Ao Ashi Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Ao Ashi Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

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In this article, we are going to present the main characters from Ao Ashi. The list is going to contain a number of main characters, of different affiliations, that have appeared in the manga and are set to appear in the anime. You’re going to find out their exact ages in the story and their ages, nationalities, genders, forms, and other important elements. It’s going to be a very fun list, so enjoy!

Ashito AoiMale15JapaneseJuly 3172 cm
Eisaku ŌtomoMale16JapaneseMay 5163 cm
Sōichirō TachibanaMale16JapaneseJune 11173 cm
Keiji TogashiMale15/16JapaneseSeptember 9187 cm
Kanpei KurodaMale15JapaneseDecember 2161 cm
Jun Marchs AsariMale15EnglishFebruary 14174 cm
Yūma Motoki Male16JapaneseAugust 22174 cm
Ryūichi Takeshima Male15JapaneseOctober 11171 cm
Tatsuya FukudaMale34JapaneseOctober 21176 cm
Hana IchijōFemale15JapaneseJune 17157 cm
Anri KaidōFemale15JapaneseApril 12160 cm
Shun AoiMale16JapaneseUnknownUnknown

Ashito Aoi

Ashito playvisual3

At first, Ashito is a bold and naive boy from Ehime who dreams of becoming the greatest striker in the world. However, all of this is quickly destroyed when not only does his position change, but Ashito realizes how lacking in technique and soccer knowledge he is compared to his colleagues.

Instead of falling into despair, however, Ashito acknowledges his setbacks and asks everyone to help him move forward, showing his desire to learn and strive for betterment. This quality is admired by others, especially his teammate Tachibana. Ashito is stubborn and refuses to go down without a fight, as shown by his argument with Asari and Kuroda in class.

Ashito is someone who loves football and can be dangerously possessed if left unchecked, as noted by many characters in the series. We see it especially in the Funabashi game as he tries to let go of his support system to reach new heights in football. Ashito is someone who understands and also needs people, as noted by Noriko. He has great emotional intelligence as he strives to understand his teammates inside and outside of football.

Eisaku Ōtomo

Eisaku playvisual1

Eisaku Otomo is a secondary character in Ao Ashi. He is a freshman and midfielder who plays for Tokyo City Esperion FC’s youth team. Eisaku is a short, fair-skinned teenager with dark green hair that is shaved on the sides but long on top.

Although he appears to be a coward at first, according to Soichiro Tachibana, once the game begins, he is the one with the greatest mental toughness among the first years. Eisaku also has a fairly childish personality, being easily irritated and short-tempered when teased by other teammates, especially Jun.

Sōichirō Tachibana

Soichiro playvisual1

Soichiro Tachibana is a freshman who plays as a striker for Tokyo City Esperion FC. He is in the same selection group as Ashito and Otomo. He was a member of the powerful Yokoyama Musashino Kekkodan Junior Youth but felt that he had stopped growing over the years and decided to join Esperion Youth to prevent him from becoming a useless player. He is a serious person with a strong sense of responsibility. His position is in front.

Keiji Togashi

Keiji Togashi 2

He is a brash and passionate boy who came to Esperion after leaving his biker gang behind. At first, he is very combative due to his issues with Kuroda and Takeshima. However, as the story progresses, it calms down but still retains its rough edges. Togashi is also arrogant, always believing in his abilities and can be a bit self-centered.

He can tend to lose sight of his surroundings and ignore his true feelings, as evidenced by the way he unconsciously looked at Ashito. However, he accepts his mistakes and does everything to improve as a player. He is also a good friend and has a heart of gold as shown by Ashito and his other friends.

Kanpei Kuroda

Kanpei playvisual1

He wasromoted from Esperion Junior Youth. He is a midfielder with a calm and collected style of play. He is a realist who prioritizes becoming a professional player. He and Takeshima have a feud with Togashi, who has a different way of thinking about football.

Jun Marchs Asari

Jun playvisual1

Promoted from Esperion Junior Youth. He is a cool, blond and handsome boy romoted from Esperion Junior Youth. He is a cool, blond and handsome boy with an English father and a Japanese mother.

