50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

With the increasing demands for the best anime and manga series, Dragon Ball came with the most powerful characters. Dragon Ball characters have become a milestone among the other best anime series (horror, ghost, sad, comedy, adventures, and fun-packed) due o their powers and actions. Dragon Ball characters are all about fighting and battling with the other creatures; that’s why their strength matters. 

Dragon Ball characters possess unique qualities and strengths. You will find them at the top of the list of the best-animated characters across all the platforms. Dragon Ball characters come with unique and exciting stories. In this guide, I am going to share the best Dragon Ball characters with you. I will also sort them in the best order of their increasing quality and popularity. Let’s get started. 

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball characters are the most popular manga series with millions of dedicated fans around nooks and corners of the world. You must be thinking about what role do the dragon ball characters play in their anime series. Let’s not get worried about this thing; this article will take care of that for you.

Here, I will enlist and briefly discuss the 50 best dragon Ball characters in the order of their increasing popularity and performance. You can choose your favorite from the given characters as per your taste and wish.

50. Nail 

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Nail is one of the least popular Dragon Ball characters. Nail is all about fighting and killing other enemies that you usually encounter in your animated series. The Nail was the strongest Namekian when compared with the other characters of a different universe. 

49. Krillin 

This Dragon Ball character didn’t get much appreciation and popularity among anime lovers. Still, there are a few things that you need to know about this Dragon Ball character. 

Krillin got training from Master Roshi to polish his Saiyan powers to use them in some productive ways. He was the strongest Earthlings warrior with his strategic mind and fighting skills. During chi attacks, Krillin tried its best to win the power tournament but failed. That’s why Krillin is not a popular and desirable Dragon Ball character. 

48. Botamo

Do you want to get a unique and mighty Dragon Ball character? Here I have a wonderful creation of the Dragon Ball characters. Botamo has taken the lead as the best Dragon Ball character. 

Botamo used his unusual fighting and other skills to impress Saiyan. Botamo’s brilliant raw powers didn’t help him to get access to Goku’s pace. That’s why Botamo gives up during the Gohan war. All these things made Botamo the least desirable Dragon Ball character among the viewers. 

47. Master Roshi

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Master Roshi has become one of the most influential humans that exist in the Dragon Ball character franchise. What makes this character so much power is its ability to train other characters with his Saiyan powers.

Master Roshi always tried to create a team of powerful Dragon Ball characters. Roshi wanted to use that team against the ruthless and tyrannical leaders of the Universe. Roshi was an expert in martial arts as well. Master Roshi also outclassed many other strange Dragon Ball characters from different Universe.  

46. Frost 

With time, Frost has become the muscular being that possesses strength and unique powers. Frost played a pivotal role within Universe 6. You can compare Frost with Freeza to know more about the unique powers of Frost. 

Being a Dragon Ball character, Frost always tried to make his position clear and strong. With the increasing time period for power tournaments, Frost’s performance and powers also exceeded throughout the journey of power tournaments. 

45. Agnilasa

Agnilasa was the strange humanoid character from Universe 3. Agnilasa was the product of the fusion between Paparoni and Koichirator. Agnilasa came out as the perfect combination of scientific things and mindless beats. 

Comparing Agnilasa with the other Universe’s characters will tell you that Agnilasa is not a powerful Dragon Ball character that will let you fight different wars and help you defend against severe attacks. That’s why Agnilasa is not as much popular as Goku and Gotenks are. 

44. Dyspo

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Dyspo is one of the most influential and super powerful Dragon Ball characters from Universe 11. You won’t be able to keep up with the pace of Dyspo with any other Dragon Ball characters. 

What’s so special about this amazing Dragon Ball character? Dyspo got the credit for being the fastest moving and running humanoid character compared with the other characters. Its super-maximum light speed mode is another feature that you need to learn about Dyspo. 

