10 Best Anime Characters That Start with a W [with Images]

10 Best Anime Characters That Start with a W [with Images]

Anime characters appear in all shapes and sizes. They also appear under a variety of names. Some anime characters have first and last names, some have nicknames, some have… well, they are always known as something. In that aspect, it is important to remember all of these names and that is why we have decided to bring you this list. This list is going to contain a list of anime characters that start with the letter W. They will be sorted alphabetically by the names they are known best, whether it is their first name, last name, or their nicknames.

King Wapol (One Piece)

Wapol is selfish and kills people for his pleasure, he has no regard for his people. Indeed, he kept all the doctors of the kingdom (the Toubibs 20) for himself instead of letting them treat the sick people of the kingdom. He will also take them with him when he flees the country. He has the same philosophy as the Celestial Dragons, so it is unthinkable for him to be attacked because he is the king.

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We have seen that he is extremely cowardly because, when his kingdom was attacked by the Blackbeard Pirates, he preferred to flee rather than defend his homeland. On the whole, he behaves like a capricious and immature child and he has a mania for picking his nose.

Weevil, Edward (One Piece)

His status as a Warlord of the Sea and his former bounty (the highest for a Warlord of the Sea) are, for now, proof that he is very powerful. Kizaru compares him to Whitebeard when younger. The fact of having single-handedly destroyed 16 allied crews of Whitebeard also proves that he is a formidable enemy. His legs are his weak point.

Like Whitebeard, he wears a Bisento. We don’t know yet if he actually uses it in combat or if it’s just to imitate his “father”. The two weapons are slightly different: the handle of Weevil’s Bisento does not have a twisted pattern like that of Whitebeard but is covered with a few strips wrapped in twists at the level of the grips, namely under the guard and on the lower part of the handle.

The hilt is relatively similar but the patterns in its center are different and more wound than on the Whitebeard Bisento. Finally, the blade is more classic and simple in one part, with the two shades of steel common in Japanese blades but without being set in an ornament on either side, such as was found on the Bisento of Whitebeard.

This Bisento is on the whole simpler and less elegant, even more rustic than that of Whitebeard. We can make a connection with its user who, although apparently very strong, is less athletic and imposing than Whitebeard was.

Whamon (Digimon Adventure)

Whamon is the second and last Digimon to be under the influence of Devimon encountered by the DigiDestined. Once the black ring is destroyed, Whamon apologizes for the trouble and offers his help to the DigiDestined to transport them via the sea. He reappears in later to save and protect the children of MetalSeadramon, but will ultimately be killed during the fight.

However, he will be reborn and save the new DigiDestined from MegaSeadramon (the one who was in the army of Myotismon who became a slave of the Digimon Emperor) in Adventure 02.

Whitebeard / Edward Newgate (One Piece)

Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard, was one of the Four Emperors and was considered the world’s strongest pirate until his death, although due to his heavy drinking and age, he constantly required the care of several nurses and used to be one of Gol D. Roger’s fiercest opponents. He got his name from his crescent-shaped white mustache. Before traveling with his own gang, he was a member of the Rocks gang.

Wisemon (Digimon Adventure:)

Wisemon is a Demon Man Digimon that looks like some kind of mage. Wisemon has existed for an extremely long time, but still accumulates numerous myths and mysteries around them. He always carries a book of magic with him, with which he is said to move through space and time; e.g. a Wisemon can enter other dimensions with relative ease. It is said that they come from the world of Witchelny. Possessing great magical powers, Wisemon draws his power from the two energetic orbs in his hands. He is an extremely intelligent and curious Digimon.

Wizardmon (Digimon Adventure)

Wizardmon is one of the fictional characters in the Digimon universe. He appears in several episods of Digimon Adventure. Wizardmon is a Champion-level Digimon. He wears tattered clothes, a pointed hat and a magic wand. In addition, he can read minds and is very solitary. Initially a vagabond Digimon, Wizardmon wanders alone in the Digital World until the day when Gatomon saves his life. It is from this day that they will become friends.

Later, Wizardmon was recruited by Myotismon to search for the eighth child. It is he who will find Kari’s digivice, but will be careful not to tell his master: he will prefer to tell Gatomon. It is thanks to him that Gatomon will discover that she is Kari’s Digimon. The two friends will then search Myotismon’s lair to find Kari’s amulet, but the vampire Digimon surprises them and throws Wizardmon into the sea.

