All Ultramen: How Many Are There in Total?

All Ultramen: How Many Are There in Total?

Ultra is a Japanese science fiction media franchise comprising all productions related to the universe of Ultraman. The saga, also known by the title derived from the Japanese series of Ultra, or even series of Ultraman from the name of the protagonist character, includes numerous television series, films, and video games, produced starting from 1966 with the seminal television series Ultra Q.

Since 1966, there have been 43 different versions of the Ultraman character. This means that there are 42 alternative versions, alongside the original Ultraman. Some of these iterations played a larger role in the narrative, while the others were simply a one-off concept. This is probably not the final number of Ultramen we’ll see in the franchise.

Throughout the years, there have been numerous incarnations of the Ultraman character and in this article, we are going to tell you just how many there are in total. We are also going to give you some additional information about some specific versions of Ultraman, as well as answer some questions about them.

List of all the Ultramen

Since 1966, there have been numerous iterations of the Ultraman character. Some of them were featured heavily in the adaptations, while others were used less frequently. Here is a list of all the Ultramen from the franchise:

  1. Ultraman
  2. Ultra Seven
  3. Ultraman Jack (The Return of Ultrman)
  4. Ultraman Ace
  5. Ultraman Taro
  6. Ultraman Leo
  7. Ultrman Jonias (The Ultraman)
  8. Ultraman 80
  9. Ultraman Tiga
  10. Ultraman Dyna
  11. Ultraman Gaia
  12. Ultraman Neos
  13. Ultraman Cosmos
  14. The Next [Ultraman (2004)]
  15. Ultraman Nexus
  16. Ultraman Max
  17. Ultraman Mebius
  18. Ultraseven X
  19. Ultraman Zero (Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie)
  20. Zoffy
  21. Father of Ultra
  22. Mother of Ultra (Taro)
  23. Ultraman King
  24. Ultraman Astra (Leo)
  25. Evil Tiga
  26. Ultraman Agul (Gaia)
  27. Ultraman Hikari (Mabius)
  28. Hunter Knight Tsurugi (Mabius)
  29. Ultraman Justice (Ultraman Cosmos)
  30. Ultraman Noa (Noa: Nostalgia)
  31. Ultraman Xenon (Ultraman Max)
  32. Ultraman Belial (Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie)
  33. Dark Zagi (Ultraman Nexus)
  34. Ultaman Chuck
  35. Ultraman Scott
  36. Ultraman Powered
  37. Ultraman Great
  38. Astra (Leo)
  39. Ultraman Nice
  40. Ultraman Zearth
  41. Ultrawoman Beth (Ultraman: The Adventure Begins)
  42. Yullian (Ultraman 80)
  43. Ultrawoman Amia (The Ultraman)

As you can see, along with the primary Ultraman, we have seen 42 alternative versions of the characters, which means that there are 43 identified Ultramen so far.

Who is the strongest Ultraman?

As officially stated by the Televi-Kun magazine, Ultraman Reiga is known as “the strongest Ultraman in history”. Now, this certainly might be up for debate, especially since there have been truly powerful iterations of the Ultraman character, but this is what we know from the official sources. Ultraman Reiga is an Ultra Warrior created from the fusion of the first eleven heroes of the New Generation. He debuted in Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax.


Reiga’s basic design was modified from a discarded design for Taiga. His horns were altered and lengthened and the Taiga spark, which he originally did not have, was added to his arm. The red and blue parts on his face are from the New Generation eye, and his gloves and boots were given a rivet-like design.

The power of Grimdo, after devouring Tregear, proved too strong even for the combined forces of the New Generation heroes in their final form. As Taro shields the group from one of his attacks, he orders them to focus their energy on Taiga’s Ultra Horns. This gives Hiroyuki the Eye of the New Generation, which he uses to transform into Ultraman Reiga. Reiga withstands all of Grimdo’s attacks with ease and defeats him with the Reiga Ultimate Blaster, destroying Grimdo and Tregear. The new generation heroes then separate and say goodbye before leaving Hiroyuki’s Earth.

