Alligator That Inspired Loki Variant Abducted: Owner Launches Search and Rescue Effort

alligator missing loki

The ‘Loki’ Disney+ series introduced numerous Loki variants to the MCU, including the beloved Alligator Loki, banished for snacking on a neighbor’s cat. Shockingly, this variant had real-world inspiration from Wally The Emotional Support Alligator, who has now been kidnapped.

Joie Henney, the owner, shared on social media the news of their famous alligator’s reported abduction. They launched a search and rescue mission and promised a guaranteed reward for the safe return of their pet.

We need all the help we can get to bring my baby back. There’s a reward out for Wally’s return safely with no questions asked. Please help us. Please.

A Facebook post provided additional details about Wally’s disappearance. With each passing moment, the hope of locating the cherished alligator diminishes.

Okay everyone I am going to lay things out to the best of my ability. Wally was stolen by some jerk who likes to drop alligators off into someone’s yard to terrorize them. Once discovered they called DNR, DNR then called a trapper. The trapper came and got Wally and dropped him off in a swamp with about 20 other alligators that same day. The swamp is very large and the trapper said the chances of them finding Wally is slim to none. But this is Wally…..Joie and friends are currently headed to the swamp to search and will continue daily. We just pray with other alligators present that Wally is ok🙏❤️. We are not releasing the location at this time, however if anyone wants to aide in the search please contact Joie directly for more details. Please continue to pray because we need a miracle. Thank you all for your love and support.

It’s truly saddening to learn that Wally has become the victim of a prank. The pet’s owner has also urged fans to avoid harassing the individual who discovered the alligator, ultimately leading to his release into the swamp.

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