10 Best Anime Characters That Start with a V [with Images]

10 Best Anime Characters That Start with a V [with Images]

Anime characters appear in all shapes and sizes. They also appear under a variety of names. Some anime characters have first and last names, some have nicknames, some have… well, they are always known as something. In that aspect, it is important to remember all of these names and that is why we have decided to bring you this list. This list is going to contain a list of anime characters that start with the letter V. They will be sorted alphabetically by the names they are known best, whether it is their first name, last name, or their nicknames.

Valentine, Faye (Cowboy Bebop)

Cowboy Beboop Estos cosplay de Faye Valentine y el corgi Ein te haran ver las estrellas compressed

Faye Valentine is a young woman interested only in money. She has shoulder-length purple hair and a red waistcoat over a very short yellow ensemble. She also wears a black thong bodysuit. At the start of Episode 15, men in coveralls are seen handling a block in which Faye is cryogenized. She woke up in 2068, in perfect health, but totally amnesic.

After making the escape, she scours the space aboard her Redtail, swindling those she meets to pay off her debts and almost immediately losing her money at the races. Her meeting with Spike is fortuitous since she confuses him with a contact in a casino. She will then join the Bebop and its crew.


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Valentine, Mai (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Mai Valentine is a duelist met in the Realm of Duelists, who later becomes friends with Joey and Yugi. Characterized by great beauty and a shapely body, Mai initially presented herself as very vain and self-confident, sometimes capricious and childish, having fun forcing the men who remain bewitched by her to do what she wants.

She initially pretends to be a seer, astounding her opponents with the way she plays the cards without seeing them and predicting what exactly they are. But in fact, it was just a trick, as the cards are sprinkled with different scents that the girl knows exactly. In reality, she is terrified by the idea of ​​being alone and, in order not to suffer, she convinces herself that she does not need anyone, remembering that she has always been able to go on despite being orphaned at an early age; slowly, despite her initial disagreements, she begins to trust Joey, until she develops a very strong bond with him.

Vaklyrie, Gerard (Bleach)

654Gerard is wounded

Gerard Valkyrie is one of the strongest Sternritter in Bleach. His physique is amazing and his special ability, given to him thanks to the fact that he was a Sternritter, made him nigh unkillable, since every time he would take damage, it would not hurt him, but rather make him stronger. He was practically invincible during the time and died only when he lost his powers.

Vangeance, William (Black Clover)

William Vangeance

William is adored by his men and they are very loyal to him. He has a calm, friendly demeanor and always smiles kindly when talking to others. He is also of a discreet and observant nature, William is the hidden son of a nobleman, he is the result of adultery. He thus lives like a peasant until the age of 8 years. However, the heir of this noble family dies. The family will then appeal to William and give him the title of noble. He was hated by his family because of the dark marks he has on his face. He will be nicknamed the cursed child.

Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

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Vegeta is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball manga created by Akira Toriyama. He first appeared on December 19, 1988 in Weekly Shōnen Jump, searching for wish-fulfilling Dragon Balls to gain immortality. Alongside Goku, Gohan, Bulma, Krillin, and Piccolo, he is one of the characters that received the most development.

His character evolves from villain to anti-hero and becomes a hero over the course of the series. He is one of the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, and his first confrontation with Goku is considered one of the most iconic battles in manga and anime.

Vegeta is extremely vain and proud, constantly referencing his heritage and status as Prince of the Saiyans throughout the series; he thinks he should be considered the strongest fighter in the universe and becomes obsessed with overtaking Goku after fighting him. Vegeta reluctantly unites with Goku’s group, to thwart larger threats to the universe such as Frieza, Cell, and Majin Boo.

Vermillion, Fuegoleon (Black Clover)

Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon is a righteous person who judges people by their true worth rather than social status. This aspect of his personality was seen when he defended Asta from the oppression of House Silva by explaining to them that Asta had been invited by Julius Novachrono, which meant that the Mage-Emperor had recognized his value.

