. in 1985, featuring in the majority of their games and advertising material. Mario is, in some ways, Nintendo. And Mario is Nintendo.

However, Mario is not alone in his exploits.

And it’s fair to argue that he owes his enormous popularity to the ensemble of friends, foes, and competitors that join together to make his games so unforgettable.

You’ve come to the correct place if you want to remember a little or learn more about Mario’s social circle.

50. Thwomp

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 3. (1990). Whereas most Mario characters are bright and charming, Thwomps appears to have a harsh existence — no pun intended. Their expression is perpetually glum, and their sole aim in life is to destroy others and their hopes. There have been numerous variants of these spikey, angry-looking males. And some of them appear to have it more straightforward, such as those that function as elevators.

49. Wingo

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was the first to include it (2014). One of the best Marioverse games on the Wii U was Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Wingo, the show’s primary antagonist, was one of the reasons. As you can undoubtedly see by his diamond headgear, this massive black bird is supposed to mimic Roc, a legendary bird featured in The Thousand and One Nights.

 48. Toadsworth

The first appearance was in Super Mario Sunshine (2002). We now know that the old Toadsworth is part of Princess Peach’s diplomatic attaché and was once assumed to be her father. That doesn’t mean he’s any less protective of the princess, whom he’s cared for since she was a newborn. He’s kind, helpful, and a father figure to her and the other Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom.

47. Wart

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 2. (1988). He’s green, spherical, and wears a crown – and we know very little about him. Wart, though, has a particular place in the hearts of fans as one of the first Mario enemies they faced. While Wart was the primary adversary in the Western version of Super Mario Bros. 2, he has had a more difficult time keeping relevant than other villains in later titles.

46. Baby Luma

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Galaxy (2007). Lumas are a whimsical race of living starlets that play an essential role in Super Mario Galaxy’s narrative.

And this particular newborn star is the most acceptable representation for them. Rosalina’s best and dearest friend since they’ve been combing the cosmos for Baby Luma’s mother from time immemorial. Rosalina developed acquainted with the rest of the Lumas over time, and she became a type of adoptive mother to them. But she’ll never forget this gorgeous cosmic body.

45. Blooper

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. (1985). Bloopers originally learned to fly due to a glitch in the original SMB that caused them to spawn outside of water in some subterranean levels. It appears that Nintendo liked it, as they are mainly seen floating in the air nowadays. They’re even capable of playing tennis! These mask-wearing monsters like spewing ink in people’s faces. As a result, they’ve become a crucial ally for struggling drivers attempting to move ahead in Mario Kart, where they’re available as a power-up.

44. Count Bleck

First appeared in Super Paper Mario (2007). Super Paper Mario wasn’t the franchise’s pinnacle, but its primary antagonist is one of its most significant elements. This person, who wears a monocle, is obsessed with opening The Void. To do this, he forcibly marries Princess Peach to Bowser, creating the Chaos Heart and the beginning of the game’s events. Count Bleck’s actual name is Lord Blumiere, although he is invariably referred to as Count Bleck.

43. Cackletta

The first appearance of this character was in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (2003). Cackletta, a strong and terrible witch from the Beanbean Kingdom, is another underappreciated adversary from Mario’s RPG adventures. To fulfill her aspirations of conquering the land, she takes Princess Peach’s voice and employs Peach-like robots to summon and exploit the Beanstar’s power — which grants wishes to people with lovely voices. In the end, Mario and Luigi can stop this greedy, cruel green witch — but not before she has gotten rather far. I give her an A+ for effort.

42. Chain Chomp

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 3. (1990). When I hear a dog bark, I’m taken back to my childhood, when I used to play Super Mario 64. In Bob-Battlefield OMB’s, I always appeared to fail at grabbing the Power Star defended by a Chain Chomp, and I tried for so long that the sound was flawlessly preserved in my long-term memory. While dangerous, this canine ball and chain are cute — however, being bitten by one of them would be a terrible experience.

41. Bullet Bill

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. (1985). Bullet Bills are another inventive take on an inanimate thing. These sentient missiles have had one goal in mind: to reach their target, and some of them can even home in on them. They’ve featured as adversaries in nearly every Mario game, but they’re also popular as power-ups in the Mario Kart and Mario Party series.