43. Kale

Kale got this rank due to some underlying features. What makes Kale strong and stay in this position is its skills. Kale got super Saiyan powers, the most brutal and strongest fighting skills, and is an unbeatable warrior.

42. Zamasu

Zamasu was a member of supreme Kai. There is no denying the fact that Zamasu was not that much able as Goku was. Zamasu took Goku’s appearance and named as black Goku. Still, there were differences between both the Dragon Ball characters. 

Zamasu was ready to become the next supreme Kai leader. As the time was approaching for Zamasu to take that role, Zamasu’s life took a sharp turn. Zamasu’s life had to surpass a dark path full of competition and challenges. 

Zamasu got the selection as the best lord of the lords. Thanks to the dismay, Zamasu didn’t get that chance to fulfill his dream path. 

41. Ultimate Gohan      

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Ultimate Gohan is the most powerful character when you are listing the top Dragon Ball characters. You must be thinking about what kind of powers did Ultimate Gohan contain? What did Gohan do to protect the Universe? Let’s get to know about these things. 

Gohan was among the Earth saiyans. Gohan had no interest in such powers. Still, Gohan used these powers at critical times. Gohan also fought Lavender. He was blind at that time. Sounds strange? Then how did Gohan win that fight? 

Gohan used his senses to make his victory possible. 

40. Tien 

There is no denying the fact that Tien is not a suitable Dragon Ball character for you. You can only move towards this character when you have left with no other best character. 

Tien’s only ability is to keep Cell far away for a long time. 

39. Guldo 

Guldo is one more Dragon Ball character with some extra fighting skills. Guldo can easily beat and kill many competitive fighters. There is one only problem that you will face with this character. 

You will not get yourself avail with this character for a long time. 

38. Racoome 

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Racoome is one such Dragon Ball character that will fight tooth and Nail to help you save against your enemies. Perhaps, this is the only thing that can attract you to this Dragon Ball character. 

37. Zarbon 

Zarbon came out as the most vigorous and powerful Dragon Ball character. There are very few things that you can know about Zarbon. Or you can say that there are a few benchmarks that Zarbon made throughout his journey. 

Zarbon fought with Vegeta and killed him in a single attack.

36. Captain Ginyu

Captain Ginyu got the ability to become the captain and leader of most of the super cool Dragon Ball characters. Ginyu got some unbelievable skills and tactics. 

Ginyu also used his powers and tactics to beat Goku several times throughout this journey. 

35. Cell Junior 

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Cell junior is one of the little creatures of the best Dragon Ball characters. There is only one power that you will see in these characters. 

Cell junior can easily fight and beat the hell out of the most powerful Z fighters. It would be true to say that the cell junior has got fast speed and unbeatable power. 

34. King Cold

It would be sad to hear that King Cold has not got any higher position. You won’t find it among this given list of fifty best Dragon Ball characters. Sounds some weird? Let’s solve this puzzle. 

Just as its name indicates, King cold is not able to help you defend the nasty enemies. You won’t be able to fight with your enemies and the other competitive Dragon Ball characters. So, try to stay away from this character if you have plenty of alternatives to choose from. 

33. Frieza 

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Thanks to time and fate, Frieza came with some awesome and adorable features. You can choose Frieza as your Dragon Ball character by knowing about the unusual powers of Frieza. 

Frieza can wipe out the existence of a planet or can destroy a whim that is difficult to get rid of otherwise. 

32. Dr. Gero

Dr. Gero is the creation of the Dragon Ball franchise. Still, there are some underlying concerns over the creation of such characters. What thing is hampering Dr. Geru to follow the path of the most powerful Dragon Ball characters? 

Well, doctor characters have caused a lot of havoc among these animated series. Such characters not only bring devastation to the Earth but can also misuse the powers of their ancestors. 

31. Android 19

Android 19 will tell you about one of those Dragon Ball characters that exhibit additional fighting skills and make you able to get rid of your enemies within no time. 

