How Did Thor Get His Eye Back?

How Did Thor Get His Eye Back?

Thor Odinson is certainly one of the most important and most popular characters in both the comic books published by Marvel and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The latter version is interpreted by Chris Hemsworth, who is regularly praised for having captured the essence of the character in his interpretation of the role. Although …

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Batman vs Thor: Who Would Win?

Today, we prepared another comparison for you, this time between two superheroes from two different comic book universes. Today’s representative of DC Comics is Batman, Gotham’s Dark Knight, while Marvel’s is Thor, the God of Thunder. Could Batman, a mere mortal, defeat Thor in a fight? Keep reading to find out! Despite being notoriously known …

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Can Spider-Man Lift Mjolnir?

Can Spider-Man Lift Mjolnir?

We all know that Spider-Man is one of the most moral Marvel superheroes, with very high standards that he always adheres to. This is a reflection of Uncle Ben’s moral maxim “with great power comes great responsibility”, which Spider-Man adheres to out of respect for his deceased uncle. Where are we going with this? Well, …

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Can Anyone Lift Stormbreaker?

Can Everyone Lift Stormbreaker?

Thor is known for wielding a lot of different weapons. Some of those were quite usual and could be used by anyone, but Thor’s most famous weapons are those that can only be lifted by him and/or a small number of other characters who are either powerful enough or worthy enough to utilise them. Mjolnir, …

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