40. Hammer Bros

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. (1985). When someone is called after their craft, you know they’re good at it. Nobody is better than the Hammer Bros at juggling and throwing hammers at their opponents. Nothing stops a normal Koopa from taking up a hammer and hurling it, but the Hammer Bros. are trained experts who are unrivaled in the Koopa Troop in terms of lethality.

39. Captain Toad

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Galaxy (2007). Nothing beats an adventurous, daring adventurer to get me enthused about a character. As a member of the Toad Brigade in Super Mario Galaxy, this red-capped Toad with an enormous backpack began his road to greatness. Because of his honorable deeds, Nintendo allowed him to star in his own game, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

38. Vivian

The Thousand-Year Door was first shown in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004). The Paper Mario series takes place in a relatively self-contained environment. That explains why we don’t see most of its characters return in future games. However, that does not prevent us from remembering them warmly. Vivian is one of the most well-liked personalities among regular fans and users of some shady websites. This is due in part to her beautiful design but also her excellent character development. Congratulations, Viv!

37. Birdo

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 2. (1988). Birdo, also known as Birdetta or “Yoshi’s girlfriend,” if you ask my nephew, is one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s biggest success stories. Despite beginning as a primary enemy boss in SMB2, Birdo has reinvented herself to become one of Marioverse’s most popular supporting characters.

36. Professor E. Gadd

First appeared in Luigi’s Mansion (2001). Professor Elvin Gadd originally appeared as a side character in Luigi’s first solo adventure. He’s subsequently become a well-liked returning character. He’s even got his own Mario Party stage! This tiny, archetypal mad scientist with swirly glasses is more concerned with his discoveries and the advancement of knowledge than with trivial things like “rescuing Mario.” Professor E. Gadd’s name is a pun on an archaic word for astonishment – Egad! 

35. Bob-omb

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 2. (1988). Bob-ombs are among the most well-recognized Mario foes, and they appear in nearly every Mario game in some form or another. While the wind-up key on their back suggests they are just machines rather than sentient beings, they are capable of sophisticated reasoning. Furthermore, they are never wound up.

34. Admiral Bobbery

First appeared in Paper Mario (2004). Not all Bob-ombs are created equal. They have control over how they spend their life, which occasionally includes becoming a sailor. Admiral Bobbery is the final party member to join Paper Mario on the GameCube. This sea-dog is grumpy on the outside, but he’s a nice bomb on the inside.

33. King Bob-omb

It first appeared in Super Mario 64. (1996). The King of the Bob-ombs is Super Mario 64’s first actual boss battle. It was my first boss battle in a Mario game in general – and I’m not alone. After tossing him down the cliff three times, he concedes defeat in a gentlemanly manner, which adds to the pleasure of the event. I don’t know what else would be a decent role model for our times.

32. Motos

Deleted from Super Mario 64 (1996). Motos is a one-of-a-kind character to add. After all, they’re not in any official Mario game. This spherical robot-like opponent was discovered deep within the Super Mario 64 files over 25 years after being first published. Maybe it’s for the best, given how easy he can pick you up and fling you around.

31. Koopa-Troopa

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. (1985). The most frequent agents in Bowser’s Koopa Troop are Koopa-Troopas. They’re also one of the foremost opponents you’ll encounter in the original NES game. This upbeat figure has featured in nearly every Mario game since then, whether as an opponent, a playable character, or an item.

Koopa shells in green, red, and blue are among the most popular power-ups in Mario Kart and feature most other Marioverse sporting activities. When you see a Koopa, you immediately think, “Mario.”

30. Kamek

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power Including Enemies 30

The first appearance was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995). Not all Koopas spend their whole lives at the bottom of the food chain.

Some even have magical abilities, and Bowser’s rule appears to be a meritocracy. Kamek is a prime example of a Magikoopa rising beyond their status due to their superior strength and knowledge. He’s an old and powerful wizard who works for Bowser and is the main antagonist in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.

29. Kammy Koopa

First appeared in Paper Mario (2000). From the Paper Mario franchise, Kammy Koopa is Kamek’s elder female counterpart. This old and strong Magikoopa, like Kamek, is a high-ranking member of the Koopa Troop, as seen by her royal dark purple robes. Bowser has been under her care since he was a youngster. Despite his rude actions toward her, she is nearly motherly in her devotion to King Koopa.