Android 19 is the creation of Dr. Geru. Geru got the credit of creating and making this Dragon Ball character to make its footholds among the best Dragon Ball characters. 

This humanoid character will help you a lot throughout your journey.  

30. Android 17

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Android 17 got credit as the only leftover player that got the opportunity to rule Universe 7 and the strongest Dragon Ball character. Android 17 will definitely put a question mark on your thoughts and imagination with his unnatural fighting skills and powers. 

It would be best to choose Android 17 as your Dragon Ball character against your enemies. After winning Universe 7, Android 7 is no more beatable with simple tactics and fighting skills. 

29. Android 18

Well, there is nothing much about this Dragon Ball character to discuss with you. Android 18 didn’t get much appreciation from its fans and users. Android 18 has excellent intelligence skills as well as fighting skills. 

Android 18 also defeated Ribrianne (the leader of Universe 2) in a battle. Since Android 18 sacrificed much for her friends, you can also believe that Android 18 defeated the most powerful leader of the Universe 2. 

28. Golden Frieza

There are rumors that golden Frieza can knock down this franchise’s most difficult and strongest Dragon Ball characters. Golden Frieza can easily cross his limits to get rid of the nefarious enemies. 

Frieza was an emperor gifted with the powers and blessings of being the strongest and unbeatable warrior among the Dragon Ball franchise. 

27. Android 16

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Android 16 stood at the top of the list of the Android Dragon Ball characters. Android 16 is far way better than the other Android characters. 

Android 16 made a programmed purpose of killing Goku in the long run. There are several other reasons to choose Android 16 as your best choice of the Dragon Ball characters. 

Android 16 is the most influential character with the best intelligence skills of Universe 7.

26. Goten 

Goten is another creation of the Dragon Ball franchise. You will find this character best for your revenge. Goren is a humanoid Dragon Ball character of Universe 6. Goten also claimed to battle with Goku and Frieza all alone. 

Gotens can handle more than ten fighters at once. That’s why Goten’s popularity chart is still climbing exponentially. 

25. Trunks (Current Timeline)

Trunks (current timeline) will take your imagination to another level. It’s all about showcasing the unusual fighting abilities and powers. 

The trunk is a bit stronger Dragon Ball character throughout the animated world. The trunk also got some of the unique fighting abilities from his father and forefathers. 

The trunk also did a lot in maintaining peace and stability in his Universe. This ability made him stand at the top of the list. This thing also speaks volumes about how powerful Trunk is.

24. Piccolo

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Piccolo was a ruthless enemy. Soon after its reincarnation, Piccolo changed his way from being evil to the hero of the Dragon Ball franchise. After that change, Piccolo wanted to save Universe 7 from the Gods of destruction. 

Piccolo also participated in the power tournament. Piccolo can knock down many fighters at once. Special beam cannons were his signature fighting step. 

Above all, his ability to clone himself was unbeatable. That thing made him climb and progress as the most powerful Dragon Ball character.  

23. Supreme Kai

Along with being the level-headed Dragon Ball character, Supreme Kai is hard to beat among the other animated characters. 

Supreme Kai belonged to the Kai from where the chain of strongest Dragon Ball characters got popularity. Supreme Kai is able to do anything and can go from pillar to post to achieve its goals. 

Supreme Kai got this position among the best Dragon Ball characters. 

22. Dabura

Want something different from the regular Dragon Ball characters? Here you go. Dabura is one of those Dragon Ball characters that look like Satan (not a true depiction of Satan). 

You must think that Dabura (Satan) would be more powerful than any Dragon Ball character. Dabura also got the Saiyan powers from his ancestors. 

With raw strength and power, Dabura got an absolutely stunning character for you. Dabura can also knock down several enemies and competitive fighters with a single strike. 

21. Cell

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Dragon Ball franchise launched and created this amazing Dragon Ball character. The cell has got you covered. The cell has the DNA of the strongest fighters throughout the world. 