He is a full-back who is good in attack. He is very proud and not satisfied that Ashito, who is technically inferior, is in the youth team. That’s why he often talks to Ashito. with an English father and a Japanese mother. He is a full-back who is good in attack. He is very proud and not satisfied that Ashito, who is technically inferior, is in the youth team. That’s why he often talks to Ashito.

Yūma Motoki 

Yuuma motoki key 1

Promoted from Esperion Junior Youth. He talks a lot, both in and out of the game, and his trademark are his double teeth. He plays as a striker and despite being a freshman, he has the ability to be a first-team regular. He has known Anri, daughter of the chairman of Esperion’s main sponsor Kaido Denki, since childhood, but she seems to hate him.

Ryūichi Takeshima

Ryuichi playvisual1

Promoted from Esperion Junior Youth. He is a defender who specializes in defence, which is rare in Esperion’s super attacking style of football. Otomo one-sidedly blames him for bringing him down. A close friend of Yuuma. He and Kuroda have a feud with Togashi, who has a different way of thinking about football.

Tatsuya Fukuda

Tatsuya fukuda key 1

When he was younger, Tatsuya had lighter hair that was cut short on the sides but left longer on top. He has no facial hair and is short and small in stature. Born in Ehime, Japan, he attended a prestigious high school in Tokyo, where he joined Tokyo City Esperion FC of the J-League at the age of 18.

At 20, he became a regular player. Left Japan aged 23 to play abroad He was signed by Sabadell FC, who had recently been promoted to Spain’s top division, La Liga. A little later, his mother, Hana, married Ichijo’s father and he became her older half-brother. He’s a former midfielder.

Hana Ichijō

Hana ichijo key 1

Hana Ichijo is a secondary character in Ao Ashi. She is a first-year high school student at the Tokyo City Esperion school department and an aspiring doctor who regularly creates meal plans for the team’s players. She is also the younger sister-in-law of Tatsuya Fukuda. Hana is a teenager with long hair and green eyes, of average height for her age.

She is Fukuda’s sister-in-law, who claims to be Ashito’s “world’s number one fan”. A natural and outspoken speaker, she often seems slightly annoyed, especially for Ashito, but despite this she takes good care of him and the rest of Esperion’s players. Hana has an in-depth knowledge of nutrition as she aspires to become a sports surgeon.

Because of this, she usually creates meal plans for players, especially Ashito and Kuribayashi. Not much is known about Hana’s early life other than the fact that she has been a football fan since childhood, especially a fan of Tatsuya Fukuda. Her and Fukuda’s families joined forces, and she became his sister-in-law soon after becoming his fan.

Anri Kaidō

Anri kaido key 1

Anri is a slightly petite teenage girl with long black hair and short bangs. She is usually seen in her school uniform, but when she isn’t, she adopts a more modest style of blouses and knee-length skirts. She has a very aloof personality and is generally calm, but her passion for football always shines through in her statements. She can be a bit callous and blunt at times, but she has a big heart underneath. It is suspected that she also has self-esteem issues.

Shun Aoi

Shun key1

Shun is a very supportive person as evidenced by the fact that he encouraged his younger brother Ashito to pursue his dream of playing at a J-League club and urged him to take the first step. He is also a very responsible person who puts the wants and needs of others before his own, such as when he decided to help out and take over the family store instead of continuing to play football.

Shun is also shown to be quite determined when he really decides to do something and focus on it, pushing his limits on the pitch even when he’s in pain. Initially he seems to lack confidence and is scared to play again due to his childhood where he had to give up football due to severe asthma but despite this he keeps going and does not give up and is ready to reach its goal. Goals.

As a child, Shun was very good at football. But due to his illness, which led to asthma attacks, he developed a fear that prompted him to stop pursuing him. Shun doesn’t play a huge role in the main series other than encouraging Ashito to pursue his dream of joining a J-League club and not worrying about him and his mother saying he’s in their family from stores will help. Shun also played with Ashito as a child and is one of Ashito’s inspirations.

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