28. Dry Bones

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 3. (1990). Koopa-Troopas are far from dangerous. At most, they’re minor annoyances – and occasionally, they’re even helpful to the heroic Mario. However, there is a nasty Koopa that even Mario is aware of – Dry Bones. This skeleton Koopa may be seen patrolling turrets and castles in conventional side-scrolling Mario games, and they’re a pain to deal with because they can reassemble themselves after Mario stomps them flat.

27. Goomba

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. (1985). Almost everyone who remembers Mario will recognize Goombas, the living shiitake mushrooms that appear to exist just to be trampled by the Italian plumber. They are the first opponent you will encounter in Level 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros., making them a historical character in the Marioverse.

While the majority of them appear to be mindlessly wandering around in service of Bowser (or whatever the current enemy is), there are many different types of Goombas. In the Mushroom Kingdom, there is even a tiny village that lives happily!

26. Goombella

First seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004). The stylish and innovative Goombella, an archaeology student at the University of Goom, is one of the most well-known variants on the standard Goomba. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, this endearing Goomba is Mario’s first buddy. She joins the plumber’s company and works as a navigator, delivering vital nuggets of knowledge throughout the game when he saves her from Lord Crump.

25. Lakitu

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. (1985). Lakitus are a subspecies of Koopa who serve in Bowser’s airforce. They drop explosives and other hazardous things on Mario to cause him to lose a few lives. They have been known to indulge in other pastimes, such as fishing from their cloud or following Mario about to record his exploits. Shigeru Miyamoto, the series’ inventor, has stated that he feels the most like a Lakitu of all Mario characters.

24. Koopalings

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 3. (1990). The Koopalings are the most infamous bunch of individuals in the Marioverse. They adore being cruel! These seven harbingers of Bowser’s triumph are like raining on Mario’s parade. They’ll utilize warp pipes to catch the Italian Plumber off guard, only to be repulsed time and time again. Despite their evil intentions, they stick together and keep trying, demonstrating the value of camaraderie and tenacity.

23. Piranha Plant

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. (1985). Piranha Plants are one of my favorite plants. Their design is essential and attractive, and after years of biting Mario’s bottom, they’ve become a gaming icon. There are also DIY methods for making your Piranha plants at home! While most of them can be found growing inside the green pipes that dot the Mushroom Kingdom, they may also be found in fields and other biomes. They’re so popular that they made it onto the roster of playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, even though it makes no sense.

22. Petey Piranha

The first appearance was in Super Mario Sunshine (2002). The Piranha Plant in SSBU isn’t the first of these well-known adversaries to wander free. Petey Piranha is the first boss in Super Mario Sunshine. This colossal mutant Piranha Plant has big lips and a nasty attitude. It also has many special powers that it will employ to try to break Mario’s heroic streak. The battle with Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine taught me the meaning of the phrase “anger quitting.” It took me years to return and complete the game!

21. Shy Guy

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 2. (1988). Few things are as deceptive as the Shy Guy, one of Super Mario Bros. 2’s many odd foes. These strange creatures resemble serial killers from a horror film with their hideous masks, yet they’re simply too afraid to expose their faces in public. They are not dangerous; they are simply scared. Once you realize that, they start to look lovely – mainly because they come in every hue of the rainbow.

20. Toad

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 2. (1988). Toad, a cheerful and impulsive fungus that has been a fixture of the Mario franchise since the introduction of SMB2, has to be one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s most recognizable faces. The Toads are the most well-known faces in the Mushroom Kingdom, and they’ve been serving Princess Toadstool from time immemorial. While he appears to be indistinguishable from any other member of his kind, he is, in fact, a single, distinct Toad – just like Captain Toad and Toadette.

19. Toadette

The character first appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash (2003). Toadette has been a fixture in Mario spinoffs since her debut in Mario Kart: Double Dash. It’s hardly unexpected, given her lovely design. Who can resist her fungal braids and bright pink colors? She’s also upbeat, active, and daring, as seen by her role as one of the central protagonists in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. According to official documents, while some fans assume Toadette is Toad’s fiancée, she is his sister.