His powers and abilities include:

  • Reiga Ultimate Blaster: Reiga’s finishing attack. It is a “+” style Ultra Beam that combines all the energy of the New Generation Heroes.
  • Energy Bolt: Reiga’s standard energy attack in Ultraman Fusion Fight!.
  • Reiga Photon Blow: Reiga coats his fist in an aura and punches the enemy.
  • Reiga Protection: A protective ability that allows Reiga to withstand Grimdo’s attacks.

Who is the weakest Ultraman?

As far as we know, the weakest Ultra Warrior ever created is Ultraman Neo Noa. Weaksauce Ultras are Ultras that are incredibly weak and are, all of them, considered to be the weakest Ultras in the series. The thing is, a lot of these Weaksauce Ultras are mock characters and are not official; some of them are, though.


Neo Noa is a very weak Ultra and can die from falls, blows, or kicks, even those from much smaller beings. Since it is an alternate version of Ultraman Noa and is technically a Neo Ultra, the question of why Neo Noa is so weak remains unanswered. Some say it’s simply due to some sort of cosmic irony, but whether that’s true is unknown.

Who is the most popular Ultraman?

Based on a poll conducted back in 2019, the most popular Ultra Warrior in Japan was Ultraman Tiga. Ultraman Tiga, 30 million years before the series, was one of the ancient giants ruled by darkness, and he rose to prominence when several of the ancient giants were corrupted by the stresses of civil war.

He was considered the strongest of all the Dark Giants in existence and had defeated many of the heroic Ultras in the past, but after falling in love with a human named Yuzare, Tiga switched sides.

He betrayed his own comrades and stole their powers for his own before sealing them as stone statues. The redeemed Tiga joined forces with two other nameless giants to protect Old Earth from countless disasters and numerous dark forces. After the deed was done, the giants left their bodies as stone statues in the Land of Tiga Pyramid, while their essence floated away into space.

Five thousand years before Ultraman Tiga in Revival of the Ancient Giant, the wizard Dogramagma threatened the peace of the village of Sakimoria with a giant dogū statue monster Degouf until Ultraman Tiga saved the village. When Dogramagma threatened the village and the Tiga Pyramid again, a time-displaced Tsubasa Madoka attempted to transform into Tiga, but his incompatibility meant that the half-sized Tiga was barely able to kill the Jomonoid until Amui used the Sparklemnce on himself and successfully brought the giant to its full power, destroying both Dogouf and Dogramagma.

In the present, two ancient monsters, Golza and Melba, were awakened and attempted to destroy the giant statues in the Tiga Pyramid. The members of GUTS (led by Yuzare’s hologram) discovered these statues, but during the attack of Golza and Melba, Daigo merged with the statue of Tiga and reanimated the giant again to fight Golza and Melba.


Golza was able to escape, but Tiga killed Melba. From that point on, Tiga returned to fight other monsters and alien threats, including a returned Golza and those responsible for the destruction of the ancient civilization. At one point, Daigo/Tiga was taken back in time and met an alternate incarnation of the original Ultraman to work together to destroy the sealed monster Yanakagi. Just before the finale, Daigo revealed his identity to Rena and Captain Iruma before facing the great destroyer Gatanothor.

The huge monster was too big for Tiga and in the end he was petrified into a stone statue. Only then did the Light of Humanity manage to revive Tiga and transform him into Glitter Tiga, giving him the power to defeat Gatanothor and save Earth. However, Tiga’s victory came at a high price: Daigo was no longer able to transform into Tiga after the Sparklence dissolved into dust following his final battle.

Two years after Tiga defeated Gatanothor, TPC accidentally awakened the dark giants during their journey to R’lyeh. Daigo was haunted by Camearra’s dreams, as she tried to lure him to R’lyeh and transform into Tiga Dark. Although Daigo was forced to comply with her, thus breaking Yuzare’s protective barrier, he refused to join them.

Much like the original Tiga, he slowly regained his light by absorbing Darramb’s strength and Hudra’s speed before killing her. When he faced Camearra in his partially restored light form, Tiga was on the verge of defeat until Rena appeared and came to his aid.

Shielding Rena from Camearra’s attack fully restored his light form, but his action of saving Rena (which is a sign of true love) had outraged Camearra even more and she transformed into Demonthor, killing Tiga with relative ease until the remains of the ancient giants revived him into Glitter Tiga to finish off the monster. Although Daigo has returned to his normal life, the whereabouts of Tiga (including his Dark Sparklence) remain unclear.

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