Additionally, he also shows his sense of justice as he is not ignorant when someone gets attacked regardless of the reason or status of the attacker. Fuegoleon also has a charismatic side which translates into great leadership qualities. He is able to quickly take charge of the situation and issue the appropriate orders, such as when he issued orders to the Knight Mages right after the Royal City was overrun. Fuegoleon is also very calm and cooperative in emergency situations.

He is able to analyze and find the weaknesses of his opponents while defending himself from enemy attacks. Additionally, Fuegoleon is a wise and authoritative man as he would immediately scold anyone who lost focus during an important situation.

His wisdom could be shown when he goes to consult Noelle after she was humiliated by her brothers and sister, despite her reputation in the nobility. Finally, as a noble, Fuegoleon is a proud man and one who can easily become angry with a hint of rudeness, such as when Nozel Silva makes a condescending remark to him.

Vermillion, Mavis (Fairy Tail)


Mavis Vermillion was the founder and first master of Fairy Tail. Her grave is on the island of Tenro. Although deceased, she has found a way to subsist in an ethereal (specter) form, thanks to which she will intervene when Acnologia, the black dragon of the Apocalypse, arrives. On this occasion, she will use one of the three great magics of Fairy Tail: Fairy Sphere, which consists of erecting a magical protection impermeable to any attack that will save Tenrô Island and the members of the guild present for seven years.


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Shortly after the start of the Grand Magic Tournament, Mavis comes to cheer on the two Fairy Tail teams present at the tournament, much to the astonishment of all the guild members in the arena, but only the people who wear the crest of Fairy Tail. the guild can see it. On the last day of the Grand Tournament of Magic, she deploys a strategy so that Fairy Tail can win. In the past, she led her team to many victories

Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)

Cowboy Bebop Vicious.0

Vicious, as the name suggests, is ruthless, bloodthirsty, skillful, and ambitious, able to do anything for power. He is a member of the Red Dragons criminal organization in Tharsis and is often compared to a poisonous snake.


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According to the series and different guides, he was not always the monster he is but it was the betrayal of Spike, his friend, and of Julia, his beloved, that changed him. His favorite weapon is not a gun but a katana which he skillfully uses, even against guns. He was a rifleman during the War on Titan and carried an automatic pistol at the time as well as when teamed up with Spike.

Victorique (Gosick)

Victorica de blois profile

Because she has blood from Seyrun or the people of the gray wolves, the Marquis of Blois, her father, decided to isolate her in the depths of his mansion so that one day he could use the brilliant minds that the people born there have. When she reached a certain age, she was allowed to stay at Academia Santa Margarita, on the condition that she does not leave the campus unless her father or brother allowed it.

She spends her days in the upper part of the library, which is also a greenhouse; there, Kazuya always finds her reading difficult books and/or in other languages. In addition to her sharp tongue, utter frankness, and eccentric attitude of hers; Victorique also possesses incredible detective skills. According to Grevil of Blois, Kazuya is the first person Victorique is willing to solve police cases for without expecting anything in return (or doing it just for candy).

Volaju, Vincent (Cowboy Bebop)

Vincent Volaju

Vincent Volaju is the main antagonist of the 2001 Cowboy Bebop film. He is a veteran of the Titan War who, together with a group of fellow soldiers, was subjected to experiments aimed at obtaining immunity to the lethal nanomachines built by the army as a weapon of mass destruction.

Of the whole group, Vincent was the only one to survive the experiments but, as a side effect, he almost completely lost his memory and began to live in a hallucinatory-like state, maintaining, as the only one with the real world, the permanent image of myriads of butterflies, with light created in the brain when nanomachines come into circulation.

Given up for missing on the battlefield and consequentially declared dead, Vincent, thanks to this anonymity, begins to plan to spread the nanomachines on all the inhabited planets of the solar system to exterminate the human race.