Angelina Jolie Wants To Return As Thena, But Not In A Solo Movie

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Angelina Jolie, one of the most known actresses in Hollywood made her MCU debut in the recently released 26th MCU movie Eternals. She played the character named Thena, a great warrior and a member of Eternals.

Inspired by Athena, the Olympian goddess of wisdom and war, the character was created by Martin A. Burnstein and Jack Kirby and made her comic book debut as Thena in 1976. She was a member of Eternals (of course) and one more Marvel superhero team – Heroes for Hire.

Angelina Jolie was cast as Thena in March 2019, prior to the movie’s official announcement in July 2019. Her character is portrayed as a great warrior and she shared a unique bond with Don Lee’s Gilgamesh. The post-credit scene of the film confirmed that Eternals will return, although it didn’t specify which ones. Considering the mid-credits scene, Jolie’s role is still only at the beginning.

Angelina now shared her thoughts on joining the Marvel family:

“I loved being part of the family, so I have no desire to separate from the family. But I would be happy to play her again and explore even more deeply the struggles that she has. I think it’s fun thinking of where they’ve been over the years. We’ve got thousands of years worth of material. We can take her anywhere. I think that’s fun and I like the idea that we can pop up somewhere, maybe in other Marvel movies.”

Angelina Jolie for CinePop, via Collider

The way she said it, Angelina is all for another Marvel movie, but with no-no on a potential Thena solo project. It is unknown if Eternals will get their own sequel or if their MCU future depends only on other projects and crossovers where they will be guest stars. We can’t wait to see what the boss Feige planned out.

Directed by Chloe Zhao, Eternals is now playing in theaters.

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