18. Bowsette

This was first seen in this comic. Bowsette, like Motos a few spaces back, does not appear in any official Mario game. She exists solely in the imaginations and emotions of Mario enthusiasts all around the world. This memetic figure was created by Twitter user @Ayyk92, who shared a cartoon in which Bowser dons the Super Crown power-up and transforms into this bombastic female version of himself. It may appear strange to feature an unauthorized character… Her popularity, on the other hand, speaks for itself.

17. Daisy

Super Mario Land was the first to feature it (1989). Daisy, sometimes known as “Peach with varied hues,” originally appeared in Super Mario Land as the princess of Sarasaland, the game’s setting. While Sarasaland hasn’t been seen in a long time, Daisy has remained due to her outgoing nature. She’s more entertaining than Peach. She eventually became a permanent inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom. And one of the notable characters in Mario’s numerous sports-themed spinoffs.

16. King Boo

First appeared in Luigi’s Mansion (2001). Most enemy species in the Mushroom Kingdom appear to have their king. King Boo is the most powerful and terrifying of them all. The main adversary of Luigi’s Mansion is this phantom regent. However, he has appeared in several other Mario games, including Mario Party and Super Princess Peach. The more boos that surround him, the more powerful he becomes. King Boo, like many monarchs throughout history, is nothing without the support of his people.

15. Lady Bow

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

First appeared in Paper Mario (2000). Lady Bow, a feminine ghost who’s as strong-willed as she is kind-hearted, has to be my favorite unique Boo in all of Mario’s years. In Boo’s Mansion, we meet her as the potentially vicious leader of a group of Boos, but she joins Mario on his journey as an influential party member. Her design is straightforward – a Boo with ribbons. Nonetheless, her facial expressions and excellent character development make her one of the game’s most endearing and unforgettable characters.

14. Boo

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. 3. (1990). Boos have the same fundamental characteristics regardless of size, gender, or socioeconomic position. They’re spherical and airy, and they typically vanish when someone stares at them directly. You could believe this is a scare technique. They are, nevertheless, timid – almost as much as they are playful and, at times, cruel. Strange for a ghost. Boos may be found everywhere there are humans. They often appear in most Mario games. Nobody is safe, not even the Mushroom Kingdom’s royal castle, as anybody who has visited the basement in SM64 will confirm.

13. Pauline

Donkey Kong was the first to include it (1981). In the 1981 arcade classic, Pauline was the initial damsel-in-distress kidnapped by Donkey Kong. Despite disappearing for several years after being forced to be replaced by Princess Peach, Pauline gradually re-emerged with cameos in titles such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem and Super Mario Odyssey. This elegant lady appears to be here to stay.

12. Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong Country was the first to include it (1994). Despite being produced by Rare Ltd., the success of Donkey Kong Country and Diddy Kong Racing has established DK’s nephew as one of the most popular and recognized monkeys in the Marioverse. He embodies youthful vitality, always searching for the next adventure and prepared to take the reins when necessary.

It was perhaps his bravery that landed him a girlfriend, Dixie Kong. In some ways, Donkey Kong Country is more Diddy’s game than DK’s. After all, Diddy appears in every game, whereas DK appears just half the time. Also, if you’ve ever played DKC1, you’re probably aware that Diddy cleans up.

11. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong was the first to include it (1981). DK is now a friendly, strong-willed gorilla who hangs around with the Mushroom Kingdom’s heroes. However, this was not always the case.

The original DK was just as wicked as Bowser, kidnapped women and generally causing havoc.

Fortunately, he changed his ways and became one of the franchise’s key characters. This Kong is always prepared to use his immense strength to protect his friends – and his banana wealth – from any evildoers.

10. Wario

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

Wario was first seen in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992). Mario has encountered numerous opponents throughout the years. None, however, are as entertaining as the obnoxious and impolite Wario. This clever businessman with his stately zig-zag mustache is not to be trifled with, as he always has a trick up his sleeve – and if that fails, he can rely on his herculean muscle to get his way. Despite his lack of regard for others and terrible hygiene, Wario has proved to be quite productive, overseeing a microgame-making firm, a mining operation, and seeking treasure in his spare time.

9. Baby Mario & Luigi

The first appearance was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995). When Nintendo started incorporating younger versions of Mario and Luigi in spinoffs like Mario Kart, it felt like a bit of a gimmick… However, they went on to become essential members of the cast. While they have made most of their appearances in sports and party games, they have also played significant roles in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They’re adorable. And they demonstrate how Nintendo attempts to reach as many age groups as possible with their colorful games.