Cell got some of the Saiyan powers from his father. Still, there is much to do in this regard. This humanoid character will never attract your attention. You will also find this character as the ridiculous generation of the Dragon Ball franchise. 

20. Fat Buu

When it comes to power, Fat Buu will always surprise you with its extraordinary powers and skills. It is more powerful than Kid Buu and Good Buu. 

Fat Buu can also claim super Saiyan powers. 

19. Hit

This Dragon Ball character is rocking like its name. You will find it among the strongest and most powerful Dragon Ball characters. What does this Dragon Ball character imply? 

Hit is a strong character from Universe 6. Hit is famous for his single strikes killing skills. That’s where you will get attracted to this wonderful Dragon Ball character. 

Hit has a famous signature technique with which you will want to get your hands on this amazing Dragon Ball character. 

18. Kid Buu

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Kid Buu is an amazing creation of the Dragon Ball franchise. You can get your hands easily on this super cool Dragon Ball character.  

There is something that will make Kid Buu distinguished from the other Dragon Ball characters. It’s scary look and insane childish attitude will put a pause on your thinking and mind. 

17. Cabba 

Cabba has come as another Dragon Ball character with super Saiyan powers. Following Vegeta’s footsteps, Cabba made its own way in this animated world. What does this Dragon Ball character tell you? 

Cabba is more about a character that takes part in a power tournament. Thanks to the natural powers and the fate of Cabba, that power tournament went in Cabba’s favor. Cabba did its level best to use its powers for getting achievement. 

You must be thinking about what kind of Saiyan powers Cabba contains. 

16. Gotenks 

Gotenks got the credit of being an upcoming superhero among all the Dragon Ball characters. There is nothing impossible for Gotenks to save the world and humanity from the tyranny of ruthless leaders. 

Gotenks underwent the training and performed well in the long run by using his Saiyan powers. Aside from the inherited powers, Gotenks also achieved some additional powers and abilities. So, what are those powers and abilities? What can Gotenks do with those powers? 

15. Whis 

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Whis stands as the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball franchise. This is the attendant of Lord Beerus. Whis got the opportunity to serve Lord Beerus for a long time. There is nothing wrong with this character. 

Whis got unusual fighting skills and some supernatural humanoid powers. Whis claims itself as the fastest among all the attendants of that time.

14. Gohan 

This Dragon Ball character came with some additional and destructive powers. Gohan has got name and fame and is still getting ahead on its way. You can grab this character in your spare time. 

No doubt, you will get yourself availed after watching Gohan as your Dragon Ball character. There are some controversies regarding the powers of Gohan among its fans. Some people believe that Gohan is more powerful than Goku. On the contrary, a few of them opined that Gohan is almost performing as Goku performs.  

13. Super Buu 

Super Buu is as super cool as you can imagine from its name. Super Buu is almost near to the rankings of Goku and the Omni king. You must be thinking about the powers and the additional skills of this Dragon Ball character. Let’s get to know about it. 

Super Buu has exceeded the pace and abilities of the senior Buu. You can use this character for fighting with your enemies. 

12. Vegeta 

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Vegeta is one of the top-ranked Dragon Ball characters. Still, it always lags behind Goku and the Omni king. Vegeta is an impressive human-like character that will make you awe with its unusual powers and fighting skills. 

You will find Vegeta equal to Goku in your list. Both the characters are the rulers and leaders of the Universe 10. That’s where you will see your skills to the next level.  

11. Trunks (From The Future)

Trunk emerged as the half-human-like Dragon Ball character by the amalgamation of several features from his family. 

Trunk got unique common sense from his mother and fighting powers from his father. Due to the quick emergence of the Dragon Ball characters, Trunk got the pace equal to the first three top Dragon Ball characters.

10. Toppo 

There are some rumors about Toppo as the best Dragon Ball character. Toppo has taken the lead as being the best destruction of God. 

Peace has remained elusive throughout the world. That’s why Toppo was trying to maintain peace throughout the world. Toppo’s fights for righteous justice and peace played a pivotal role in making a stable and healthy world. 

