Alleged Plot and Character Leaks Suggest ‘Thor 5’ Will Depart from ‘Love & Thunder’ in a Change of Tone

Thor 5 rumors

About over 30 projects are currently in development when it comes to MCU, slated for release in the next two years, with ‘Thor 5’ among them, according to increasingly loud whispers. Recently, Taika Waititi addressed the possibility of directing the fifth installment of the God of Thunder’s saga in the MCU, casually brushing it off, indicating it’s not on his current agenda.

Fans breathed a collective sigh of relief at his statement. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is widely regarded as the franchise’s pinnacle, with Taika masterfully blending humor and depth. However, some fans feel that ‘Love & Thunder’ veered off course during development. The film seemed to go overboard on many fronts, lacking a cohesive narrative and landing some jokes in questionable taste, leading to a perception of it being more of a parody than a serious superhero film.

It appears that the studio has taken note of the feedback from ‘Love & Thunder.’ Several months ago, there were rumors circulating that the tone of the next ‘Thor’ film would be notably darker, with speculation even suggesting Gareth Edwards might direct. The latest rumors, reported by HolyField News, indicate that production for ‘Thor 5’ is slated to begin in late 2025 under Kevin Feige’s supervision. The film is expected to undergo a tonal shift, with Thor returning to Valhalla to regain his extraordinary abilities. Fans can anticipate the arrival of Beta Ray Bill, a character long-awaited by many.

Additionally, rumors suggest that Thor Corps and Amora the Enchantress could make their MCU debuts in the film. While Amora is a significant comic book villain and likely to connect to Secret Wars, Thor Corps is expected to introduce a multiversal aspect to the storyline.

The addition of Thor Corps is particularly significant for the upcoming ‘Secret Wars.’ Regardless of how the movie unfolds, it surely can’t be worse than the campy portrayal of Gorr.

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