The latter will be rescued later by Zudomon, Joe, Patamon and T.K. All five will go immediately to the TV station to give the Digivice and amulet to Kari. Wanting to protect Kari and Gatomon, Wizardmon will be killed by Myotismon’s macabre attack.

Wonderweiss Margela (Bleach)

Wonderweiss is the only modified Arrancar in existence; he is mentally impaired and seems attached to Tōsen. It is the only Arrancar whose creation by the Hōgyoku has been observed. Theoretically at the level of an Espada, he is not one of them. The only intelligible word we have seen him utter is his name.

During his first foray into the human world, he will spend his time looking at plants and eating insects, while dodging Urahara Kisuke’s attacks. His zanpakutō is a claymore with a purple scabbard and hilt (same color as his eyes).

During his second appearance in the human world, during the battle of winter where Espada and Fracción face captains and lieutenants, he arrives by a Garganta of much larger dimensions than usual and is followed by an unknown creature of the stature also phenomenal, Wonderweiss being less than a finger of this creature.

He once again demonstrates his power by piercing Captain Ukitake with his right arm, without him being able to retaliate. He then fights Mashiro, until destroying her mask, as he is about to finish her off, Kensei arrives to save her and take over. After being knocked out by Kensei, he is found when he appears in his resurección form against Captain-Commander Yamamoto, who defeats him with his bare hands.

In his Resurección form, it has a vertically elongated and more or less tall head as well as shoulders and hips, but very thin arms and legs. Extinguish was created for the one and only purpose of countering Ryujin Jakka. In order to achieve this power, Wonderweiss gave up everything: language, knowledge, memory and even reason.

He is also able to regenerate at high speed, but does not know how to adapt in combat. So he only hits; to do that, he has the ability to create additional arms. After Captain-Commander Yamamoto defeats Wonderweiss, Aizen confesses to him that all of Ryujin Jakka’s flames that he put out are actually sealed and stored in Wonderweiss’s skull. Wonderweiss suddenly releases them and dies for good.

Wong, Henry (Digimon Tamers)

Henry Wong is 13 years old (10 in the manga), but he is surprisingly mature and brave for his age. Coming from a large family, he is reserved and rather discreet, but has a good heart. His father is Chinese, and participated in the creation of Digimon. Henry practices Tai Chi daily. He has a big brother and a big sister, but also a little sister, Suzie, towards whom he is very protective.

The exact opposite of Rika, he believes at the beginning of the series that the digimon should not fight, and thus prevents Terriermon from getting involved in the fights during the first episodes. He quickly became friends with Takato, whom he met at school when the latter was looking for Guilmon. Regarding his strategy, Henry favors cards that reinforce Terriermon’s speed or allow him to quickly recover his energy.

Wong, Susie (Digimon Tamers)

Suzie Wong is Henry’s younger sister and the youngest of the Wong family. Unaware of Terriermon’s true identity, Suzie plays with him like a simple stuffed animal. Eventually, when Henry has to leave for the digital world, Terriermon reveals to Suzie what he really is. Later, a data fog appears in the real world and somehow sucks Suzie into the digital world, where she becomes acquainted with the devas Antylamon, who later de-digivolves into Lopmon. At the end of the season, she takes her role as a tamer very seriously and leaves to help the others to fight the D-Reaper.

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Wrath (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Embodying the sin of Wrath, he is the youngest of the homunculi: around sixty years old. This is the true identity of King Bradley, the leader of Amestris. It’s a successful experiment by Father, who mixed a philosopher’s stone with the blood of a normal human. He is part of a troop of young men trained in combat and trained with the aim of becoming Emperor.

Having been human, Wrath can age: he is the only homunculus that ages and he has no ability to regenerate. However, his physical abilities are exceptional, he can easily defeat Greed in close combat despite his old age. He has the “ultimate eye”, an Ouroboros in place of the pupil of his left eye, which he usually keeps hidden under a blindfold (he is initially believed to be one-eyed).

This eye allows him to see the movements of his opponents in advance, a great help for an outstanding swordsman. He loses his eye to Lin/Greed during Amestris’ attack and is shot and seriously injured. However, he manages to join Pride to force Roy Mustang to open the door of truth. He is eventually finished off by Scar after the Gate of Truth opens on the promised day. He is the fifth homunculus to be killed but unlike the others, his body does not disappear, this being surely due to his human origins.

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