You will also see that Toppo contains destruction powers. Those destructive powers were gifts from the deity energy. 

9. Goku 

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Goku has become one of the top-ranked Dragon Ball characters when compared with the other best animation series. Goku is also one of the strongest fusion players. 

What else you need to know about this amazing Dragon Ball character is the task performed by Goku. Goku always finds a way to save the world and humanity. 

Along with Goku, two of his sons also started following super Saiyan in the long run. That’s where Goku’s parental negligence came to the fore.

8. Vegito

Are you trying to grab the best Dragon Ball character to appear on screen? You will definitely enjoy watching this strongest Dragon Ball character in different animated series. 

Not only Vegeta is an outstanding Dragon Ball character but also blessed with Saiyan powers. Vegeta got the credit of acquiring super Saiyan blue evolution. Vegeta’s powers always helped him fight many other deadly characters. Vegeta always aimed at becoming a most powerful character than Goku. 

What makes Vegeta different from Goku is its distinguishing fighting skills and powers. As per the list, Vegeta stood out as one of the best and smartest Dragon Ball characters.

7. Attendants Of Zen-Oh

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

As the name suggests, Attendants of Zen-Oh are the guardians of the Omni king. It would be not exaggerating to say that the attendants of Zen-Oh got more powers than the Omni king. Still, the attendants didn’t get any charge to rule over the world. 

All the attendants were answerable to the Omni king. That’s why the Omni king can wipe out the very existence of the whole world within the blink of an eye. 

6. Jiren 

Jiren was the key player in Universe 11. Jiren wanted to increase his Kai powers by indulging himself in different kinds of training. The meditation before the power tournament song play was also a part of Jiren’s training.  

What did Jiren do to tell them that entire he is the most powerful Dragon Ball character? Jiren knocked down berserker kale. That thing helped Jiren to make the other Dragon Ball characters fall from their place and position. 

5. Lord Beerus 

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

Lord Beerus was responsible for balancing the population of Universe 7. You must be thinking about how would Lord Beerus make it possible? 

Lord Beerus was responsible for wiping out the existence of the useless and extra planets to let the other plants grow in the world. Lord Beerus got an attendant (Whis) to serve all the basic things throughout his rule. Lord Beerus was the lord of universe 7. He was no affair with any other person on Universe 7. 

Still, Lord Beerus was answerable to the lord of the lords, the Omni king. Beerus was not a strong fighter like Goku and Priest. 

4. The Angels 

The Angels stood as the most powerful and unbeatable Dragon Ball characters. You will not find any other Dragon Ball character best suited when it comes to the raw powers. The Angels and the Great Priest are almost equal in strength, power, fighting skills, and intelligence level. 

3. The Great Priest

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

The great Priest is the most influential Dragon Ball character who served the Omni king for a long time. The great Priest got a special place near the Omni king. That’s why the Omni king started relying on and believing in the great Priest for everything. 

The great Priest is great for all the blessings and skills that he got from his ancestors and God. The great Priest was a powerful and influential Dragon Ball character and the strongest fighter with top-notch intelligence. 

2. Zeno 

Zeno is also an emerging and most powerful Dragon Ball character. You can also compare its skills and powers with the top-ranked and top rated Dragon Ball characters (Goku, Omni king, Great Priest). Zeno can wipe out any character within the blink of an eye. 

1. Zen-Oh: The Omni King

50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters (RANKED)

The Omni king is the absolute and most powerful Dragon Ball character among all the other characters. Omni king is the lord of the lords and the kings of all the Gods of destruction throughout the Dragon Ball characters franchise. 

Nothing can beat the record of Omni king, be it fighting, accepting challenges, and many other things. Omni king got the powers to destroy the entire power with just a single snap. 

Omni king also took serious action against all those Dragon Ball characters who misused their powers. That’s why the Omni king is the lord of everything.