8. Bowser

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. (1985). I’m sure you spotted this huge man rising at the top of the list. Here’s King Koopa himself. A towering beast that resembles a cross between a dragon and a biped turtle. Given his enormous size and many spikes all over his body, it’s no surprise that he could unify the Koopas under his reign. It’s a shame he only utilizes his leadership abilities to attempt to abduct Peach. Despite his numerous heinous actions and evil intents, Bowser is always prepared to call a halt to hostilities to resolve his disputes with the Mario brothers in fair athletic bouts.

7. Bowser Jr.

The first appearance was in Super Mario Sunshine (2002) Bowser, like any wise king, realized early on that he needed to expand the royal dynasty. Bowser Jr., the successor to the Koopa throne, enters the picture. Bowser Jr., unlike his father, is not interested in evil for the sake of evil. Nonetheless, he is privileged, belligerent, and arrogant, so he comes out as a total villain.

Finally, he constantly aids his father’s attempts to capture Princess Peach. He must genuinely want a mother deep inside (and some fatherly approval)

6. Peach

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Bros. (1985). Mario may be the main character in his games. But if he didn’t have a princess to save, he’d be an ordinary plumber.

This lovely and royal princess, also known as Princess Toadstool, is Mario’s love interest and the driving force behind his heroic acts. To be honest, even if he didn’t save her, we know she has a strong personality and could save herself if she wanted to, as demonstrated in Super Princess Peach.

Fun fact: Despite being referred to as a princess, Peach is the queen of the Mushroom Kingdom, making her Queen Peach under most monarchical systems.

5. Rosalina

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

The first appearance of this character was in Super Mario Galaxy (2007). Peach may now be the main female heroine of the Mario franchise. But she isn’t always the greatest or the most popular. That would be Rosalina, the Lumas’ adoptive mother, and a sad character.

Despite her outward firmness and collected demeanor, this façade conceals the sorrow of a little girl who lost her family. Throughout the game, she learns about herself and accepts the harsh facts of the world. As a result, she is the person with the most character development in Mario’s history.

4. Yoshi

Super Mario World was the first to have it (1990). Since the original Super Mario World, this dinosaur-like creature has fought with Mario, eventually earning his franchise with the release of Yoshi’s Island. And it’s only fitting that he gets his spinoff, given the amount of Yoshis that have fallen into bottomless pits to assist Mario in reaching higher platforms. The Yoshi race has made the most significant number of sacrifices for the Mushroom Kingdom. They are deserving of some attention here!

3. Luigi

First appeared in Mario Bros. (1983). Being courageous does not imply being fearless.

Instead, it is about conquering this fear to accomplish what is necessary and achieve great things. By this metric, Luigi is the boldest character in the Marioverse. Despite his cowardice, he is always eager to join his brother in his insane escapades. And, as seen in Luigi’s Mansion, he’ll put his life on the line to defend him. Plus, he always seems to get the greatest memes.

2. Waluigi

First appeared in Mario Tennis (2000). Speaking of memes, why isn’t Waluigi in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate yet? A Piranha Plant is thrashing around in a clay pot as if it were a full-fledged character… However, there was no room for Waluigi. It’s no surprise he’s wicked when he’s treated this way! He may be skinny, ill-mannered, and an all-around bad guy, but he still has feelings. Don’t be concerned, man. At the very least, you’re towards the top of my list.

1. Mario

All 50 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Power (Including Enemies)

Donkey Kong was the first to include him  (1981). But the coolest character in the entire Marioverse has to be the one who connects everything. Mario is the only face of gaming.

Sure, he’s outmatched. And, yes, this is an obvious choice. But it’s safe to say that this guy’s red suit and mustache have forever altered the video gaming business.

He excels at whatever he attempts. He can spew fire, fly, transform into a frog, and is nearly unstoppable… Despite this, he is a lively and engaging character. You may argue that Luigi is taller or Rosalina has greater depth all you want. Mario is a global phenomenon. He’s a symbol of a period, and Nintendo wouldn’t exist as we know it if it weren’t for this Italian plumber.